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"Sometimes, It is Greener On The Other Side." A zombie film with character and attitude!

"Sometimes, It is Greener On The Other Side." A zombie film with character and attitude! Read More
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Roy Lewis Garton
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Roy Lewis Garton

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Hello.  I'm Roy Garton.  It has always been my dream to produce a independent film.  Green From The Grave is a short independent film being shot on Florida's East Coast.  While it is a horror Zombie Film, it is more than that.  It is my passion for film making, the sweat, the heartaches, the stress of sleepless nights of even knowing the film will be completed.  This film is being produced at a highly professional level.  Being shot in HD with a professional crew and agency actors. I have personally financed this entire film with the only exception being a small donation from the local non profit Space Coast Film and Talent Group who are lending some of their crew to the project as well as a small financial donation.

This film will have a vast array of special effects done by the award winning Shiva Rodriguez and her team.  She just recently won a State of Florida Independent Film Award along with her team for Special Effects.   The film also has the backing and promotion of the Space Coast Film Film Commission a division of the State of Florida Film Commission.  

Media Coverage. 

Green has received extensive media attention due to it's large production elements.  We have a cast and crew of over 25 people.  Florida Today in Melbourne, Florida as well as Orlando, Florida media have covered our film.  Besides shooting in HD, we are using jibs, authentic prop law enforcement vehicles, wardrobe, and weapons.  

So why Kickstarter?

Principal photography for Green is complete. The film will have it's premier in  August.  After that it will be going to film festivals and possible distribution.  I have spent a great deal of my own personal income to pay for authentic wardrobe, props, special effect artists, permits, and equipment.  Producing a high quality independent film as you all know is not done with a backyard camera and "billy's friends."  Green has been over a year in the planning stages. The film is going to be done.  It's first stop will be the Melbourne Independent Film Festival in October.  My hard working crew as well as my actors have been on this project because they believe in the love of independent films and they know me for my 30 plus years in the business as an actor and producer.  Please feel free to visit me on IMBD under Roy Lewis Garton and our web site for Green  here.  Green On The Web  Green is also on Facebook.  Green From The Grave.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your interest in Green From The Grave.  Both of these sites have highlights of the media attention we have been getting plus  many behind the scenes pictures.  The cast and crew of Green From The Grave appreciate all of you! 

Risks and challenges

This film is completed. The personal commitment of my cast and crew were nothing short of a miracle. The editing process was handled by a very dedicated professional with a full software editing bay. The project is secure and in capable hands. Back-up resources also exist.

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