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DaDING! The videogame inspired, interactive lamp for your inner geek, gamer and child.
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Unloading the Container!

Posted by 8-Bit Lit (Creator)

Hey everyone, the container arrived this morning! 

Unfortunately, our forklift didn't, so we had to improvise. Check out the time-lapse video we made!

CONTEST: At what point does Adam take a break to eat a cup-o-noodles?

FOR THE NERDY: We took a shot every 10 seconds, and the video is 15 fps. How long did it take us to finish after the forklift showed up?

Send your answers to for the chance to win a free lamp!


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    1. Kaylee Wegener on

      Mine made it all the way to WI in time for Christmas pretty sure I'm going to have one very excited boyfriend Christmas morning!

    2. Aaron Burke on

      Got mine yesterday, and couldn't be more satisfied. Thanks for everything you guys did, and all the hard work with making the pre-Christmas delivery...very much appreciated

    3. Missing avatar

      Shane Derousse on

      Mine arrived 5 minutes ago...
      It completely made my year!

    4. Kelly Davis on

      Mine just arrived! It's amazing and well worth the wait. Thank you 8 Bit Lit! I am one very satisfied customer :D

    5. Bill DiMarco on

      apparently mine was left at my front door today! cannot wait to get home!

    6. Bradley Warren Hanstad on

      I wish I got tracking and shipping :(
      Unfortunately, we have to celebrate Christmas on Monday or Tuesday this year due to scheduling of the whole family. Looks unlikely that I will be able to give my brother his gift on time.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jo Nugent on

      Mine arrived today! I cannot stop playing with it. Thanks for making such a kick ass lamp!

    8. Evan Schwartz on

      @8-Bit Lit
      Adam you took a break to eat a cup-o-noodles around 27 seconds (It was one of the middle frames at the 27 second marker). This makes it about 1 hour and 7.5 minutes into the unloading process (10*15*27=4050=67.5minutes) You then put the cup down at 28 seconds (again one of the middle frames), so at about 1 hour and 10 minutes. This means you took about 2.5 minutes to eat before putting the cup-o-noodles down.

      The entire unloading process took about 2 hours and 5 minutes. 15 * 10 * 50 = 7,500 = 2 hours 5 minutes

    9. Missing avatar

      StarDust4Ever on

      Finally got a tracking number. I was so worried when you guys said customs was holding it.

    10. Ari on

      woot! mine is on the way as well. Its been super fun to watch the 8-Bit come to life!

    11. Missing avatar

      Ashley on

      1 hour and 12 minutes into the unloading process; you ate a cup-o-noodles!

    12. Ian White on

      Whoa, a shipping notice in my email, with a tracking number and everything! Guess I am on the nice list this year :)

    13. Evan Schwartz on

      @8-Bit Lit
      Adam you took a break to eat a cup-o-noodles around 27 seconds (It was one of the middle frames at the 27 second marker). You then put the cup down at 28 seconds (again one of the middle frames).

    14. 8-Bit Lit Creator on

      So Evan and Sam, at what point in the loading process did I eat the cup-o-noodles?

    15. Evan Schwartz on

      @Sam Brown
      The video is 50 seconds not 49. 15 * 10 * 50 = 7,500 = 2 hours 5 minutes

    16. Sam Brown

      (Tho the forklift's only in there for the last 4 seconds of video. That's not the contest answer, folks. ;) )

    17. Sam Brown

      15 fps * 49 s * 10 f/s = 7,350 seconds = 2 hours 2 minutes 30 seconds.

    18. 8-Bit Lit Creator on

      Hey Greezer. For international, it's possible but not likely. We can upgrade the shipping if you'd like though. Just email

    19. greezer on

      I don't want to WIN a lamp, I'd be happy if mine arrives before xmas..

    20. 8-Bit Lit Creator on

      Hey Audrianna! We'll ship as many as possible out on Monday. Everything close to LA should be 1-2 days.

    21. Gail Morozoff on

      I love the video! I can hardly wait! Mine are being shipped 1st right??!! LOL. JUST KIDDING- although I certainly wouldn't complain! :-D

    22. Hrag Chanchanian on

      28 sec! Cup O' Noodles @ 28 sec!

    23. Audrianna Rae on

      Can't wait! For the fact that the lamps are shipping out of LA, would it be a matter of days to receive these when living in other parts of the state (for example NorCal?)