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Piloting a new, innovative and greener way to recycle large volumes of food waste.


ALOHA! My name is Jim DiCarlo and I am the creator of the Throw To Grow project here on KICKSTARTER. I need your help to launch a food waste recycling pilot project here in Hawaii. You can learn more about this project by watching the video above and by reading the description down below. You can learn more about me and my company Each One Teach One Farms, by watching this video here. Scroll to the bottom to see images of the rewards. Go to for much more info.

Update!: New Reward Tier: When you pledge $350 or more to Throw to Grow you will get to pick one of the custom painted Bokashi Buckets from the Throw To Grow Art Show, in addition to all the other great rewards. Scroll down for pics of these awesome buckets and see the reward description to your right to see exactly what you get. 


Food waste is one of the biggest environmental problems you never heard about. The amount of food that is thrown away in the US is staggering. We Americans generate more than 34 million tons of the stuff, and less than 3% is recycled. The other 33 million tons goes off to the landfill where it becomes toxic to our air, land and water, while also robbing our soil of valuable nutrients needed to sustain plant life. 

Throw To Grow (TTG) is a food waste composting pilot project being launched in Hawaii that will utilize an innovative and earth friendly method to recycle large volumes of food waste, called Bokashi Fermentation. 

Bokashi Fermentation is a simple and effective way to rapidly recycle all food waste, including meat, dairy and bones, into a nutrient-rich soil without any harm to the environment. Bokashi fermentation is extremely fast, efficient, conserves valuable natural resources and does not pollute our earth.

We are launching Throw To Grow with hopes of solving the food waste problem and we could use some help.


Bokashi Fermentation a relatively new way to compost food waste. What makes the magic happen is a blend of beneficial micro-organisms that are mixed with the food waste to anaerobically (no oxygen) ferment the organic waste instead of oxidizing it, such as in traditional composting. 

Up until now, its usage has been limited to individuals using a home bokashi composter, such as the Bokashi Bucket. 

The Bokashi Bucket is a product from my company Each One Teach One Farms that allows individuals to recycle 100% of their food waste right inside their homes without any foul odors or bug problems.

Bokashi Fermentation has yet to be implemented on a large scale. With our pilot project, we plan to demonstrate Bokashi Fermentation on a large scale, with hopes of creating large systems that will turn abundant waste to abundant resource.

Bokashi fermentation on a commercial scale would be an extremely green and efficient way to manage food waste. The Bokashi process does not generate methane or any other gases toxic to our air. It works very quickly, taking only about 4 weeks to complete. Bokashi fermentation on a large scale would also be much less costly and less dependent on machines that require fossil fuel to operate than a landfill or traditional composting operation. Due to the acidic nature of bokashi fermentation, dangerous pathogens such as E. coli and salmonella cannot even survive. Using bokashi fermentation to treat food waste also allows for virtually all of the nutrients and biology to be returned back to the soil.   


We have developed a large-scale bokashi fermentation system that we believe could one day be used to divert close to 100% of food waste away from the landfill, while rebuilding healthy soils. Over the course of four months, we will work with a handful of larger scale waste generators such as restaurants, schools and supermarkets to recycle their food waste using our system. The generators will not be charged for removal of their waste and the soil that we make will be donated to school garden programs, community gardens and local farmers.

Before we can go big, we need to go small. Our pilot project will allow us to demonstrate the viability of bokashi fermentation on a large scale, while gathering key data necessary for scaling the system up. The data we collect will also be used for obtaining the permits and licenses required for collecting and processing solid waste. Plus, we need some practice to work out all the kinks.


We are in desperate need of equipment and supplies to carry out our pilot project. Chippers to chop up the food waste, a small tractor with a front loader to move material around and an industrial weigh scale are some of the larger, pricier pieces of equipment we need. Supplies like 55 gal drums, manual soil screeners, and misc garden tools are also part of the bare minimum we need to pull this project off. We also need funding for various soil analysis to prove what we say is happening to the food waste, is actually happening. Some of these tests can be pricey. 

You can help by clicking "Back This Project" in the green box above, on the right and pledge your donation. You will be asked to enter your pledge amount and select a reward. From there, you will go through the Amazon checkout process for your pledge to be recorded. You can use your credit or debit card.


KICKSTARTER is a new way to fund creative ideas and ambitious endeavors. KICKSTARTER is powered by a unique all-or-nothing funding method where projects must be fully funded within 45 days or no money changes hands. In other words, if we don't raise our goal of $15,000 within 45 days, we LOSE EVERYTHING. However, you can keep pledging even after the goal has been reached. If we can raise more than our goal, funds will go towards the licensing and permiting process as well as more in depth soil analysis. Once the goal has been reached we will contact you to get your address and work on getting you your awesome reward (check em out on the right...over there --->)


Here are just a few of the awesome rewards you can get by pledging to support Throw To Grow.

Throw To Grow T-shirt. Womens and kids sizes available. (Pledge $50 or more to get this reward)

Bokashi Bucket kitchen composting system (Pledge $100 or more to get this reward)

"LOCALISM" Limited Edition T-Shirt. Womens and kids sizes available. (Pledge $250 or more to get this reward)

Spend a few days working, learning and relaxing at Aina Foods, an small organic farm on the North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii. (Pledge $5000 or more to get this reward)


You can also support Throw To Grow by spreading the good word. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter  or simply send an email with the site URL to your network.





Shoot Jim an email at

Our Kickstarter video was directed, shot and edited by Nathan Peracciny. You can learn more about his work by visiting his SITE or check out more videos from Nathan on his VIMEO CHANNEL


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    When you pledge $100, you get the shout out, the bag, the shirt AND your very own Bokashi Bucket kitchen composting system. Really be the change you want to see by recycling your own food waste at home. Includes 2lbs of the Bokashi Activator Mix. Add $15 to your pledge amount for shipping outside of Hawaii.

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    NEW Reward Level!! Limited, so get in while you can. At this level you get everything listed above plus one of the custom, hand painted Bokashi Buckets from the Throw To Grow Art Show. Paintings from some of these artists sell in the thousands, so this is a great value. A 20lb bag of Bokashi Activator Mix is also included. Only 6 buckets were created, and they will be given first come, first served. We will contact you when you pledge this amount to find out which artist you want to select. Add $25 to your pledge amount for shipping outside Hawaii. Check out the project description for pics of these awesome custom Bokashi Buckets.

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    Wow, you're really generous!! At this level, we got you covered with some really cool rewards. In addition to the shout out, the bag, the Throw To Grow t-shirt, Bokashi Bucket and 20lb bag of Bokashi Activator, you also get a limited edition "LOCALISM" t-shirt designed by Kaboe AND you get a one of a kind custom designed Bokashi Bucket from the Throw To Grow artist of your choice, just for you. You will probably want to mount this baby on the wall, because it is an original piece of art! If you're in Hawaii or can make it here, we'll also give you a tour of our composting site. Men, womens and kids sizes avail for t-shirts. Add $25 to your pledge amount for shipping outside Hawaii.

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    Ok, this is the mother of all Kickstarter rewards. In addition to ALL the rewards listed above, we will fly you out to Hawaii and have you spend 4 days living and working on a small organic farm on the North Shore of Oahu. In addition to learning how to grow food sustainably, you will get hands on experience working with our large scale Bokashi Fermentation system. It doesn't stop there. You'll also get personal surf lessons from world champion pro-surfer Rochelle Ballard AND an introduction to permaculture class taught by permaculture designer, Matthew Lynch. Airfare, room and board included as well as ground transportation to farm from airport. Shipping included for other items. Trip timing flexible, but must be completed in 2012.

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