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DaDING! The videogame inspired, interactive lamp for your inner geek, gamer and child.
DaDING! The videogame inspired, interactive lamp for your inner geek, gamer and child.
1,930 backers pledged $131,479 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. broomgrass on

      I still haven't received one my lamp+stands (in Canada), and haven't heard anything back from customer service despite being in contact since early January. Did everything fall to pieces when Adam left?
      If I'm not getting my lamp+stand, I would at least like a refund.

    2. Missing avatar

      Simon Plante on

      There was no sound at first. I want to turn off the sound. Not useful when you put it in a kid bedroom. After a story dady will wake you up with a high pitch sound, is it ok with you son !!!!

    3. Paul Emous on

      Hi Adam,

      First of all: THANK YOU!

      I truly love the lamps!

      As of writing this comment I leaned back in my office chair, looking into my living room to see if I see the question mark that is imprinted in the inside of the cube and guess what… I can see it. Currently I am about 8 meter way from the lamp.

      I love the LvL UP and STAR that occasionally comes by.

      Lamp is connected for over a week and it works perfectly! I am very happy with the end result.

      I don't live in the US as you know but in Dubai. The US adapt is not a issue for me. I think comments about small things like that are completely unnecessary. If I (or anyone not from the US) want to buy a iPod or what ever, in the US, they would have experienced exactly the same problem. Some people just like to "comment"

      Thank you and keep inventing!

    4. Missing avatar

      Ming Ling Lim on

      After trying out the lamp for about 1 week, I must say that it has the tendency to continuously turn itself on if it is plugged in via a usb hub AND it turns itself on if someone walks by or when the ceiling fan is turned on. I must say that I am disappointed and annoyed at it being overly sensitive.

      If you hold the lamp by the cord and just gently move it up and down, it also turns itself on. The block lamp has been unplugged and left hanging there for now.

    5. Evan Schwartz on

      What happened to the contest in Update #25? I was really trying to win it, but you never picked a winner. Of course by writing this now I probably can't win, but i want a winner picked. It's illegal to hold a contest and not follow through.

    6. Mansur A. Usmani on

      I had received my lamp + stand a few days back in India. It works well and I have been using it as a night light. The only thing that I did not like about the lamp was that the printed "Question Mark" was on the inner face of the lamp. So, you cannot really see the Question Mark that much when the lamp is off.

    7. Missing avatar

      Kevin Segreti

      I have an issue where it turns on by itself if another light near it is turned on.

    8. Missing avatar

      Philip Crowley

      I have had mine for a few weeks now - it also occasionally turns on/off by itself and sometimes needs to be unplugged to get it working again. It thought I heard going off a few times in the night by itself, but it is in my basement so it's hard to tell. I'm otherwise happy with it.

    9. Suemitraa Thiagarajan on

      Just got mine today here in Malaysia. So far so good. Lucky I have a international adapter. Will let you guys know if I come across any issues

    10. Henrik C on

      Oh also... Apparently mine is suffering from ghost coins as well. Left it pugged in over night which turned out to be a bad idea. Either ghost Mario is haunting me or the sensor has some issues.

      Maybe future eventual revisions could have a volume button with a mute mode...?

    11. Henrik C on

      This could have been so awesome but oooh boy what a disappointment. There's some fundamental design issues with it that I can't believe got through design phase. =/

      * It's yellow and not orange. Even in the videos and material it shows up mostly orange, sometimes yellow.

      * The sound is off pitch and not true to the original coins sound. Not sure, but I think it's a bit long as well?

      * You can't power hit it since there's a fixed non interruptible length of the sound.

      * The question mark is on the inside and it looks all blurry/defocused and odd. Not at all like a question block we've all learned to love.

      * Power adapter shipped to EU is a US one. You could have saved yourself a few bucks and don't ship that one at all since most of us will throw it away.

      I loved the idea but not the final product. =/

    12. Missing avatar

      Ming Ling Lim on

      Got mine this morning. The only thing is that I have trouble putting the stand together, the paint is too thick? Will look at it again later. Tested it using my phone charger adapter and works though the sound is a little too sharp. Will comment more once I have it up and together.

