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Now you can switch to the best looking Watch strap that inspire you. Da da...It's just an adapter away.
Now you can switch to the best looking Watch strap that inspire you. Da da...It's just an adapter away.
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Asus Killing Zenwatch Line | AZ3 200% Funded

Posted by Jason Lim (Creator)

Hi Zen family!

Hohoho! We have Mede it to 200% of our initial goal, thanks to all your support. Here are some updates for the campaign and hope you like it.

1. New Pledge! AZ3 + Remod!

After several suggestion from you guys, we have added AZ3 x Remod pledge in the new reward selection starting from £68. We need to be frank with you that the colour will not be 100% match, but from what we see the silver version should fit nicely with the silver Asus Zenwatch 3. We just ordered the Gunmetal version and lets see whether the Spacegrey or Black Remod will fit better.

"Out of topic" 
We are glad that you like Remod Watchband. It is actually one of the toughest campaign that we had run. The campaign failed 3 times in 6 months ( Twice in Kickstarter and Once in Indiegogo ). However we really love it so much, so we insist to produce a small volume of it and sell it in our site and few in Amazon to test the market. It is not a profitable product, but we really want to see people adopting this little innovation. Its reversible, its silicone yet metal and it came with magnetic clasp, cool yea! 

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2. REMOD Watchband "  now gain more colour option. "

There is nothing you need to change to optain this if you already addon a REMOD Watchband. In the end of the campaign you will be asked to choose one metal colour ( Silver, Space Grey, Black or Gold ) and one silicone colour of your choice ( Yellow, White, Navy Blue, Turquioise or Red ). The rest will be our job to assembly and ship.

3. Asus Killing Zenwatch Line. The Verge

Is this a good news or bad news? So the watch you are having now will be the last watch you see from Asus? AZ3 will be the last accessories made for Asus Zenwatch? We should stop here because it is just a RUMOURS anyway. =P

Something enlighten us is that Asus is selling 5000-6000 pcs each month. Calculating...5500 x 7 ( Nov - May ) = 38,500pcs. This is nothing compare to more than 6million Apple Watch sold in a year whatsoever, but we hope AZ3 would at least bring some impact to the watch in terms of sales and functionality. Oh we need to work harder to reach out to them! 

Perhaps you could help us out to share it through social media and forums. Cheers!

4. Metal version of AZ3 Prototypes.

Our manufacturer are still adjusting their schedule to fit with our sudden order. As you know we use only few days time to improved the 3D printed prototype and a couple of days to prepare the campaign. By this week we will get the exact schedule of the prototype. Will keep you guys updated. Seriously can't wait for the outcome! 


We had receive quite some messages from you guys since the launched of campaign. Kindly drop your question, suggestion and opinions in the comment area on the main page. First it is a great way to clear your doubt all together with others and second it will help us to gain points in Kickstarter to bring our campaign to the front page.  Happy crowdfunding!

Don't forget to share : ) Thanks for your time in reading this. Have a blessed day.

Warmest Regards

SteelConnect Team


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    1. Richard bown on

      Hi I'm an early bird backer and am interested in adding a stainless steel remod band to my pledge. Will this be an option in the end of the campaign or how can I do this please? Thank you