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A collaborative, moving board game. Holmes and his confederates must link London's crimes back to the wicked Professor Moriarty.
A collaborative, moving board game. Holmes and his confederates must link London's crimes back to the wicked Professor Moriarty.
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    1. Missing avatar

      TdIbT on

      Can't edit ;_; but should be obvious enough 4 should be 3

    2. Missing avatar

      TdIbT on

      Will just say if you have questions it would be best to take them to other sites (such as now that the kickstarter is complete and fulfilled, people will rarely if at all ever look at this page again.
      On the off chance Lauren has not aquired the answers elsewhere by now and also comes back to the comments...
      1. You draw Moriarty cards after you finish your turn, so you would not be able to move any more.
      2. You can move up to 2 tiles, but as few as 0
      4. Yes, the tiles Watson straddles are protected from Moriarty and cannot be taken thus anyone on them is safe as well.

    3. Missing avatar

      Lauren Cercone on

      Three rules questions:

      1) Holmes draws a tile, then has unlimited moves, as long as there are moves to be made. Once all possible moves are made, the Moriarty card is drawn and the turn ends, yes? We have a player who argues that Holmes can keep moving after the Moriarty card is drawn. A ruling from the judges, please.
      2) Again, on movement: MUST one move two times? I say yes, but there is doubt. We had a lot of moves that consisted of moving to a new tile, making a connection, then moving back to the original tile to stay protected by another player. There was some argument that a second move should be optional.
      3) When Watson is straddling two tiles, and thus protecting both, is an additional players on each of the tiles (i.e., two + Watson) protected as well? It would seem so.

      A few months ago I mentioned we had a house rule of one Moriarty card per turn. We've now amended that to one card fewer than the crimes on the table, for experienced players. When there are new players learning the game, we use the one card rule so as not to discourage them too much.

    4. BarryBuc

      Received (via US Postal Box) in Melbourne, Australia today. Now I just have to wait a week for the next board games night!

    5. Shari A. Jessie on

      I played my first game at my local boarding gaming night this week and I wish I had read through these comments first! Every question we had has been answered :-)

      We started with 3 crimes, 4 players (Sherlock, Watson, Mycroft, and Irene) and ended with 9 crimes on the board, but a win! I think our card drawing was quite lucky, though.

      We had a great time and everyone really enjoyed the game. It was refreshing to play something unique, beautiful to look at and fun. Well done!

    6. Lucy Keifer Creator on

      @Red: You've got it exactly. Unless Watson ends his turn on Moriarty's tile for some reason, he can't be kidnapped. So if you're playing with Watson, Moriarty can only win by getting all his crimes out on the table -- not by kidnapping everyone.

    7. Red L

      @Ryan: I can't for sure answer the first part, but the answer to the second part is if you run out of crime tiles in the crime stack, you'll lose. Also, Watson can be kidnapped by ending turn on Moriarty's tile (but that shouldn't happen?).

    8. Missing avatar

      Ryan Saige on

      Can Watson ever be kidnapped? We aren't sure if the wording means he completely protects both tiles, or if it just means he helps protect other players on the same tile.

      If he can't ever be kidnapped, how is it possible to lose with him in the game?

    9. Red L

      @Lucy--thanks for the answer! I think I'll play with the "if he can he does" version when I play solo and possibly play with the easier variant when introducing new players to the game. ("Bouncing" was a term I picked up from my first gaming group and I probably use it far too often to describe that kind of effect...)

      Looking forward to bringing this game out the next time I can host a game night!

    10. Lucy Keifer Creator on

      Red -- For me, if Moriarty *can* steal something, he *does* steal something, so no "bouncing" (I do like how you put that). Mostly, I just think it's cleaner. *But,* I do see even other members of the team playing with the "bounce" variant. It makes the game easier, and in a lot of gaming situations that's exactly what you want.

    11. Red L

      @Lucy--another rules clarification question: if a Moriarty card could take one of multiple tiles on the board and one is protected (by Watson alone or two other characters), should we have Moriarty steal an unprotected tile or do we have the choice to "bounce" against the protection?

      Excellent game and I also would say it is engaging solo playing three characters! Sherlock's turns are basically to rearrange the entire board and that's a lovely puzzle in addition to strategizing around where to stand for other characters.

