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War in Christmas Village continues with two sequels titled She Ain't Having It! and Oh Christmas Treent, How Deadly Are Thy Branches?.
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Stretch Goals Update!

Posted by Jackalope (Creator)

Yaayyy! Alex has finished sculpting the the stretch goal designs! The stretch goals will be a free reward with a pledge of any of the boxed set pledge levels. The stretch goals will also be available as add-ons via backerkit.

However, I have a question about The Easter Bunny's bag, do you all like it open, as is, or should it be a closed backpack instead? I like them both and can't decide.

Like the first War in Christmas Village Kickstarter, I have a few surprises to include in this one. Which leads me to my next question...what sort of unusual and weird gaming dice do you like?

As the second War in Christmas Village Kickstarter comes to an end I want to offer my gratitude and sincere thanks for making a silly, funny idea into a box of miniatures!

Thank you!

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    1. Jaguthin

      Open Backpack! Fun to paint the stuff inside.

    2. Søren Bech Madsen on

      Open backpack for me. The eggs are what makes it identifiable as the easter bunny.

    3. Bryan K. Borgman

      Closed backpack!! Love these all!!

    4. Dan Bonter on

      I really like that Easter Bunny, like he has hopped over from another world. And bag open to see what he has definitely gets my vote

    5. Billy Cory on

      A closed backpack is my vote. these are looking fantastic!

    6. chas on

      I like the idea that the E Bunny should look like he's from another dimension or world.
      It's like, 'the rabbit is here..' 'there can be only one, this Xmas..'
      I'll have to think on the dice.. You guys are creative, I trust what you come up with.

    7. KZ (KingZombie)

      Or a dive with: snowflake, antlers, boom, skull and crossbones, keep out sign(fornon-Christmas icons),Musical notes, wreath, mistletoe, Christmas tree, Cookie, candy K… You get the idea.

      Looking for icons that could be interpreted as there is figures in the box sets. Then you could use this as an objective die

    8. KZ (KingZombie)

      I would say bag open.

      As for Dice… What about a six sided die you will when you open a gift? Could say boom, smoke, plusone, +2, poison -
      symbol and magic wand symbol.

    9. Nathan Kulinitsch

      open backpack!!

    10. Jackalope 3-time creator on

      Hmmm...Alex sculpted a sword wielding rabbit, like the "rabbit's revenge" medieval manuscript doodles, but in my head I saw something like this render. He also voiced the same concern about the rabbit not fitting in with the other designs.

      I thought the Easter Bunny would be from a different sort of holiday universe, and therefore he should have a different look, something a "hare" more modern than Christmas Village. So, I guided the sculpt into a more Victorian chocolatier's rabbit sculpt, with some steampunk added in. I am a huge fan of the sword and shield "rabbit's revenge" manuscript doodles, so perhaps there will be more rabbit designs to come.

    11. Clint Lee Werner

      I like the gear-work gun. Puts me in mind of Warhammer dwarfs. I'd even take it a step further and make the eggs in the bandolier into an assortment of grenades (maybe even make one a German potato smasher)

    12. Nicholas on

      I like the open bag but overall not a big fan of the overall sculpt. The gun and almost a steam punk feel doesn't fit with everything else.

    13. Travis Hendricks

      I like the EB bag being open, but honestly not a fan of the gun and “modern” luck. A bit discordant from the rest.