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A dark-whimsical card game suitable for family play yet with enough tongue-in-scheek humor to satisfy any gamer.
A dark-whimsical card game suitable for family play yet with enough tongue-in-scheek humor to satisfy any gamer.
577 backers pledged $20,802 to help bring this project to life.

STRETCH GOAL : $20,000

We only have a few days to work with, but we wanted to try to bring you one more extra for the great support you've shown by helping kick Kittens!

So, here's what we have. TWO Kickstarter exclusive cards that will help you tailor your game to a SAVE'EM or BLEND'EM style of play. If we hit our stretch goal, you will receive one of each with your game or expansion deck NO MATTER WHAT. No further pledge necessary. If we don't hit the stretch goal, we will only include the one. This card (or cards) will have new art from our artist, and will only be available to Kickstarters. 

In order to help everyone assist us in hitting this goal, we are going to offer two new EXTRAS. Increase your pledge by $4 to add in the new Blend'Em Pack or the Save'Em Pack. Each pack has four copies of a card which you can add to your game to either assist you in saving more kittens, or blending more kittens. 

If we hit our stretch goal, both cards will be Kickstarter exclusives. (Exclusive cards can be costly to print, which is why it's a $4 pack)

If we don't hit our stretch goal, then one of these cards will be a repeat from a card currently in the game/expansion, but we will still end you the Pack to help you mix it up. In the end, we want you to enjoy the game the way you want to play it. So one of the Packs will be exclusive, and one will be a non-exclusive. The exclusive card will be the one which gets the most "votes" through purchase of the Blend'Em and Save'Em Packs. 

Yes, you can buy one of each if you want the full customization. But then you are flipping a coin on which might get to be the exclusive card.

As always, we hope this makes the game more fun, and well as making the Kickstarter campaign more fun. We all wish we'd gotten here a little bit earlier, but we think it's possible to make this goal even with the two days that are left. Luck!


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    1. Sean Sicher
      on May 11, 2012

      Are the cards in the packs different from the cards being offered as a stretch goal?

    2. Redshift Games Creator on May 11, 2012

      Absolutely. You can increase your pledge and pick up both packs, two of each, three-and-one, whatever you'd like to help customize your game. re-pledge and then specify in the survey email which will be coming exactly what you would like.

    3. Missing avatar

      Scott Mutter on May 11, 2012

      Is it possible if I increase my pledge by $8 I will get both packs or do I have to pick just one?

    4. Missing avatar

      ZeldaNotLink on May 10, 2012

      Sweet i would love to see this in action. Come on everyone lets show the kittens there exclusive blend me card >:D