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Build your team of ghost hunters in a witty business simulation paired with strategic battles for PC, Mac and Linux.
Build your team of ghost hunters in a witty business simulation paired with strategic battles for PC, Mac and Linux.
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GhostControl Inc. is funded!

Posted by Volker Ritzhaupt (Creator)

We are celebrating!

Today is a very special day to us – GhostControl Inc. got fully funded!  Thanks so much to each and every one of you, you are totally awesome!

To celebrate this we thought of a few really good changes that we'd like to present to you in this update:

  • New feature „Shout outs!“ 
  • New reward tiers 
  • New Stretch goals - of course 

New Feature - Shout outs!

Wouldn‘t it be great if we could produce a game with memorable quotes like we all have them from our favourite movies? Yes, we think that would be great. So we want hundreds of phrases from a simple „ouch“ to „HQ we are running low on battery“ to „I knew that shit would happen.“ and we would display those depending on context. With the new £30 tier you can think of three legendary shout outs that may be quoted by players in the future!

And even better if we reach our new £9000 stretch goal we‘ll have them recorded as audio by voice actors.

New rewards

This is what we have changed in our tiers:

  • Introduced a £30 Tier called „Create a shout out“ as explained in „New Feature - Shout outs!“ 
  • Lowered the price of the £150 tier „Name a team“ to £100! 
  • New limited Edition „Name a team“. 25 of these for £50 instead of previously £150 (now reduced to £100) 
  • New £150 tier „Design an item“, limited to 5 only! 
  • New £5000 tier „Add San Francisco“

Name a team

There is true value in it: Team names of opponents show up all the time while hunting or when the current game ranking is displayed. Display your guild's name or whatever - no one will be able to ignore you ever again...

Design an item

Come up with a trap, a weapon or a sensor and share your idea with our team. We‘ll work together on something that you designed and that will become part of the game then. Strictly limited to 5 because it comes with a lot of work for our team.

San Francisco

We thought about a US city with great landmarks that a lot of people know. All the ghosts in New York City have been banished in 1984 already, so we chose San Francisco.  Are you generous enough to add this to the game for all players? This is probably the only opportunity in your life to buy a whole city for only £5000! Limited to ONE San Francisco only.

The £50 celebration tier!

25 lucky and discerning customers will get the glorious chance of naming a team and of having access to the alpha version for as little as £50. More details can be found in the "pledges"-section.

New stretch goals

As we reached our goal, we also took our time to rethink our stretchgoals. In connection with the new feature „Shout Outs!“ we thought what if we could afford voice actors to speak what the ghost hunters have to say:

£9,000 – TALKING HUNTERS - Should we achieve this goal, english voice actors will exclaim your hunter's thoughts every now and then. (recorded by voice actors in English). Examples may be: "Ectoplasm is dripping from me ears!", "Guys we are being busted!", "Is that all you learned in the past 200 years?"

Also we thought: Wow! Cars are cool! But what about flying? The helicopter will be really a cool new invention: It is electrical. It is really a quick shortcut to the hunting scene but you need a HQ that has room for it and you need to have it charged - new strategical challenges come with that!

£12,000 – CHOPPER & GHOSTS – With this goal reached, we will be adding a helicopter to the game and three additional ghosts, offering additional strategical options, gameplay and fun.

This is what the new list of stretch goals looks like:

That's it for today

Thank you so much! All the best to you! 

Media coverage 

We are on the DJ Grandpa podcast today!

The Krautfunding Show: GhostControl Inc.

We have posted an interview with Tassilo from "The Krautfunding Show" here: 


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    1. Bill Schneider on

      I think that my Tube idea, and in general discussion about level types, mission types, variety etc are something that could happen on the backer forums when they are set up!

      I think, as I said, its important to have a good variety of mission types that play out in the campaign. Look at 'XCOM:EU', they have abductions, ufo crash, ufo landing, terror missions, council missions (which have a variety of missions themselves), plus unique story missions. Thats a fair variety, and even that leaves the game feeling repetative after a little, mitigated somewhat by increasing size of ships, new enemies appearing, new weapons and abilities etc.

      For this game, I would love for there to be a great variety of missions, which could be 'contracts' or 'call-outs'. You could have' private household/property' where the mission is to eliminate the ghosts while minimising damage, 'research' where the aim is to carefully capture the ghosts, 'public property' which could focus on quick clearance of ghosts, 'public emergency' which could be where ghosts are in a public area (on a tube platform, for example) and you have to save members of the public while capturing the ghosts, irrespective of damage to property.

      This is just a basic idea for a variety, I'm sure with some real thought we (and the devs) can come up with a much better system :)

    2. The Great Goblin on

      @Blue Shadow. Thank you. It didn't say that when I looked at it before.

    3. Missing avatar

      Chris K on

      Congrats on being funded.
      The "Talking Hunters" - stretch goal would be great (the others also). With 12 days left to go, the chances shouldn't be too bad. I upped my pledge a bit. Looking forward to playing the game.
      I like the tube-idea a lot. I hope you guys can put that in.

    4. gandalf.nho


    5. Blue Shadow on

      The "Talker"-tier says "now included in all rewards €30+", so it seems so. The same as with the musician-tier.

    6. The Great Goblin on

      Do the new tiers still include all the previous stuff? So the tiers above the £30 one would also include the shoutout tier?

    7. Bumblebee. on

      First of all, it's not going to be residential houses only. There will be many different kinds of buildings. Then, the tube is an awesome idea! We'll talk about it tomorrow, but I'm pretty sure we'll do some tube-levels.

    8. Mattias Krantz on

      Congratulations, i knew you would make it!

    9. Thilo Bayer on

      Congrats, guys! Awesome news. Now let's crush some stretch goals.

    10. Missing avatar

      Ohrensausen2000 on

      Congratz!!! S.D.'s idea is good! And if you have ever taken the London tube, you will have seen several ghosts sitting beside you...

    11. Volker Ritzhaupt 2-time creator on

      Isn't YouTube enough?
      No, actually that is something to discuss.

    12. S.D. on

      Congratulations, team! Looking forward to playing the game :-)

      William: Oooh! A haunted Tube sounds pretty amazing amazing! That's where all the ghosts should flee to, yes?

    13. Bill Schneider on

      Since its set in London, could it not feature the tube? Either as a transportation method, or just a setting for a different type of mission - after all, there will really need to be a variety in mission types, rather than just one mission type played with slightly different enemies in slightly differently generated houses over and over!