    12. Lucy Keifer Creator on

      Boon Chuan Kee -- It does sound like you're playing correctly. Technically, you can win in a single turn if you're playing Holmes and get lucky enough with your draw. If this is happening a lot to you, up the difficulty by starting with more crimes. (The more crimes you start with, the more statistically improbable it becomes that you get tiles to match up with all of them on your first turn.) If you've been playing with 3 starter crimes, try 4. If you've been playing with 4, try 5.

    13. Boon Chuan Kee

      Sorry I missed out mentioning that SH draws a witness tile before moving. The witness tiles is then connected to his own clue tiles, which then allows him to move to the witness tile to connect to other clue tiles and move to the other clue tiles to further connect with other clue tiles / crime tiles. i.e. in 1 play, all tiles are connected.

    14. Boon Chuan Kee

      Hi, I would like to clarify on SH's ability. Does the ability to moves an unlimited number of turns equates to unlimited number of connect he can make as long as the tiles SH is on can connect to other tiles?

      We have encountered situations where the game is won in 2 turns if we play SH's ability as described above:

      SH starts the game and connects all the clues and crime tiles due to him moving and connecting unlimited times. After reviewing the crime cards (and luckily with nothing crucial being removed from the table), at the second player's turn a location tile is drawn and second player moves to connect the location to Moriarty and the game is won.

      Are we correct?

    15. Lucy Keifer Creator on

      Lleutenant Buss -- yours should have definitely shipped already, let me just check on why you haven't gotten that shipping notification.

    16. Missing avatar

      Lleutenant Buss

      should I be concerned that I haven't received a shipping notification email or the game yet? (france)

    17. Lucy Keifer Creator on

      Hi Igor!

      I am very happy to answer your questions!

      (1) ‘Clear pathway’ just means that you can only travel along pathways of connected tiles. You can’t jump to a tile that isn’t connected to the tile you started on. (Unless you’re playing Lestrade.) You can absolutely move though a space that happens to have another player on it, though.

      (2) ‘Steal’ ‘Remove’ ‘Disappear’ and ‘Kidnap’ all mean the same thing – take the tile and put it on the bottom of the pile it came from. The different words are meant as flavor text to help the theme and make the cards more fun to read. Also, it seemed a little weird to write ‘Moriarty steals a Witness.’

      (3) The other players can look at the cards Irene flips over – they may even want to help her make a decision. They can also use the information they’ve learned on their own turns, but they do have to remember it. No flipping over tiles to ‘remind yourself’ what was there on Irene’s turn.

    18. Simone Rovito

      Got it right now (in Italy) and let me say that I'm amazed how well organized is the box!
      I have game boxes where it's hard to put everithing inside, and others with a huge wasye of space, but this it's simply perfect: everything have its space and fits in it flawlessly!

      Very good job!

    19. Missing avatar

      Igor on

      Hi from Spain!

      We received it today and already played twice! Nice work Keifer family! We love this game and it's full of beautiful details: box insert, illustrations...Above all else, the game itself.

      We have some questions though:

      1.- Move: Instructions says "as long as the pathway is clear,...". Which reasons make the path "not clear"? Maybe when there is any other player in the path?

      2.- Is there any difference between Steal, Remove and Dissapears? I mean I know when Moriarty Steals a Detective Tile I must "place it facedown at the bottom of the pile it came from". But what happens when a Location is Removed, a Clue Dissapears (specially this one is difficult to guess) or an Informant is Kidnaped?

      3.- Irene Adler: While Irene looks "at the top tile in each Detective deck before she decides with tile to draw", is every other player looking too, so that they also know which tiles are on the top in each detective tile deck (except that one chosen by Irene Adler, of course).

      That's all!

      Really good game, I'll speak my board gaming community about this wonderful game!

      Best regards


    20. Lucy Keifer Creator on

      Lauren -- Excellent feedback, and interesting questions. To answer them:

      (1) A move is defined as movement from one tile to *any other tile in play,* so long as you’re not jumping over any gaps between tiles to get there (unless you’re Lestrade, in which case fine.) Connections are totally different, and the only limitation there is you are only able to connect to the tile that you are currently on. You could connect four different tiles to your starting tile, and it still wouldn’t count as a move. In your example, Watson is moving completely correctly.

      (2) Watson gets to pick which of the two tiles he’s protecting counts as his ‘starting tile,’ which can be very useful.

