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Consider this: there are 3 billion people online. 27% use English, 73% don't. On June 12, we'll begin publishing in 5 languages.

Consider this: there are 3 billion people online. 27% use English, 73% don't. On June 12, we'll begin publishing in 5 languages. Read More
pledged of $31,000 goal

Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on June 4, 2014.

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About this project

hyperGlobal Publishing invites the best writers and thinkers from around the world to produce original analysis and commentary that we'll translate - by humans, not computers - and publish daily to our website. We’ll start with five of the most common online languages – English, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, and Spanish – thus reaching a far-flung and diverse global audience on day one.

The World Through the Prism of the World Cup

Our experiment with multi-lingual journalism and commentary will begin with the biggest event in the world - the 2014 FIFA World Cup. From June 12 to July 13, one billion fans in nearly every country on earth will cheer on 32 teams as they compete in 64 matches. Whether you root for the red, white, and blue of the United States, the Brilliant Oranje of the Netherlands, or the Samba Kings of Brazil, we want to give you a place to join a worldwide soccer discussion.

Is there really nothing else like hyperGlobal?

There isn't. Some publications will periodically translate a foreign language piece into English and a few niche publications and blogs have begun to publish in two languages, but there’s no publication devoted to bringing the world’s best writers to a multi-lingual global audience on a daily basis.

White hyperGlobal t-Shirt - Mens/Womens
White hyperGlobal t-Shirt - Mens/Womens

Because One Language Is Not Enough

There are more than 7 billion people living in 200 countries – but only 27% of online users use English. In this day and age of globalization and instant communications, publications that simply connect English-language writers to English-language readers leave billions of people out of the conversation. hyperGlobal wants to close that gap. 

Because Google Translate "Ain't" Good Enough

Many people ask, “But isn’t Google Translate already doing that?” The truth is no.  Algorithms and translation software such as Google Translate are great for what they do – translating small strings of words and phrases from one language in to another. But the software isn’t good enough yet – some say it never will be – to communicate the kind of nuance and complexity that is part of what makes good writing good.  

Black hyperGlobal t-Shirt - Mens/Womens
Black hyperGlobal t-Shirt - Mens/Womens

What will Kickstarter funding pay for?

The vast majority of Kickstarter funding will pay for professional translators. Some additional costs include those associated with digital publishing and a modest marketing budget.

Creating A Truly Global Online Platform 

In this day and age of globalization and instant communications, you can send an email around the world in seconds while talking on the phone to someone thousands of miles away. It is linguistic differences, not physical distances, that separate us. We need an online space that is just as fascinating, diverse, and enormous as the world we live in. This space will cut through the different languages of the world, allowing communication on a scale like none other in human history. Only then can we begin to truly understand each other. 

We need to communicate across borders and across cultures and across linguistic differences. That’s where hyperGlobal steps in. hyperGlobal is now the only trans-national, multi-lingual, multi-media platform to target, reach, and engage a global audience.

Beyond Soccer

If you’re a soccer fan, you’ll love our hyperGlobal World Cup project. But hyperGlobal is about more than soccer - it’s about breaking down the linguistic barriers that separate us. It’s about the people in one country being able to talk to, and listen to, the ideas and opinions of the people in another country. If we can begin by talking about soccer, then we can talk about war and terrorism and climate change and the other problems that haunt us, as well as the food and books and music that bring us together. 

Launch in Five Languages, Then Add More

With your help, we'll launch our first project in five languages: English, Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Russian, and Spanish. These are five of the most commonly used languages on the Internet, and taken together they will cover nearly two-thirds of the online population. And this is just the beginning. Our team plans to expand the number of languages to bring in more and more online readers to our global sphere for you to interact with. 

Something New for Everyone

Are you a soccer fan eagerly awaiting the wild, month-long whirlwind of emotion that is the World Cup? hyperGlobal will be your source for engaging articles about the beautiful game as the tournament unfolds. 

Looking for thought-provoking journalism and commentary that blends sports, politics, and culture? Then hyperGlobal is here to provide content just for you. 

Do you want a more global perspective in your media that won’t shy away from the challenge of linguistic barriers? Allow hyperGlobal to give you the worldwide platform you’ve been waiting for. 

Are you an aspiring writer/blogger who would like to reach out to an enormous and diverse audience? We will constantly be looking for new, engaging material to spark international conversations among our readers.

The Final Word 

What is a global audience? What happens when writers write not simply for the readers in a single language, but for readers around the world? Only time will tell, but it’s this cross-national approach to big ideas and critical analyses that makes hyperGlobal so compelling. With your help, hyperGlobal is poised to become one of the world’s truly global meeting places. 

If you couldn’t tell already, we are all about open communication. So please email our team with questions or suggestions, we'd love to hear from you. 

And, most importantly, THANK YOU! 

Check us out online:


Frequently Asked Questions

Will readers have to pay a membership fee to gain access to the online articles? 

Not now.  Down the road, we hope not but we're not sure. hyperGlobal will absolutely be free for all readers for the entire duration of the World Cup. After the World Cup ends and we move to various new topics, we hope to support this work with paid advertising - that's our goal, we really want to provide content free to readers in as many languages as possible. 

How often will you publish new content? 

We will publish one article in five languages each and every day during the World Cup. Once the tournament comes to an end, we expect to be able to move to a variety of different subjects, eventually posting several essays and articles daily. 

How are writers chosen for the hyperGlobal site? 

Most of our contributors are invitation only. However, if you have a great idea and an engaging writing style, we’re interested in hearing what you have to say.If you have an idea you want to pitch, please send us an e-mail at 

Risks and challenges

Bringing people together across borders and across linguistic differences is always challenging - there's a chance that writers and readers in some countries will respond more enthusiastically than those in other places. Our goal is to create a truly global audience with participation from as many different countries and peoples as possible. However, there's a chance that we'll fall short, there's a chance that our writers and readers will over-represent some areas and under-represent others. We'll do our best, working tirelessly, to reach as diverse an audience as possible. When we fall short, we'll let you know we fell short and we'll ask for your advice and suggestions.

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