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A story about a girl trying to join a normal world from the disbanded group of circus performers she's grown up with. Read more

Honolulu, HI Shorts
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A story about a girl trying to join a normal world from the disbanded group of circus performers she's grown up with.

Honolulu, HI Shorts
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STRANGE CIRCUS is a short film produced by a group of student and independent filmmakers. Director Dagny Looper is a PhD student at the University of Hawai'i studying astronomy and filmmaking. STRANGE CIRCUS is being shot on location in Honolulu starting in January 2011. Please check out our website ( for bios of our talented cast and crew.

Directed by - Dagny Looper
Executive Producer - Brian Hirono
Starring - Patti Hastie, Marlo Nettel, Cody Gomes, and Tate Rolfs
Director of Photography - Ryan Richardson
Editor & Graphic Designer - Jon Lewis

STRANGE CIRCUS is about a young girl, Macy Gamp, who is trying to sell enough cookies to her friends and neighbors to join a normal social group: the local girl scouts. She's been raised in the same building with old circus performers since her father died nine years before. He was the ringmaster of the group, and the performers have clung together since his death. These folks are the only family she has left: a bearded lady, a ballerina Madame who trained circus animals, and an old faded clown, Mr. Mann, who was her father’s friend and mentor.

Mr. Mann makes Macy’s skin crawl. She’s sure he’s not funny, and there’s something peculiar about the depressed clown who tries so hard to entertain her. When she goes into his apartment to sell him cookies, he puts on a show for her. His apartment is cleared out, and he keeps talking about a big finale. Macy is sure that at best he’s delusional and at worst he’s something sinister.

Mr. Mann proves to Macy that being strange is funnier than it looks.

Please consider donating to our project! This film will run about 15 minutes in length and is being shot entirely as an independent film. We have received a great deal of equipment and expertise that has been donated, but we still have to raise money to make this film happen.

To make this film look believable we have considerable production design and costuming, and need to pay for sound equipment rental ($100/day), extra lights, camera lenses ($80/day), food costs ($250/day), post-production costs, and festival submissions. We have been in pre-production for four months seeking equipment donations and scouring Goodwill and Ebay for great deals. Our shoot is slated for a total of eight days. We are shooting on a Canon 5D with prime lenses and double system sound. This is a grassroots effort and any donation amount of $5, $20, or $50 gets up closer to our project goal and will earn the gratitude of our team who have poured their love and support into this project.

Please follow our progress at:

Find us on the web at:

Special thanks to Scott Rogers Studios and Hawaii Photo Rentals for their generous donations to help us make this Kickstarter video. Opening song in credits by Streetlight Cadence.



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