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Tala is an autumnal adventure game created with a combination of traditional animation techniques & nature photography.
Tala is an autumnal adventure game created with a combination of traditional animation techniques & nature photography.
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Introducing the A.N.T. - Ant Network Tunnels.

Posted by Matthew Petrak (Creator)

A lot of adventure games are made up for bespoke areas connected via a world map - Tala isn't like that - its world is interconnected so you can walk everywhere. But sometimes you need to get across town quickly, and for that you can use the A.N.T. system. Scattered around the world are A.N.T. stations that use the underground ant tunnels to quickly move from place to place - all with the help of the ants. There's going to be a station in the middle of town - and then ones near all of the major landmarks!

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 The animation is pretty placeholdery right now, but the systems are working! I created this system because it can be frustating having to walk across a lot of screens just to achieve a single goal or two, only to have to turn back and retrace your steps. This little living public transportation system is my way of making sure that I can respect the time of people if they don't want to have to walk everywhere. I also knew that I wanted to have ant tunnels in the game in some aspect - it seems like a waste not to! 

Matthew Petrak

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    1. Matthew Petrak 2-time creator on

      Aw thanks so much folks! Glad that you're all as excited about this as me!

      Glenn: Heck yeah, Psychonauts is wonderful and I didn't even realise how much it was inspiring the system until just now!

      Jim: Yeah! It's a fine line to design such a system, so extra care was put in to making it feel properly thematic and something that would realistically exist in the world.

    2. Missing avatar

      Glenn McMath on

      Cool idea. Sort of reminds me of the underground rail system in Psychonauts. Also digging the short snippet of music.

    3. Jim Davies

      Oh I love this. Quick travel can break immersion but done like this it just fits.

    4. Marcel Claxton

      That is so creative. I love it! (and I really am not a big fan of ants in general, so there's that)

    5. Missing avatar

      Al Tan on

      Cool idea, and you won't be missing the bus this time.