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Tala is an autumnal adventure game created with a combination of traditional animation techniques & nature photography.
Tala is an autumnal adventure game created with a combination of traditional animation techniques & nature photography.
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Travelling companion, petting dogs, about a week to go!

Posted by Matthew Petrak (Creator)

 If you kept up with the first campaign, this won't be new to you, but in Tala you're not travelling alone. Throughout your adventures the little flying buddy that's featured in the demo is actually going to be a companion that follows you throughout the game, helping you solve puzzles and just being a cute friend throughout. 

This isn't an example of an actual puzzle - it's more of a contextualisation of the mechanics to make sure all of the systems work. When you click on your companion you'll get little circles around things that they can interact with. You can click these and then they'll fly over and interact with or collect whatever the object is! Also in my mind having dogs and being able to pet them is a very important feature missing from so many games, so I had to show that off too! Even if it is a ladybugdog... ladydog? bugdog? I don't have a name for it yet. 


We're absolutely in the final stretch now. A week and a day to go, and ~20% away from the final goal - so it's getting close! 

I was looking into setting up a Thunderclap campaign a couple of weeks ago, which you sign up to be a part of and it posts a tweet on your behalf, but as of a couple of months ago they have new rules that forbade commercial promotion, so, for instance, like promoting a Kickstarter campaign that you're running, and combining that with the recent GDPR that has effectively meant that existing mailing lists need to be put back together from the ground up means that doubling down on the grassroots aspects of the campaign is super important! Without all of you folks being so dedicated about the world I'm building and showing that love, I don't think I'd have ever gotten this far (even in creating the game!). Thank you. 

So instead that I'm just going to ask super nicely that throughout the week I'd love it if you could share the link of the campaign or retweet/share/regram/reblog any of the existing posts across the Tala social media channels

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr

Also tell people about the demo if they're not familiar with it!, which can be found here

Or share a link to either of the trailers!
Reveal Trailer:
Kickstarter Trailer

Aside from that, I hope that you all have a nice weekend! Be sure to tell me about any rad plans you have, I'd love to know! I'm going to be pretty busy but I'm excited to return to a forest in a couple of weeks. 

Matthew Petrak

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