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SCALE is a first person reality manipulation game that reimagines exploration with a unique resizing mechanic.
5,396 backers pledged $108,020 to help bring this project to life.

THE END IS NIGH! The Final 24 Hours!

Posted by Steve Swink (Creator)

Well, this is it everybody! The home and final stretch. It’s been a wild ride. I want to deeply, sincerely, emphatically thank everyone once again for your generosity in backing our project and diligence in promoting it. You guys are the best.

We’re in the final 24 hours now, so this is your last chance to get access to certain exclusives, like access to SCALE’s closed Alpha and Beta, and to help us hit our $125K stretch goal which will give us the funding we need to add a sandbox mode and Dale’s custom comic (here’s the sample page from yesterday).

Also, SCALE’s kickstarter campaign is the only place to get Inputting outside of LA Game Space’s (sold out) Game Packs-- Inputting is included in at all reward tiers from $15 and up! We added it in the middle of the campaign so please excuse the confusion on our part. If you haven’t seen Inputting yet, watch Northern Lion’s video to get a sense of what the gameplay is like.

Now the real work on the game begins! We’ll be keeping you up to date with backer updates and an ongoing dev blog. We will also have a permanent page for preorders at If the preorders go really well we might be able to add some of the cool stretch goals that we didn’t quite reach. No promises, of course, but we shall see!

While we’ll be doing regular backer updates and the dev blog, we’ll also be on Facebook page, Tumblr, Youtube channel, Twitter, and Soundcloud-- throughout the campaign places like Twitter (especially Twitter!), Youtube, and Facebook were a vital source of pledges, so to everyone who shared our updates and spread the word on those platforms: thank you. You made this possible.

There’s nothing else to say besides thank you once again. We did it! Thank you!

With love,

Cubeheart Games:

Steve, Andrew, Max, Dale, Ben, Eddy, Ash, Danny, Sarah, Mike


P.S. Here's a playlist of the SCALE tunes we've shared throughout the campaign. Jam with us until the finish, won't you?


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    1. Matt Giuca on

      I just increased my pledge to include Inputting. Question: Will it be available immediately to backers, or only when SCALE is released?

      Congratulations on the awesome campaign! I have never heard of you before but your deep appreciation of game design concepts in the video updates sold me.

    2. T.J. Fuller, Jr.

      Looked Inputting up earlier, and I'm now kicking myself for having been unaware of that eclectic bundle! Now, to decide if my broke butt could afford another five bucks...