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DigiLog Futures: An Interactive Occupiable Sculpture!'s video poster

Year 2067: A digitized forest will be home to analog robots and their collision will produce a new kind of space. Help us build it! Read more

Columbus, OH Public Art
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This project was successfully funded on April 6, 2012.

Year 2067: A digitized forest will be home to analog robots and their collision will produce a new kind of space. Help us build it!

Columbus, OH Public Art
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The Columbus Herald Reader Gazette

An Excursion Underground: Exposing the Nine.

By, Barren Minty

Columbus, Ohio.

It's entirely likely you've seen them wandering the streets of Columbus, Ohio over the past few days, but did you truly notice them? Did you follow their movements with any interest? It's possible that these few, called "The Nine" an organization that wishes to remain anonymous for undisclosed reasons, have walked right past, perhaps even engaged you in conversation. You wouldn't know the Nine were anything out of the ordinary at first, but thanks to the effort of the aforementioned group, we now know quite a good deal about them.


The Nine are operating in and around Columbus, Ohio attempting to build an agglomerated vision of a new type of hybrid society. Due to the monthly context of Columbus's "Gallery Hop" weekend, they've been able to disguise this construct as an "installation" in the prestigious 83 Gallery at 1038 North High Street. They are developing an abstracted of this hybrid society to seed its idea in the minds of the participants.


While this may seem innocuous enough, the capabilities of these Nine individuals suggest that they may actually succeed in planting these ideas in the local populace. This is not to suggest the possible indoctrination of the people of Columbus, but rather that the Nine have experience in creating convincingly compelling possible worlds.

All of the Nine hold advanced architectural degrees and draw their major strength from the diverse interests and specialties each individual holds. The combined might of these specialties is also central in the hybrid construct they've been developing over the course of four short months.


Each participant has been catalogued by certain monikers indicative of their roles and possible functions. The exception to this naming function comes in the person of the ring leader and Ohio native, Tyler O' Rielley. He maintains an extensive background in digitally based architectural production that can produce wildly futuristic and unconventional designs.

Acting as the polar opposite to O' Rielley, is The Brigand. It seems he maintains a penchant for loosely hobbled-together constructions that leave a large degree unresolved so as to elicit participation by the constructs occupants. One report this newspaper obtained cited this tendency to be mildly aggressive, forcing participation, while another report suggested this was to the benefit of the users.

In a similar vein, we find The Kineticist, who takes similar 'found object' types and transforms them into mobile constructions of various scales: wheeled robots, alterable furniture, scramble walls, flying roofs. Her specialties also include wildly creative digital art and award-winning barbeque.

Following this trajectory, The Machinist seems to be a specialist in unconventional fabrication techniques. The most avant-garde technologies, CNC Machines, 3D Printers, etc., are only the tip of his mechanical iceberg and he masters them with ease.

King Cole manages to straddle the assets developed by the three members above. An accomplished street artist, he also develops intricately complex digital designs with tools untraditional to the field. While one might think this is suggestive of the hybrid construct the Nine is developing, he has yet to merge his skills. Perhaps this gives us a motive behind his involvement.

Integral to this process is The Transporter. From the reports provided, it is unclear whether this character is actually two people. He seems to be the master of logistics and has maintained a hand in coordinating the diverse movements of the group. Without his involvement, the Nine would surely not be able to maintain cohesion.

Two of the more colorful of the Nine appears to be the Siamese Chemists. It is difficult to categorize their broad interests, but it can easily be said that they have undertaken many experiments across fields. Akin to O' Rielley and King Cole, they've mastered digital production techniques, but tend to combine them with an equally powerful desire to introduce foreign objects into the equation.

And lastly, we have the elusively named Hannibal. There is limited information on this subject, as his movements are sporadic, but we have determined him to be unparalleled in digital design and rendering techniques and has been known to dabble in magical realism, producing strange abilities uncommon to most.

It appears the funding is coming from a group of supporters across the country.  Their funds will be directed towards the material costs, specialty fabrication fees, shipping of the raw material and the production of assorted propaganda including postcards, posters, t-shirts, and a full catalogue of the work.  

In the end, It seems it will be up to the visitor's of this "installation" to determine how successfully these conflicting ideologies have resolved themselves.

Further reports will be provided as the investigation continues and events develop.  

March 3, 2012. Associated Press.


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