    13. Missing avatar

      JMK on

      Mine turned on by itself last week. It did it again today, and then it would not turn off. I unplugged it and replugged it and it seemed to be working again. And then when I left the room it started turning itself on and off several times. It now seems to be working normally again.

    14. Missing avatar

      patrik mallaun on

      @Chris same problem, my lamp arrived today and works on my laptop or even a powerbank (2A).
      It fails to work with any of my 5 USB-Adapters for the wall outlet.

    15. Missing avatar

      Chris Niekel on

      Hi, my lamp arrived 2 weeks ago. This weekend we tried to hang it up, but it keeps beeping (and going on/off), as if the distance sensor spews out random noise. When pressing a finger to the hole it stopped. Is there any logic to it? I can't use the default USB-adapter (in Europe), is there a minimum amperage it should supply?

    16. Missing avatar

      Antonio Lorenzo on

      I've had mine for about 2 weeks, and It's truly an amazing thing. I'm a huge Mario fan and a gamer. Everyone is so amazed by it. Its practically the main piece in my room along with my computer, which makes me feel bad about about the lava lamp I received for Christmas (I use both for a big nostalgic effect). It's really just an awesome little gift. I love it, thank you for this fantastic lamp!

    17. Kenneth Eagles on

      Mine came today, all works but no tracking working once it got to LA.

    18. Missing avatar

      Bec E on

      Well, mine arrived today but unfortunately doesn't work properly. Kinda frustrating

    19. Missing avatar

      Yoon Lee on

      Still no answer. I wrote a complain on their fb page, but they've deleted it. So they must be reading all the comments - yet they choose to ignore me. Anyone else experiencing the same problem?

    20. Missing avatar

      Yoon Lee on

      I've emailed. I've left a comment below. No response what so ever. What the hell? Get your sh** sorted out mate. I'm lodging a complaint. I expect a response from 8-Bit Lit TODAY. GET IT SORTED.

    21. Missing avatar

      Bec E on

      Also in Australia, emailed last week and had a tracking number sent to me within 24 hours (no explanation at the time though). Hopefully not much longer left to wait now!

    22. Missing avatar

      Yoon Lee on

      Im from Australia as well. Havent received the order. Messaged a few days ago but havent got a reply. I just sae below comments and emailed to Hoping this will be resolved soon as my order is way way overdue now.

    23. Evan Schwartz on

      Just opened my lamp today! It's so cool! I'm still trying to figure out how i'm going to hang it since I can't drill into the walls or ceiling in my dorm, but once I get it hanging it will look very nice. Thanks 8-Bit Lit!

    24. 8-Bit Lit Creator on

      Hey everyone. I'm so sorry about the delay here, I've been at CES for the week. We had a few orders that fell through the cracks due to a logistics glitch. I've reached out to each of you individually to straighten things out. If you haven't received your order, or a tracking number, please email me at

      Thanks so much,

    25. Missing avatar

      Juli on

      the ? on my lamp looks somewhat blurry and I can barely see them when the lamp is off..
      is that normal?

    26. Kenneth Eagles on

      Finally got an email back today informing me that they have just sent it today!

    27. Missing avatar

      BCotten on

      Creator 8-Bit Lit 2 days ago
      Great call Evan. I actually hadn't considered crowdfunding it. Seems like the right way to go though...

      pretty insulting actually- they responded to update comments - clearly doesn't care - filing a complaint with Amazon and kickstarter

    28. Missing avatar

      BCotten on

      US backer --multiple emails, multiple posts and nothing. It's pretty clear that we are being deliberately ignored because the holidays are longer an acceptable excuse and the fact they have actually posted an update without actually responding to anything.

    29. Kenneth Eagles on

      Hi Talissa. I'm in Australia as well. I have emailed twice and messaged them on here twice with no reply, no delivery, no tracking, nothing!

