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War in Christmas Village continues with two sequels titled She Ain't Having It! and Oh Christmas Treent, How Deadly Are Thy Branches?.
War in Christmas Village continues with two sequels titled She Ain't Having It! and Oh Christmas Treent, How Deadly Are Thy Branches?.
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    1. Jackalope 2-time creator on February 5

      @Elrik: That pledge level includes one of each miniature, including the first release. This level includes everything depicted in the 3D rendered illustrations and photo gallery.

    2. Missing avatar

      Eirik on February 4

      I'm a little confused, I backed the "Pledge Level 3-All 3 War in Christmas Village Sets Add-ons" but don't really understand what it contains and what it does not contain. If I wante one of each figure, which ones do I need to add to this through the backerkit and which ones is included?

    3. Jackalope 2-time creator on February 2

      @Ian: Last year's fulfillment was EU friendly, and I plan on using the same fullfilment services this year. So, unless something changes, it should be EU friendly.

    4. Jackalope 2-time creator on February 1

      @Lord Lovehandles: yes, the stretch goals come FREE with a kickstarter pledge of any boxed set. The frost ranger is also part of the stretch goals.

    5. Jackalope 2-time creator on February 1

      @Ashley Sutton: the stretch goals come free with any pledge reward level which includes a boxed set.

    6. Jackalope 2-time creator on February 1

      @Evil Lego, you are correct, the frost ranger is part of the stretch goals. Thank you for the kind words.

    7. EvilLego
      on February 1

      Correction, if you look at the BackerKit choice of the $30 Stretch Goal addon, the Frost Ranger is included there. So it looks like Jackalope is giving us one more gift in the package. Very generous!

    8. EvilLego
      on February 1

      So, from what I can see, the Frost Ranger looks like the only one that doesn't qualify as a Free Stretch Goal per the update on January 3rd - "The stretch goals will be a free reward with a pledge of any of the boxed set pledge levels. The stretch goals will also be available as add-ons via backerkit."

    9. Missing avatar

      Ashley Sutton on February 1

      Do the stretch goals come with the pledge ? Do i have to buy them seperately?

    10. Missing avatar

      Ian Silk
      on February 1

      Another question if I may...

      Is the KS 'EU friendly' (i.e. no customs charges when it arrives?)

    11. Lord Lovehandles on February 1

      Just to clarify. The stretch goals come with those of us who backed the full 2nd wave, correct? The stretch goals add ons for $30 and individual for $6.00 are only if we want extras. Is that correct?

    12. Jackalope 2-time creator on February 1

      It will more than likely close after that date.

    13. Missing avatar

      Ian Silk
      on February 1

      Hi Jackalope

      For financial planning (so I can buy everything!!!), please confirm that survey closes on 1st May 2018?

    14. Jackalope 2-time creator on February 1

      All is well, and the surveys have been approved. There was a lot of information to input for this kickstarter, and I wanted to be sure it was done correctly.

    15. Balloongineer on February 1

      Happy February... any word on this project yet? When will we get to choose our pledge manager options you said would be available, such as individual miniatures?

    16. Balloongineer on January 19

      @Jackalope Any word on when we will get the backerkit surveys to complete our pledges? It's been radio silence for a couple of weeks, I hope all is well!

    17. Jackalope 2-time creator on January 16

      @Ernie: Yes.

    18. Missing avatar

      Ernie on January 16

      Any future skirmish rules going to be associated with these miniatures? Thanks

    19. BigDaddio on January 12

      @Kenneth: typically backers get an email inviting them to log on to the BackerKit website sometime after the project ends. This can take several weeks to a month or more, depending on the project (I imagine not too long for this project). For now we just wait.

    20. Jackalope 2-time creator on January 12

      @Kenneth: I'm a noob too, so it'll be the blind leading the blind. is a website which essentially picks up where Kickstarter ends. I utilized their services last year and it really helps organize everything. Backerkit compiles everyone's shipping data and allows for additional add-on sales.

    21. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Boyer on January 12

      Ok so I may be showing how much of a KS noob I am but what is a backerskit and where/when do you access it?

    22. Jackalope 2-time creator on January 6

      Thanks guys.

    23. Victory Condition Gaming
      on January 6

      Congrats, Jackalope!

    24. KZ (KingZombie)
      on January 6

      Congrats! Can’t wait to get these guys!

    25. Jackalope 2-time creator on January 6

      @Dave Milne: Thank you!

    26. Missing avatar

      Dave "crash"
      on January 6

      Congratulations on another great KS campaign. Looking forward to the next. Great job

    27. BigDaddio on January 5

      While a snowglobe die sounds cool, I have a feeling that such a design won't be very feasible for the project. How about a die with various Christmas symbols on each side, varying in number? Such things as candy canes, bells, holly, etc. We could use them as hit dice or something. Or maybe Christmas Cookie dice? Toy dice?

    28. Mike Brayton on January 4

      Snowglobe is a great idea for a dice! Or something else Christmas themed I think. Great idea Dave!!!

