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DaDING! The videogame inspired, interactive lamp for your inner geek, gamer and child.
DaDING! The videogame inspired, interactive lamp for your inner geek, gamer and child.
1,930 backers pledged $131,479 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      BCotten on

      2,400 shipped, 1,930 backers - I bought 3 who were supposed to be delivered by Xmas - 4 days ago they responded international shippers and people concerned about transparency of ones they already received - WTF

    2. Missing avatar

      BCotten on

      a side but very important note -seems the website is flourishing though..

    3. Missing avatar

      BCotten on

      still nothing here either - emailed the person I was told to email and still nothing - seems odd that people received them weeks ago --even international backers - yet I still get to look like a boob with Christmas gifts that still aren't here

    4. Kenneth Eagles on

      Hi I still have not heard back from my 2 emails and my previous post on here. I still have not received any notification or tracking number that my lamp has been sent. Any help?

    5. Evan Schwartz on

      Happy New Year 8-Bit Lit! Can't wait to get my lamp after break!

    6. 8-Bit Lit Creator on

      Hey everyone! So excited to hear that people are happy with the lamps : )

      @Yogfei - the international shipping should take a couple weeks. It likely shipped out on the 16th or 17th of Dec, so you may still have a few days to go.

      @Gary Moe - Concern understood. This is determined by the paint transparency on the inside of the lamp. For the next round we'll take this into consideration.

      - Adam

    7. Joe Huttlin III on

      Got mine a few days ago. Love it guys, really. The hardest thing about it is deciding where to hand it. I also love the the other sounds!! Including 1Up & invincible mario sounds was genius. Looks and feel goods, works as expected.

      Well done!

    8. Yogfei on

      Hi, anyone French here ? My lamp says delivered on but never received it... So if another French can help me could be cool ? :)

      Salut, si un Francais pouvait me dire s'il a recu sa lampe la mienne est indiqué comme livré sur mais je ne l'ai pas recu :( Merci d'avance

    9. Ira Roth on

      Gently headbutting the lamp to turn it on and off is so emotionally fulfilling!

    10. Missing avatar

      Gary Moe on

      Is it just me or am I the only one that wish it was easier to tell what the block is with the light off? I mean with the light off I don't really see it as Mario Question Mark Block but more a yellow block with some dark squiggles on the sides. With the light on you can make out the question mark a lot better but even than the image of the question mark looks blurry / out of focus / faded.

    11. Missing avatar

      Mark Heydt on

      *cant figure out how

    12. Missing avatar

      Mark Heydt on

      Got my lamp and I love it. Also got mine to go into power star mode once, but I can figure out how I did it.

    13. Ira Roth on

      And I just found star mode!

    14. Ira Roth on

      Forget being here in time for christmas.... This arrived just in time for Festivus! Im seriously happy and am so proud to have helped back this project. Next step.... Lets figure out something for Zelda... Maybe some kind of Triforce Lamp that in 3 triangles and three different colors then activated as one, become a white light.... Good Job to all those involved!

    15. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Campbell on

      Mark me down as one happy customer. It's better than the video shows. It came with a ridiculously long cord which is exactly what something like this needs, that was a nice surprise. The question mark is a little hard to see when the lamp is off, but it looks perfect when the lamp is on. I don't know if I missed this in all the update videos but after its been on a while, maybe 30 second and you go to turn it off, it makes a different noise. I think it's the one up sound. Nice surprise. I was also under the impression you actually had to hit the bottom. Not the case it's motion activated but only from directly underneith and very close. I purchased the stand in case I didn't have a place to hang it, and although I'm not using it, it is really nicely made.

      A+ job I seriously could not be happier with it!

    16. 8-Bit Lit Creator on

      Hey everyone!!! I'm so sorry for being away from this chain. We've been handling customer service emails from all sides, so I've been a bit scattered.

      If you received a lamp but there's a problem with it, please email:

      If you do not yet have your tracking number, and would like it, please email:

      Thanks so much and happy holidays!

    17. Missing avatar

      Kyle Hood on

      My lamp just turned up in the UK. There is a crack in the bottom along the line of where the electronics are housed. It doesn't activate by touch at all, when it hangs it just goes off whenever it wants. I think I got a 'dud'.

    18. Kenneth Eagles on

      I still haven't received a shipping notice. Any idea what the go is? I was hoping to have this by Christmas but guess that's not happening.

    19. Dale Higgs on

      Well worth the wait! Once these are available in bulk, I could see myself buying a ton of these. Possibly the best invention of the year. Who has received theirs and made it go into Star Power mode?!

    20. Cameron Gibbs on

      Got mine the other day. I was going to give it to my boys for Christmas but after playing with it, I may just keep it for myself. Too fun! :) Ok. I guess, I'll give it to them.

