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Tala is an autumnal adventure game created with a combination of traditional animation techniques & nature photography.
Tala is an autumnal adventure game created with a combination of traditional animation techniques & nature photography.
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Week 1 Recap

Posted by Matthew Petrak (Creator)

Hello friends! That's one week down, and what a week it has been!
A smidge under 60% raised already, and it's made more than the first campaign made in 3 WEEKS. I'm feeling pretty loved right now! Thank you all. You're all wonderful. Keep on sharing the campaign around and we'll hit that 100% mark in no time at all! 

Let's start with the latest news. 

Tala up for Excellence in Visual Art award at this year’s Freeplay! It's up there with some utterly gorgeous games, each one of them is just as deserving for the award. It's the first one that I've been nominated for and I can't think of a better beginning. Freeplay is a FANTASTIC Melbourne games festival that represents a lot about what I love about the local scene and the power of games. 

Find out more information and see all of the nominees and awards here! 


I had a lovely chat chat with Alayna Cole for Hyper Magazine about crowdfunding, what it's like to have a failing kickstarting and bouncing back from it, and also being compared to games like Ooblets and Mineko’s Night Market?!!?! That's very flattering!

"Have you heard of Tala? It’s one of those games that I’ve seen on my Twitter feed for ages, and is filed in my head alongside cute artsy titles like Ooblets, Witchbrook, and Mineko’s Night Market. Designed by Matthew Petrak, Tala combines photographs and sketches to create a unique artstyle that conjures a special, tiny world that the eponymous forest spirit can explore. It’s all about adorable puzzles, and I’m here for it"Tala launches on Kickstarter, again

This one is from February, but I'm still reposting it here BECAUSE IT WAS IN A PHYSICAL MAGAZINE. PCGamer's Indie Issue, with wonderful games like Ooblets and Wandersong also being featured. Still super floored that this happened!


A lot of folks already made let's plays of the Tala demo during the first campaign, so I haven't seen many new ones pop up, so give ChaseTV some love!

The campaign is going well and I wanted to take the opportunity to give some shoutouts to a couple of other campaigns that are running! Trying to spread the love is the least that I can do.

Knuckle Sandwich

 Knuckle Sandwich is another Melbourne based game made by a friend of mine! It's weird and good a complete joy to play and I CAN NOT WAIT FOR IT! It's in its final days so be sure to jump aboard!

Life of Delta

 Life of Delta is a point and click game set in a desolate post-apocalyptic Japan with an incredibly gorgeous aesthetic which needs some love! It also looks like it's going to be filled with sad robots and that's a favourite genre (is it a genre? because I want that to be) of mine.


 Sol705 is another point and click adventure game (hey, it should be no surprise that it's a favourite genre of mine!) that feels delightfully old school with influences from the games that I grew up playing that's set in 70's Argentina (the creator's homeland!) with a great looking cast of characters and a world that looks to be a joy to explore. 

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