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War in Christmas Village continues with two sequels titled She Ain't Having It! and Oh Christmas Treent, How Deadly Are Thy Branches?.
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Surveys, Backerkit, & New Designs! Oh my!

Posted by Jackalope (Creator)

Hello, a few folks still have surveys to fill out on backerkit, if you haven’t done so, please fill out your fulfillment information :)

Also, in other news, Alex and I have been working on new backer requested designs for this year, and here are some sneak peeks, We hope you love them :)

Anybody need a dentist?

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    1. Clint Lee Werner

      I love it. You'll be able to have a full-on Christmas-themed dungeon soon!

    2. Jackalope 3-time creator on

      @Lord Lovehandles: Very nice! Thank you :)

    3. Jackalope 3-time creator on

      @Dan: The first pictures has all workshop elves and a reindeer. There is a dentist workshop elf with a big tooth in his dentist tool, a workshop elf riding a reindeer. The mounted elf is detachable from the reindeer and is firing a crossbow, The fourth model is a workshop elf armed with a sword and shield.

      How ever one chooses to name them or paint the models is up to them :)

      Although, we did name the yeti :)

    4. Lord Lovehandles on

      That's awesome. I'm so in for the next round as well.

    5. Missing avatar

      Dan Shoemaker on

      Please tell me that's Rudolph, Hermie, and a mounted and dismounted Yukon Cornelius. Will there be a toothless variant of the Bumblette?

    6. Jackalope 3-time creator on

      The Abominable Snowma’am (aka Yeti) is 64mm tall. The bundle of heads she’s holding are scaled appropriately :)

    7. Jackalope 3-time creator on

      @Lord Lovehandles: She’s a Yeti holding a bundle of severed heads.

    8. Jackalope 3-time creator on

      @Shadowhawck Ravensclaw: Hahahaha!

    9. Lord Lovehandles on

      Dude, these are so awesome!! Love the big furry guy...but what is it? The sculpting is super.

    10. Shadowhawck Ravensclaw on

      Oh man My wallet hates you guys, but I Love the stuff. Every year I do at least one holiday session for my group, now I have lots to work with. Can we get a Thanksgiving Turkey and a Christmas Goose??? Maybe a Merry Kiss Moose and a Hanna Cow?

      ...I will show myself out...