    21. Missing avatar

      Ernesto Chon on

      Just got mine, worth every penny!!!!!

    22. Mich S. on

      Got my lamp today and it looks/works great! Thank you :)

    23. Redhawk Thirtysix on

      Hi. I will post a picture of the problem in the comments of your latest facebook posts. Email would work better, so please tell me who/which email to contact

    24. Amy on

      It's a Christmas miracle! I got this for my husband for Xmas and wasn't sure it would make it in time. But you did it! Against the odds you made it happen! Thank you, and I'm sure he'll thank you too once he gets to unwrap it!

    25. Adam Bean on

      Got mine today ... hope I'm not the only dummy that said "where's the instructions"?

    26. Redhawk Thirtysix on

      Hey. I have an issue. My lamp is not making any sound. Help!

    27. Missing avatar

      Adan on

      8-Bit Lit, I just got my lamp. It's awesome! Thanks!
      I just have one question: Are we getting t-shirts? yes/no?

    28. Drake

      2 lamps leave the same place 50 minutes apart, one is now 814 miles further away than the other one. LOLz! Well at least I will have one lamp delivered tomorrow!

    29. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      @ Blake - You could try covering that hole on the bottom, it muffles the sound by a noticeable amount for me.

    30. Blake Maloof on

      Just got mine! Wooh!

      Is there any way to lower the volume or muffle the speaker? It's a bit loud for the office.

    31. David Spear on

      Got mine. Fun product! You've done a great job running this campaign. Look forward to the next one!

    32. Mike Webb on

      Just got an update from UPS my tracking number now says 'HELD BY ORIGIN LOCATION' anyone else have that happen?

    33. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    34. Missing avatar

      AJ Lewis on

      Feeling a bit nervous I haven't seen my shipping notice yet... Fingers crossed I get it before Christmas!


      Regardless, when it works, it works well and glad that I've backed this project for others to buy it themselves.


      I got my lamp and holy heck, the sensor is WAY too sensitive. I brought to work to show off and all of a sudden it started to go on and off with lights and coin noises until I pulled the plug

      Luckily, everyone was cool about it (working in a gaming QA department and all) but I was expecting that the sensor activates when you lightly tap, not simply wave under it like a motion sensor. I assumed the reason it went off was because the metal stand gave out enough static to trigger the sensor.

      I've move the block up higher and have no issues.

    37. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      Oh snap, got a random power star. :) It's my lucky day.

    38. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      Got mine today in Nevada. I'm thinking that capacitive 'touch' sensor is so sensitive you could mount the whole board on a clear acrylic frame offset a few centimeters from the bottom of the lamp and that along with maybe adding in a downward facing LED would get rid of that shadow on the bottom. Just a thought.

    39. Tom on

      East Coast US here. I should have mine in hand by 12/23 (Monday). Way to go, 8-bit!

    40. Michael C on

      Just got a notification that it was delivered, hopefully it'll be sitting by my front door when I get home from work. So excited!!!

    41. Missing avatar

      Jennifer lau-jimenez on

      Just got a UPS update. I should be getting the lamp today!!! Finally pays off to live in LA. Can't wait

    42. Missing avatar

      Mark Anderson on

      I just received my shipping notice from UPS. Expected delivery of 12/23 in Minnesota.

    43. Missing avatar

      lou! on

      My custom engraved handmade ?block has been kicking ass since I hooked it up in my studio.. (Pics soon) Sometimes on a dry cold day you can activate it by walking by it..I guess the lamp builds up its own electrically charged field and when that happens I think a ghost can trigger it if it tried.. It turns super sensitive.. Pretty cool.. But if you wipe down each side with your hand or something it seems to take away the charged field and restore its basic touch function.. I Love it. Everyone loves it.. I'm about to order 2 more!!

    44. 8-Bit Lit Creator on

      Hey Joey! We're going to be shipping out all the lamps within a couple days of each other. The Kickstarter lamps will go first, but we expect the website lamps to arrive within the same time-frame.

    45. Missing avatar

      Joey Durkin on

      Do you expect the lamps purchased through your website to also arrive by Christmas? (I ask because I bought a 2nd way through your site and am just curious when it will arrive :D)

    46. 8-Bit Lit Creator on

      Hey Brett! If you're in the US the carrier will likely be UPS.

    47. Brett Walford on

      Hi, I'll be out of town when my lamp comes in. Can you tell me what carrier is handling the delivery so I can contact them?

    48. 8-Bit Lit Creator on

      Hey Matthew. Yes the separate stands will be along the same timeline.

    49. Missing avatar

      Matthew Santos on

      Does this include the stands for bakers that pledged for the hand made special edition + stand?

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