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SCALE is a first person reality manipulation game that reimagines exploration with a unique resizing mechanic.
SCALE is a first person reality manipulation game that reimagines exploration with a unique resizing mechanic.
5,396 backers pledged $108,020 to help bring this project to life.

Oculus Stretch goal ACHIEVED! Sandbox + Dale’s Custom Comic Tier Sneak Peak!


BAM! We did it! We’re bringing the full SCALE experience to the Oculus Rift! If you have a Rift, you’ll be able to enjoy SCALE experience in a wonderful new way-- you’ll be able to join her not just as a first-person reality manipulator, but from inside her head, just like her Silurian therapeutic rehabilitation coordinator!

The next reward tier at $125K includes a sandbox mode for SCALE and Dale’s custom comic. Now that we've rounded 100K that idea of making a custom comic that would ship as a gift to all of our Kickstarter backers is well within our reach!

If funding reaches 125K, Dale Beran (ALILBTDII, The Nerds of Paradise), would like to give all our backers a long form comic, in the style of some of his favorite graphics novels like Alan Moore's From Hell or Neil Gaiman's Brief Lives, that explores some of the strange implications of the SCALE-verse and also tells us more about what happened to Penny, the inventor of the SCALE technology, in the days leading up to the annihilation of the Eastern seaboard.

To give you some idea of what it might look like (the comic, not Dale), he’s drawn up a rough sample page of Penny, prior to the SCALE disaster, playing with the cat she loses in the city she will eventually destroy:

Click through for a larger version!
Click through for a larger version!

Like the game itself, he would like to make this comic super sad and super funny at the same time so that you will be crying out of one eye, and crying because you are laughing out of the other and it will feel super weird and freaky but kinda' cool at the same time! To see some of Dale’s other’s comic work, check out “Lucky” backer update 13!

Thank you all for your incredible support and for indulging our frequent updates-- we’ve got one more full day left in the campaign before things shut down at 9 AM PST (5 PM UTC) this Saturday, November 16th.

Please keep spreading the word about SCALE! The Kickstarter reward tiers are the lowest priced way to get the game (and Inputting, the OST, or “Inspired by”/”Friends of” Album), so don’t let your friends miss out. Follow, like, and share SCALE/Cubeheart on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Tumblr, and Soundcloud!

<3³ Forever,


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    1. Wilson Bilkovich on

      Oh hell yeah; mine is ready and waiting.

    2. Barry Mason on

      Motion sickness pills here i come...

    3. Nelson Guedes on

      Oh yeah!! This is going to be wild with the Oculus!! :D

    4. Jon Drobny on

      Everyone should go ahead and read Dale Beran's Time Picnickers:
      It's got the best build-up I've ever seen in a webcomic. I'd mention ALILBTDII as well, but that;s considerably more well known.

    5. Missing avatar

      Jon Walker on

      Ok NOW you can celebrate :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Jon Walker on

      You still have like $100 to go according to Kickstarter! Jumping the gun here! :)

    7. Marissa "Blondie" Brice on

      Now if only a consumer version of the Oculus Rift would come out for us non-dev types XD lol

      SO psyched for Sandbox Mode I really hope we can get there!

    8. Missing avatar

      Andrakis on

      Yes! I just got my Oculus Rift this week, can't wait to play this on it.

    9. Bethany on

      Amazing! I can see this being one of the first things I try on the day I get an Oculus Rift :) How epic is it going to feel to make things so big around you in VR!

    10. Missing avatar

      Alexander Panagos on

      Congratulations! I can't wait to get an Oculus and play this! But if you guys still don't reach your next goal, you should still make a sand box mode. That would be so awesome!!!