    30. Missing avatar

      Talissa Bolitho on

      Lamp still hasn't arrived, no shipment info and no reply to my email. I'm in Australia and getting concerned mine might have got lost in the mail (as do many other items I buy from the US)...Getting impatient

    31. Mat Kuwitzky on

      We were showing off our awesome ? Block lamp and suddenly we got it to do a invulnerable star music. Is this done Easter egg? Still haven't got it to replicate but it was EPIC!!!!!

    32. Stephen Tang on

      Hi Adam, I'm checking in to see if you received the email with the photos of the lamp. My lamp looks like it was assembled inside out (the question marks look like they are on the inside). Let me know if my lamp is built incorrectly or not. Thanks.

    33. Kevin Daniels on

      I received my lamp but two of the sides are upside down. Is there an easy way to open the lamp as I am afraid of cracking a side?

    34. Missing avatar

      BCotten on

      I wonder if the podcast update will inform me when I will receive my reward or even get a response from the creators.

    35. sean patrick steier on

      Recieved mine 2 days before Christmas. In NY, UPS was beyond backed up cluster f$&@;?d. But side note, every 56 hits gives you a Star song with blinking lights!

    36. Steve Hallwirth on

      I have not received a tracking number or the lamp... What should I do? (international shipping to Austria)

    37. Missing avatar

      BCotten on

      "If you're in the US, everything should be arriving before Christmas. We're really sorry if UPS takes longer than expected. There are often issues with weather that cause minor delays.

      Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding as we got the lamps out to you. Our main concern is that you're happy with the product, so if there's anything amiss, please email us at"

      P.S. Running out of patience

    38. Missing avatar

      BCotten on

      2,400 shipped, 1,930 backers - I bought 3 who were supposed to be delivered by Xmas - 4 days ago they responded international shippers and people concerned about transparency of ones they already received - WTF

    39. Missing avatar

      BCotten on

      a side but very important note -seems the website is flourishing though..

    40. Missing avatar

      BCotten on

      still nothing here either - emailed the person I was told to email and still nothing - seems odd that people received them weeks ago --even international backers - yet I still get to look like a boob with Christmas gifts that still aren't here

    41. Kenneth Eagles on

      Hi I still have not heard back from my 2 emails and my previous post on here. I still have not received any notification or tracking number that my lamp has been sent. Any help?

    42. Evan Schwartz on

      Happy New Year 8-Bit Lit! Can't wait to get my lamp after break!

    43. 8-Bit Lit Creator on

      Hey everyone! So excited to hear that people are happy with the lamps : )

      @Yogfei - the international shipping should take a couple weeks. It likely shipped out on the 16th or 17th of Dec, so you may still have a few days to go.

      @Gary Moe - Concern understood. This is determined by the paint transparency on the inside of the lamp. For the next round we'll take this into consideration.

      - Adam

    44. Joe Huttlin III on

      Got mine a few days ago. Love it guys, really. The hardest thing about it is deciding where to hand it. I also love the the other sounds!! Including 1Up & invincible mario sounds was genius. Looks and feel goods, works as expected.

      Well done!

    45. Yogfei on

      Hi, anyone French here ? My lamp says delivered on but never received it... So if another French can help me could be cool ? :)

      Salut, si un Francais pouvait me dire s'il a recu sa lampe la mienne est indiqué comme livré sur mais je ne l'ai pas recu :( Merci d'avance

    46. Ira Roth on

      Gently headbutting the lamp to turn it on and off is so emotionally fulfilling!

    47. Missing avatar

      Gary Moe on

      Is it just me or am I the only one that wish it was easier to tell what the block is with the light off? I mean with the light off I don't really see it as Mario Question Mark Block but more a yellow block with some dark squiggles on the sides. With the light on you can make out the question mark a lot better but even than the image of the question mark looks blurry / out of focus / faded.

    48. Missing avatar

      Mark Heydt on

      *cant figure out how

    49. Missing avatar

      Mark Heydt on

      Got my lamp and I love it. Also got mine to go into power star mode once, but I can figure out how I did it.

    50. Ira Roth on

      And I just found star mode!

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