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SCALE is a first person reality manipulation game that reimagines exploration with a unique resizing mechanic.
5,396 backers pledged $108,020 to help bring this project to life.

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Posted by Steve Swink (Creator)

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July 2018: Art Tests

Posted by Syrenne McNulty (Collaborator)

Hey everyone! Happy June! Hope you saw some stuff that excited you at E3 this year, if you followed the show!

We've spent a lot of June working with playtests and getting tons of valuable feedback, and working through it. Thank you to everyone who's had a chance to test for us so far. Remember if you haven't, there will be plenty of opportunities!

One of the things we've been trying to do is work through simplifying the art style, both for the purposes of making it easier to make more of, and also (and most importantly) so that players can easily understand what's scalable, what's not, etc. Here are some recent art experiments the team has been working on:

Finally, here are the screenshots we've posted over the last month to social media:


 Thanks everyone! Have a great rest of your week!


May 2018: Rapid-fire Bullet Point Update

Posted by Syrenne McNulty (Collaborator)

Hey guys! Super brief update this month, since we’ve been keeping our nose to the grindstone. I won’t keep you, so here are the bullet points:

  • Development is going well! Here’s an in-progress shot from the Unity editor of an in-development dome that’s coming together really well:
  •  Focused testing with backers will begin within the next two weeks.
  • The last month has been a combination of both a bunch of boring business stuff (that’s MY job) and a lot of cool development work (that’s everyone else’s job). Totally not jealous. Nope.
  • The Alpha build that some of you have access to is now available for Linux platforms. More details here (must have access to view)
  • Some of you guys might remember a desert-looking area in the Alpha you played. That area is currently undergoing some huge changes. More on that soon.
  • As always, here are the screenshots from the last month posted to @SCALE_Game on Twitter:

Thanks so much for backing! More from us soon!



April 2018: Small Update; Alpha Patch

Posted by Syrenne McNulty (Collaborator)

Hey everyone, brief update this month!

As of today, we’ve patched the SCALE Alpha with bugfixes and improvements that you guys reported using the reporting tool. If you have access to the Alpha, please take a look! If you downloaded from the page directly, you will have to download the new build in its entirety; if you downloaded from the desktop client, it should automatically update with a much smaller patch size.

Your feedback and reports have been extremely useful in tuning the game. If anyone feels up to it, providing us with recorded (and private) videos of you playing through the alpha is by far the most valuable and helpful form of feedback for us, and will help us polish the game flow and progression even more. More details can be found on the Alpha page, so please take a look!

Going forward, we’re going to begin limited weekend tests where we send out a build and ask people to play and give us more immediate feedback. We’re going to start reaching out to you guys when we’re ready, in the order that you guys backed in (regardless of what level you backed at.) If you backed the project really early, please look for communication from us in the near future so we can solicit video play data from you guys!

Please note that this does not replace any backer rewards; this is just an additional testing-related decision we’re making.

Here are the screenshots from @Scale_Game on Twitter since the last update:

And here are two new ones! 

As always, thanks, and see you guys next month!

Syrenne McNulty


March 2018: 🎺🎉 ALPHA BUILD!!!

Posted by Syrenne McNulty (Collaborator)

Hey everyone, thanks for your patience with this month’s backer update! It’s huge, and I hope that makes up for it ;)

We have big news: SCALE just hit our Alpha build! 🎉🎉🎉  

We had a previous Alpha build that was distributed to backers around July 2015, and was representative of the vision for the game at the time. Since then, development refocused, and we’re excited to share with you what we have. The Alpha does not encompass every area in the final game, but is a fairly lengthy chunk of content, showing most of what we have in place and hooked up.

This Alpha does not yet have final polish, and is not intended for a wide release. Because of this, please only play this Alpha build if you want to see what we have right now; this is not the final game. Puzzle spoiler warning :).

Another great addition is the new feedback tool: press F12 and you’ll bring up a reporter window that sends us a screenshot of the game, your save file, your system specs, and your title and description of the bug or feedback. Please help us make the game even better!

We’ve also had some friends and randomly selected backers playtest (very rough) pre-alpha versions of the game, and asked them to record playthrough videos and post them as Unlisted YouTube videos, while providing helpful timestamps for issues and puzzles. For those that want to go above and beyond and truly help us make the game the best we can, this is the most helpful for us, as it helps us look at the puzzle and game flow and lets us tune things better.

Keys for the Alpha are being distributed the same day that the post goes live. If you backed the game at an appropriate level, and have not received your key (for instance, if your email address changed in the time since the initial Kickstarter,) please post in the comments here, or message me on Twitter @Scale_Game and we’ll get you hooked up. That said, please check your junk mail! I know that Outlook will automatically filter out the code email, and Gmail won’t. I’m not sure about other email providers.

The Alpha is also under an NDA - this basically means, please don’t distribute the build, please don’t stream it, and please don’t post video of it (yet). This build is for YOU, the backers who believed in us and have stuck with us. We’ll work on promoting the game in the rest of the lead up to launch. The page that you download the build from also has an attached forum which you can use to discuss the game and the Alpha, interact with members of the development team, and troubleshoot any issues.

Finally, as a thank you to everyone who backed us, and because this is our second “Alpha” build, we’ve decided to distribute this build to anyone who backed at the $30 tier (Beta Access Edition, Early Discount) or higher! That means that 677 of you will be getting access within the next 24 hours!

I’m going to apologize in advance for the expected delay in getting back to everyone - comments here, on Facebook, on Twitter, and in my email. I’m going to try to get to every single one of you, but with 677 codes going out, making sure the forum and build work for everyone, and answering questions, I might be a little swamped this week! Thank you in advance for your continued patience.


Oh, and here’s the rest of the Kickstarter update! Because that’s not all!  

First, a quick report on what we’ve been up to - lots and lots of work on the Alpha, mostly! We’ve been working down to the wire to make sure everything came together before GDC (this week!) Most of the development team is taking this week as a much needed week off of development to go take meetings and enjoy talks. I’m happy that everyone gets to take this time, because they’ve really been working their asses off to make this build a reality.

Our short term development roadmap, once GDC is done, is working for a few days to polish the Alpha build further and address any potential concerns or crashes that you guys find for us. We’ll be updating the Alpha for an undetermined amount of time, which will be followed by going through and making the rest of the game! For me personally, that involves lots and lots of meetings, making timelines, figuring out what our next milestone is and what that looks like, and making sure to keep posting screenshots to our Twitter every week! (You ARE following it, right?)

Here are the screenshots we’ve posted since our last update:







 And here’s a few new ones for you!

Part One...
Part One...


...and Part Two! SCALED!
...and Part Two! SCALED!

It’s a relief to be able to give you guys something awesome to play. I hope you guys like it! We look forward to your responses and reactions, and we hope you’re looking forward to our April update!


Syrenne, Producer of SCALE


The emails went out and I have a ton of egg on my face because of a code was meant to link back to this post, but instead it says [LINK]. That one's all on me.