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£28.00 pledged of £1,500 goal



Multiplayer - CraftWorlds is built on top Playir, which provides multiplayer hosting for your games. Allowing players from various platforms to build levels together in the same world.

In-game chat - Profanity censored (optional) cross-platform chat is included with CraftWorlds, which allows players to communicate in a safe and friendly environment.

Customizable Assets - All assets in the game can be customized from 3D models (fbx/obj/3ds), to images and text.

Source code - While not necessary to customize the visuals of the game and publish on the app stores. JavaScript source code for the game is provided to allow you to further customize it when ready.

Pro Membership - Pro members get 1 year use of Playir's multiplayer servers and the ability to publish your game ad-free on Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Make Money - Games made can be published on the mobile app stores at which ever price point you select. Pro members also get to use our advertising and in-app purchase tools to make adding in-game sellable content easy.

Available for Preview Today:
CraftWorlds: AndroidiOSWindows PhoneWeb
Playir - Game & App Creator:

Powered by Playir

CraftWorlds is built on top of the visual design and multiplayer tools provided by Playir. Which comes with UI and Level editors, dyanmic asset importing and complete customization of the template source code.

Playir also provides ad-supported Android apk builds to publish straight on the Google Play store.

Pro members also receive the complete mobile source code to publish ad-free on the iOS and Windows Phone App Stores.

Featured On:

"Is totally, mind bogglingly clever, fun and awesome." - Cambridge News

"It is fast becoming my top choice of Video Game Making & Creation tools" - The Road to Indie

"Passionate about making games design accessible for all" - BitTorrent

"The other impressive presentation was given by Ashraf Samy Hegab, who showed how to build a real time multiplayer cross-platform game with real time edits." - Gamasutra

"PLAYIR - WINNER" - Mobile Monday

"The Game Developers’ Dream" - Gamers Sphere

"A budding #gamedev’s dream come true!" - PanzerSG Gaming

"A super-easy design led development tools for web and mobile platforms" - Tizen Experts

"Aimed at anyone who’s ever wanted to make their own game, but didn’t have enough time or know where to begin" - Elephant & Castle Mini Maker Faire

How It Works

Start your game straight from a complete game template. Then go through the visual design tools to customize the layouts and visuals of the menu screens and levels.

You can then go in and modify the source code (optional) to completely customize it in your own way.

Once you're ready, you can share your games link to anyone to join in your game. Or embed it on your own website. Or create an APK to publish straight on the Google Play store.

If you're a Pro backer, you can even have the iOS and Windows Phone mobile source code emailed to you to build yourself in Xcode and Visual Studio (Pro membership required).

UI Editor

The UI editor allows you to completely change the menus, screens and even controls of the game, uploading your own images and 3D models, linking to difference scenes.

Level Editor

The level editor allow you to extend and design the playing area of the game, as well as have an overlord view of the action as players are playing in your levels.

3D Models/Images/Audio

Not only can you upload your own mp3/mp4a audio files, and png/jpg/tga images. Playir also supports 3D models and animations from industry standand fbx and 3ds, to more open-source Blender compatible obj file formats, to even MineCraft json files found in MineCraft resource packs.

Mobile Editing

The Playir app which is used to make edits to your game, is best used to run on your PC. However, it is available to run on iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Allowing you to make live tweaks and edits to you game at your convenience.

Publishing Your App

We provide short videos showing you how easy it is to export your project for publication on AndroidiOS, Windows Phone and the Web.

The CraftWorlds Creator package gets you free ad-supported Android APK builds which you can drag into Google Play directly.

The Pro package also gets you ad-free Android, iOS and Windows Phone builds, and usage of our adverts and in-app purchase tools, to add sellable content inside your games.

Our Story

Playir is a company focused on making making as easy as it could be. We believe in learning not through the traditional school based curriculum, but learning through passion. Which is why we try our very hardest to make each of our products as user-friendly and motivational as possible. We believe that by lowering the bar of creation and providing the ability to monetize what you make, you'll have both the motivation to create and the ability to make your dream a reality.

In our team we have a fusion of industry experience and the hunger of trying to break into the games industry. With 1st class designers and animators who still struggle to find a job placement in the industry, and industry veterans who want to give back to what made them.

The Team

Ashraf - Lead Developer with over 12 years industry experience, spanning organizations such as Activision, Vivendi, Codemasters and France Telecom. Ashraf has worked on several AAA console games and authored cutting edge patents and industry publications.

Gav - Creative - Gav has designed and tested the current iteration of CraftWorlds from day one. His unique insight in MineCraft style games and take on user-centric design has been a massive boost for the project.

Alex - Designer. Alex is a multi-talented designer able to create both user interfaces and 3D animations which has been at the heart of Playir for the past few years.

Alae - Operations. Alae comes from the Accountancy world, which gives him vast experience in being very detail-orientated to deliver on deadlines and handle mind-blowingly complex numbers. He allows us to focus on the fun in the game, whilst making sure we hit our targets.

Foyzul - Designer. Foyzul is a wonderful illustrator able to handle both professional user interfaces and game based fun illustrations and designs.

Development Timeline

Playir has been in development for over 2 years, with multiplayer and cross-platform support baked in at its heart. The CraftWorlds game template has been preliminarily published on iOS (in-review), Android, Windows Phone and the Web for preview.

The main focus of development now is polish and performance. While CraftWorlds runs well on a PC or the latest mobile devices, we are working on improving the performance to support devices down to iPhone4S and Samsung Galaxy S2 to increase the number of potential users for your game.

This also includes server side performance, to support more blocks and online connected clients.

Risks and challenges

As we've been working on our mobile game design tools for the past 2 years and have developed a cross-platform engine to support dynamic game and app creation. The risks for this project are minimal.

The CraftWorlds game template has been prototyped and released for preview on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and the web.

The main risk remaining is scaling to handle more of your needs, be it for various improvements to the template or server load for more connected players.

Finally, a big thank you to all you wonderful Kickstarter supporters!

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