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Tala is an autumnal adventure game created with a combination of traditional animation techniques & nature photography.
Tala is an autumnal adventure game created with a combination of traditional animation techniques & nature photography.
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100% Funded!!!

Posted by Matthew Petrak (Creator)
Help this jar overflow with love!
Help this jar overflow with love!

I woke up this morning and and the campaign was a couple of hundred dollars  away from being funded. Put out a couple of tweets, had a shower and it was funded by the time I got out!! Thank you all so much! Seeing so many of you really connect with this little world I've created fills me with such joy, and I'm so happy to have the project funded, especially after the rollercoaster emotions that comes with running failing Kickstarter first - but I get to make a game now! 

I hope that you all stick around for the journey. For me, now that I know that I can dedicate part-time hours to the project now, it's time for me to start locking things in and really building out the world that I've been planning in my mind for the past year. As of the time of this post, we've still got 72 hours to go - lets make it huge! The more I raise the more time I'll be able to spend working on the game - and the more people I can get to help out with animation to make sure that the game is just chock full of charming things to play with. So more than ever this is the time to bug your friends to back this game! 

Now that we've hit the goal I can announce that I'm going to be setting up a slacker backer option through (so you will be able to contribute using without a credit card - if you can only use paypal etc for online purchases) in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned if you missed out! 


And with hitting our goal, I wanted to share the love and shoutout a rad project that's currently about both halfway to their goal and halfway through their campaign. It's an RPG with a gorgeous art style and a lot of love put into their world.

 Grimshade tells a grim but fascinating story about a fantasy world, tinged with a steampunk vibe, called Ree'Fah. Once upon a time people and Eleores, an ancient race of anthropomorphic animals lived there in harmony. An attack by supernatural creatures called Umbrages plunged the world into an age of war, and the one previously united nation was broken up into three warring states. The Eleores were on the verge of extinction. Many years have passed by, and the Umbrages have now returned. A group of characters which is led by the player is faced with a challenge. They must learn to get along with one another, halt the invasion and save the world from its impending downfall.

Support Grimshade and help our team reach the target!

Matthew Petrak

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    1. Matthew Petrak 2-time creator on

      Thank you so much everybody!!

      It looks like that the link to the Grimshade Kickstarter broke, so if you have trouble reaching it try copy and pasting:

    2. R.H. on

      How wonderful!

    3. Mykll Valiant

      Yay! With the usual increase towards the end of the campaign still to come as well, with the 48 hour reminders and everything else. Good news!

    4. Marcel Claxton


    5. Mickaël Pesquet on

      That's great. Was so sad for the first campaign.

    6. Fred Gandt on

      GG Matthew! GL with continuing the development process; I'm looking forward to experiencing your vision :)

    7. muddasheep on

      So happy for you! Looking forward to the game <3