    29. Lord Lovehandles on January 4

      I like bag open

    30. Mike Brayton on January 4

      Bag open +1 :) Love the sculpts!!!

    31. Missing avatar

      Dave "crash"
      on January 3

      I personally like the bag open goes great for throwing egg bombs lol. As far as a cool dice idea d6 inside a clear ball like a snow globe.

    32. Missing avatar

      Dave "crash"
      on January 3

      @scott yes they will be scroll down the comments section a little he did answer that. They are awesome have a full team pulling a sliegh with the jolly Christmas fathers throwing bombs and presents from the sliegh in flight. Can hardly wait to add the new models to the mix.

    33. Missing avatar

      Scott Starks
      on January 3

      Will we be able to get extras of individual models? I'd love to get some extra Were-Reindeer.

    34. Duckjester on January 3

      Thanks. I did read that and somehow spaced on the part that was most relevant to me. Now just have to decide what I want

    35. Daefyd Wyr
      on January 3

      Check the blue box 2 comments below yours.

    36. Duckjester on January 3

      Hi what pledge level do I need to be at to get all the stretch goals?

    37. Lord Lovehandles on January 3

      @Stephanie - they sell a range of small wooden blocks at craft stores that I'm sure you could paint up pretty easily to look like Christmas gifts. That's the easy part - the minis here are the hard part. I would probably grab some of those pine trees they use for Christmas village scenes like at Hobby Lobby and maybe beads for ornaments. In other words, lots of ways to make the scenery you want to fool your players.

    38. Lord Lovehandles on January 3

      Just a shout out to Jackalope. This campaign started with 0 stretch goals, and after we asked, his team put together some pretty sweet stretch goals. I backed before there were any, so I'm happy to see some things added in. I'm sure many of these ideas will be considered for WiCV 3, but also remember this is a small operation. This isn't Reaper or Games Workshop, so I think what we have here is pretty generous as it is.

    39. Jackalope 2-time creator on January 3

      @Balloon Engineer : Stretch goals are freebies, and will come with the pledge of any box set. Add-ons of any War in Christmas Village model manufactured, including from the first series, will be available as add-ons, via backerkit.

      Stephanie: @Maybe, depends on the master mold space availability, and they are already at full capacity. I'm sorry you feel that way.

      Thaco: Sorry man, not this year, maybe next. We already rush jobbed through another set of stretch goals last minute, and Alex is going on vacation in a few days. Tiny Tim with a candy cane rifle is great and funny idea, but we're tapped out for this season.

    40. Stephanie McManus
      on January 2

      So there’s no way we are going to get regular looking christmas presents? That’s dissappointing wont make my setup look as good.

    41. Balloongineer on January 2

      Two questions: At what level must one pledge in order to receive the stretch goals? Also, will the first KS set be available as an add-on? (I'm interested in the treant set, the original set, the stretch goals, and buying add-ons of the reindeer and Mrs. Claus; I don't want/need more zombies though).

    42. THAC0 on January 2

      Bonus at 20k? Tiny Tim with a Candy Cane shotgun?

    43. Jackalope 2-time creator on January 2

      @Lord Lovehandles: Since the shipment from last kickstarter came in so many months late from China, and I still don't know exactly why the inventory sat in a warehouse for three months, I wasn't able to set anything up retail except eBay and Amazon. I haven't sent Amazon any parcels since the inventory arrived so untimely. eBay is the only option at the moment.

    44. Lord Lovehandles on January 2

      Cool, thank you - I love tossed in bonuses.
      13 more backers to match last KS, so pretty good consistency.
      I remember you were thinking online retail for other WiCV sets. Are those available now? If so, where? I have some people who have seen mine and are interested.

    45. Jackalope 2-time creator on January 2

      @Lord Lovehandles: Originally the frost ranger design was intended to fit into the Christmas Treent boxed set, but the Christmas Treent design needs to be "exploded" i.e. broken up, then cast, then the PVC pieces are glued together. The snowmen in the first set were manufactured with this technique. Exploding a design takes up extra space in an already small mold, and there wasn't room for him.

      I was just going to toss him in as an extra bonus.

    46. Lord Lovehandles on January 1

      Sorry to bring this up again, but...where does the double axe wielding Frost Ranger fit in? I know I keep asking about it but I really liked his sculpt.

    47. Jackalope 2-time creator on January 1

      @Jeff Werner: the elves are a bit smaller than The Mrs. I will ask Alex for a size chart when he is finished sculpting.

    48. Jackalope 2-time creator on January 1

      @KZ (KingZombie): The Easter Bunny is the last stretch goal.

    49. KZ (KingZombie)
      on January 1

      @Jackalope What is the last stretch goal?

      Are there any more?

    50. Jeff Werner on January 1

      @Jackalope - can you show the size of the elves vs mrs claus? are they human sized or are they like the polar express and the old specials where they are waist high?

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