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A new grind house film where the survivors of a zombie apocalypse are gay people and church people. Written & directed by Israel Luna.

A new grind house film where the survivors of a zombie apocalypse are gay people and church people. Written & directed by Israel Luna. Read More
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About this project

What is Kicking Zombie Ass for Jesus (KZAFJ)?

Kicking Zombie Ass For Jesus is a full-length feature about a zombie apocalypse where the only survivors are gay people and church people. They find themselves barricaded in the same building and must decide to either continue fighting against each other or work together to strengthen their chance for survival; not to mention lots of action, zombies and gore!

Why This Movie Needs To Be Made:

This film was inspired by the flood of anti-gay, despicable, hate speech from churches, organizations and politicians. This bullying needs to stop!  As filmmakers, we have a voice to fight back by creating a movie that faces these issues head on.

Full Synopsis:

A miracle pill intended to save the world causes unforeseen side-effects forcing the surviving gays and bible thumpers in a small Texas town to join forces or fall prey to the flesh craving mutants.

The new horror comedy Kicking Zombie Ass for Jesus, written and directed by controversial filmmaker Israel Luna (Ticked-Off Trannies With Knives), begins one momentous night as the world gathers to take a miracle pill scientists say prevents all viral diseases. Hours later after the synchronized celebration ends there’s a sudden and unsettling quiet that blankets the globe. Then, everything turns dire as it becomes all too clear that everyone who took the pill suffers from horrific side-effects. As a few, defiant, non pill-popping survivors emerge in the small Texas town of Eliasville, they find themselves seeking refuge in an abandoned building near the town’s center. Soon after Beth Anne, a transgender woman, and Phil, a tough-as-nails lesbian, have finished barricading themselves safely inside they quickly realize that they are not the sole survivors after encountering Samuel, pastor of the local “Gay is not Ok” Pentecostal church, along with his wife, Janice, and closeted son, Ethan. While butting their proverbial heads at every turn things get even crazier upon discovering a madcap group of vigilante survivors all of whom are challenged to band together in hopes of surviving the zombie apocalypse that surrounds them.

This film is the second installment of the Grindhouse-styled trilogy from La Luna Entertainment and serves as a companion piece to Ticked-Off Trannies With Knives, aka TOTWK. After the unexpected controversy and praise writer/director Israel Luna garnered with TOTWK many movie critics have posed the question, “What will he do next?” With “Zombie” Luna promises not to disappoint with yet another sure-to-be cult classic that offers up relevant issues of justice and equality set within a mainstream genre that’s laden with elements of old-school horror.

Upcoming Information:

We're excited about so many things happening with this project. We'll be posting more videos throughout the campaign including information about the director and producer and their past projects, info on where your money goes when you donate, special messages from cast members and any updates as the buzz gets out! We have a crazy-packed schedule of videos for you during our campaign so please keep checking back!


Why are you launching a campaign on Kickstarter?

Independent movies starring LGBT characters are still under-represented in movies.  Gay filmmakers are in the minority and the studios ignore these types of projects.  But thanks to all of you, we know that there is an audience for LGBT characters and filmmakers and with your donations we will make this happen together!!

Besides donations, how else can we help?

There are so many ways that you can help the project.  Please like our video and then tweet, post on Facebook or send out a personal message to anyone you feel should be aware of our project.

When will the film be released?

We will be planning a premiere in early 2013.

What is your Kickstarter goal and how will you use the money?

Our goal is to raise $175,000 which will cover the costs of our shooting production in Texas and our post production in San Francisco. 

Can you exceed the goal?

Yes, yes, yes!  Our goal is the minimum we require to make the film and we are scrimping and saving any way possible to make that happen.  If we exceed the goal then that gives us ways to make the film even better –which means more blood, more gore and bigger and better visual FX!

Can donors increase pledges once they have been made?

Yes! If you have already donated, and are signed in to your account, then instead of a green “Back This Project” button on our page, there should be a blue “Manage Your Donation” button. Click that, and you can enter a new amount or choose a new incentive!

What do donors receive for giving? 

All gifts are listed besides the donation tiers and some of our favorites are the character trading cards, the t-shirts and also signed scripts from our stars.

When will I receive my rewards?

Below each reward is an estimated timeframe for receiving your rewards.  If there are any updates on the timeframe we will send a Kickstarter message following our successful campaign.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is included in the donation amount!

How will you know where to send my incentives, or what t-shirt size I wear?

After our deadline, we will send you a Kickstarter message (which automatically forwards to the email address you gave Kickstarter) requesting all the necessary information.

Can I give an incentive as a gift?

Gifting an incentive is awesome! After the campaign, when we message you for details on your incentives, you can then give us the information for the person you wish to gift.

What happens if the goal isn’t reached in time?

If we don't reach our goal by the deadline then we get nothing and its back to square one.  We're crossing our fingers that your spreading the word and your donations will help make this film happen by our deadline!

How can I contact you?

Right below the project title in blue is a “send message” prompt that will get messages directly to us.

I want more information…

You can take a look at our website: for more information.


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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    *The Flesh-Rotting Zombie - Another big thank you plus a photo texted to you of cast & crew thanking you from the set!

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    *Crazy, Vicious Zombie - AOTA plus an actual screenplay from one of the leads with their doddles, scribbles & notes while shooting signed by them! (these screenplays are limited to 10)

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