      (3) If you land on the Moriarty tile to rescue someone, it would be fine to connect a location tile while you’re there – so long as you don’t end your turn there.

      (4) If your piece is sitting on a location tile with black edges, you can just connect up the Moriarty tile like you would any other tile. You’re matching up black edges. You don’t even have to go the Moriarty tile at all, unless you get kidnapped.

      (5) Mrs. Hudson can only borrow powers from the other people playing. She’d be too powerful if she could use the powers from the box too (and she's already pretty powerful.)

      Very interesting house rule. How often does Moriarty manage to win, playing like that?

      And so, so glad you and your scion enjoy!!! Please tell the interested party that he can buy his very own copy of the game on our website,

      (It is also going to be available on Amazon extremely soon.)

    21. Missing avatar

      Lauren Cercone on

      First, the quality of the game pieces exceeded my expectations, and yes, the insert gets a shout-out for excellent design.

      Some questions, now that we've run through several games:

      (1) The definition of a move is not completely clear. Instructions say that a player has two movements across tiles per turn (except SH, of course). So, does that mean THREE tile connections can be made, or two? For example: Watson turns over a Detective tile and connects it to the tile on which he starts, then moves to another tile (first movement) and connects, then moves to second tile and connects (second movement). Or does the first connection count as the first movement?

      (2) Speaking of Watson, if his game token bestrides two tiles, do both of them count as his 'start tile'?

      (3) While rescuing a kidnaped player, may a location tile be connected to Moriarty, or does the rescue constitute the entire move? And is a tile connection on the landing tile allowed? I'm interpreting the instructions to mean only the rescue can be made, no connections allowed, but there was doubt.

      (4) If tiles can be connected only to the tile the player's token is on, then how does one connect to Moriarty if Lestrade isn't in the game, as only he can jump to an unconnected tile?

      (5) Mrs. Hudson can assume the powers of another player; it that only another player active in the game, or can she borrow powers from one 'in the box'?

      We instituted a house rule of one Moriarty card per turn, as the game would have been interminable otherwise, especially after a few CRIME! cards were played. It got to be a headache trying to figure out in what order to address 5 or 6 cards, and they kept wiping out the web, which grew tedious, so, 'no' to that rule.

      Nonetheless, this game is ingenious and addictive. I've played it as solitaire and it's quite absorbing. A member of our scion has asked where he can buy it; what are your plans for retail?

    22. Red L

      Also received my copy and want to echo the comments that the insert is amazing! Can't wait to play it with my board gaming group!

    23. Will Steinmetz

      Received my copy today and can't wait to play it! I LOVE how well all of the game components fit into the insert. I wish more games did that. Hoping to play this weekend!

    24. Tran Shar

      Arrived today in Canada. Everything fits so nicely in the incert. Small crumple in the corner of the box but very slight. Didn't even notice at first. Looking forward to playing.

    25. Steve Manser

      Our copy arrived in the UK. Fantastic artwork and quality pieces - especially love the blister/insert box as that's like a rewarding puzzle in itself! I've had a few quick playtest runs but going to have a solo 3 or 4 player game to suss it out, then family time! Thanks again, looks like it will be a unique and cool addition to the collection. The Keifer family must be very proud.

    26. Lucy Keifer Creator on

      Justin: In a 3 player game, there *is* an extra strategical element of choosing which characters to play with. Personally (if I've got 3 players) I like to use Watson (for his ability to protect the board, especially early on) and Lestrade (for his ability to easily rescue kidnapped players). It's true that a 3 player game *is* more difficult than 4+ player game -- less powers to play with, less clues to start with, less ability to double up and protect each other. You have to play more defensively at first, but it's very doable.

      (oh, and also make sure you're playing with the 'favor from the queen' rule. :) )

    27. Missing avatar

      Justin A on

      Got our copy today. Game looks great. Our first playthrough, we got destroyed with 3. I think there may be some balancing issues with the lower player counts, as you just get destroyed quickly if you don't get lucky with draws early on. Starting with less detective tiles on the board, and having less ability to block kidnappings kept us in a constant state of few pieces on the board, while more Crimes kept appearing leading to more Moriarty cards each turn.

      I think we're going to have to house rule this one some. Will report on BGG after we figure something out!

