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Large (24x36"), 13 color, signed & numbered, silk screened art prints.

Pre-order your own SIGNED and NUMBERED piece of New York with these beautifully silk screened art prints. The designs will be screen printed on archival, 110lb cover paper stock and each print will be hand signed and mailed to your door. These will be amazing and I hope you will be part of this project!

The five color Brooklyn poster is $35, and the three, 13 color posters start at just $50 each, but the pricing drops dramatically the more prints you choose to add. This price includes shipping anywhere in the US free of charge; add $10 to ship anywhere else in the world. Due to the thickness of the paper, the art will all be mailed in 4” diameter, double reinforced tubes. This will ensure they arrive in pristine condition.

I lived in Manhattan for eight years and fell in love with the subway and the symbols and colors of the various lines. It was my daily commute to work and also a means to a weekend adventure at Coney Island or to a friends apartment for dinner and a movie. I have many fond memories surrounding the subway and these designs spring from that fondness. Here are the four print designs to choose from:

Print #1: 

Alpha-numeric design (13 colors)

Print #2: 

Perspective map with subway lines and color key (13 colors)

Print #3: 

Abstract design of route symbols (13 colors)

Print #4: 

Brooklyn, NY (5 colors)—go Brooklyn!

The graphic nature of the subway symbols lend themselves perfectly to printing them using the silk screen method. This process starts by transferring each color of the design to its own porous screen by way of a light sensitive material. The screen is then rinsed with water and dried. That color portion of the overall design is now etched into the screen and allows ink to flow through to the paper. A 13 color print for instance, will need 13 screens in which to print the final design. 

The screen is then placed over the paper and the color ink is squeegeed through the screen onto the paper. Before the ink has time to completely soak into the fibers of the paper, it is dried using a UV light. This quick drying process allows the ink to sit up on the surface of the paper fibers and makes for a more vibrant and accurate color image. The ink is so thick, you can literally see the edge of the different inks as they overlap each other!

This process is repeated 13 times for a 13 color print. This is a very labor intensive printing process, but the art image it produces is well worth the effort. The final result is an archival, high quality art print that will last for decades and even generations if taken care of properly.

Thank you again for taking the time to look over this art project. I hope you will be a part of it. Also—special thanks goes out to the MTA for letting me bring these art prints to you.

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Press Time:
The printing will be handled by Continental ID. The same amazing company that printed Steve Frykholms world-famous Herman Miller picnic posters from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. As a company, their printing expertise is in high demand, and their time may be booked right after project funding. Any delays will be minimal. If they are immediately available for printing—I anticipate a 4-5 week turn around time between the funding deadline and mailing the prints out to you.

Ink Draw Downs:
The first step in the printing process is accuracy of the ink colors. I will make sure these completely match the subway color standards set by the MTA prior to doing the full print run. The non-MTA color I will be paying particular attention to is the light gray background in posters #2 and #3. I plan on this being very subtle and that will take a few attempts to get just right.

Shipping requires you to fill out your backer survey at the end of the project. It’s really easy. I’ll get your address from the survey, but I can only ship your poster if your address is 100% accurate. If there are mistakes, I’ll be sure to contact you to get the correct information.


  • The prints will be signed and numbered. My apologies as my vernacular in the video is unclear. Numbering the prints limits the amount of prints and adds value over time. Thank you again.

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  • After the project has been funded, I will send you a questionnaire which will ask for such details as which prints you selected and the mailing address you'd like the prints mailed to.

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    A subway inspired thank you card with a hand written note and retro subway token integrated into the design.

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    A surprise that is not in the video: the BROOKLYN, NY, print #4 (shown further down on this web page). 24x36", signed, 5 color silk screen.

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