    28. We're Not Wizards

      Arrived this morning in the UK. It looks wonderful. The quality is very high and love you can fit all the pieces into the molded tray. So very organised. Can't wait to give this a spin round the table.

    29. BarryBuc

      Got notification that it's been delivered to my mailbox in Nashua, NH (despite the snow). Sadly, it will be a month or so before it's in my hands. It's happening people!

    30. Andrew Eagan on

      Shipping notification received, can't wait to play! (Midwest, USA)

    31. Randal Lloyd

      Same here. Received email with tracking number. (East Coast US)

    32. Missing avatar

      Justin A on

      Just got my shipping notification, so we should all have it soon!

    33. Chris Garner

      PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE update your backers.

    34. Missing avatar

      Justin A on

      Did anyone from the $40 pledge get their game yet?

    35. Stotan

      Game play question: What are the Crime cards in the Moriarty deck for. The instructions says to play then as stated. So my play group assumed it meant put out a new crime. We had 5 people playing and started on easy since it was our first time playing. However when you draw for how many crimes there are per turn. It was getting out of hand really quickly. It was 1 added then 3 then 5 more crimes and then the game ended with us losing every time. Are those suppose to act like blanks or did I completely miss the point of them.

    36. Aesha

      You said in both the comments and the update that the $40 "game is afoot" level pledges we're going out by the end of the month. But the pledge level of that name is the $90 pledge level, according to your campaign; the $40 level is named differently. Can you please be clear about what is shipping when?

    37. Randal Lloyd

      Thanks for the clarification, Lucy.

    38. Lucy Keifer Creator on

      There’s been some confusion (my fault, I phrased the update weirdly). The only orders that have been going out are the $90 “A Touch of the Dramatic…” ones. I had to charge a bunch extra for rush air shipping to get them out in time for Christmas, so that was the only way not to lose money. The $40 “Game is Afoot Pledges” are scheduled to ship out in January. So, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait a little bit for yours. :(

    39. Randal Lloyd

      @Jeff Cox - I'm guessing not. I haven't received mine yet either.

    40. Missing avatar

      Jeff Cox on

      Just checking if all games were mailed to US backers? Still hoping to receive before Christmas. Thanks.

    41. Missing avatar

      CrazyJawas on

      I just got my delivery today in the UK, and everything looks great! Thanks for the quick delivery. And the extra artwork looks fantastic, you guys did a great job, we're really looking forward to playing over the Christmas break.

    42. D. Vincent on

      Woohooo!!! Received game Friday, played game Saturday and Sunday. VERY happy! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

    43. Missing avatar

      Jerrold Brian Tubbs on

      Recently played some games of this and I really enjoyed it! Even this morning as a solo-playing game (characters vs Moriarty) it's a lot of fun. I was an "Art in the blood" level backer and think it was well worth every penny!

    44. Missing avatar

      Steven Smith

      I received mine today, in Columbia, Maryland. There aren't many cooperative board games for adults out there. Excited to try it out.

      Thank you.

    45. Missing avatar

      Jerrold Brian Tubbs on

      I just received my copy today and everything looks great! Now looking forward to playing it! Thanks to Lucy for bringing us this game.

    46. Sarah ChristianScher on

      I am so hyped that this is here! Let us know when you've got them all in the mail. I want to know if I'll get it before I leave on the 15.

    47. Lucy Keifer Creator on

      Lleutenant Bluss -- First things first, I only needed $96 from you, not $116 (I only included the other number in the message for reasons of transparency). Second, it's a *little* over my estimation of how much holiday rush shipping to France would cost, but not *much* (if you check out the FAQ, it says that December shipping to France would be about $70, give or take -- in that case I was calculating shipping to central Paris.) $23 is the built in shipping price only for my domestic, US backers. Last, I'm more than happy to refund you, or move your delivery to February when shipping will be cheaper, but I'd love it if you were to direct all questions like this to my personal inbox in the future. That's not really what this comment board is for.

    48. Missing avatar

      Lleutenant Buss

      116$ for shipping is insane. and a staggering difference from the 23$ i expected (43 to france minus the 20 built into the pledge) i cannot afford that, its extortionate! please find a different courier!

    49. Stasey Norstrom on

      It's been about 2 weeks since the campaign ended. Any updates to share with the motley rabble?

    50. Simone Rovito

      I'm very happy we have succeded! I can't wait to put my hands on this game and play it!

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