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Now you can switch to the best looking Watch strap that inspire you. Da da...It's just an adapter away.
Now you can switch to the best looking Watch strap that inspire you. Da da...It's just an adapter away.
Now you can switch to the best looking Watch strap that inspire you. Da da...It's just an adapter away.
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    1. Jay Crook on

      I bought the adapter, and the remod watch and in gunmetal and blue silicon, while I still owned a zenwatch 2, not a zenwatch 3, because I knew that I would eventually get a zenwatch 3.

      Well, I finally did just that a few weeks ago.

      It's late for a review, but I have to say that I am really impressed with the adapters, which gave me the opportunity to use any watch and, rather than just the impossible to get, Asus branded bands. As soon as I received the watch, I popped off the old band, applied the adapters, and then the remod watch band. I found d it was reasonably simple to remove a couple of links to adjust the length of the band to fit, and was pleased to find the tool in the kit to do that, thank you.

      The band is delightfully lightweight, making it hardly even noticeable that I'm wearing a watch. I was a little unsure of the magnets in the band. Would they be strong enough? Well, yes, they are. And, the hook affair on the coupling is awesome too. No way this band can fall off without noticing.

      When I came here to post this up, and to say thank you, guys, I saw people mentioned twisting the watch band.

      What? Twisting? What?
      Wait, I didn't know it did that. I pulled it and twisted it. Cool. Bonus thing.

      I will probably not use the twisty thing, but it's nice that it's there if I should.

      Thanks again, guys. Nice adapter, and cool watch band too.

    2. Missing avatar

      Kyler Smith on

      Been using it for about 2 months now. I like it, except it has this tendency to fall apart at the spinnable joint. The spinning loosens the screw and the whole thing comes apart.

      I've put it back together, but it falls apart daily.

    3. Missing avatar

      David Brodeur on

      I still haven't received my adapter, tracking shows it on NY in September and then nothing. Can you please help resolve?

    4. Missing avatar on

      Another Update it has been 66 days since last tracking update see previous comments.

    5. Missing avatar

      Ken Deem on

      Most awesome, thanks!

    6. Jason Lim 7-time creator on

      @Ken Deem Kindly drop us an email at and we will sort it out for you as soon. Thank you.

    7. Missing avatar

      Ken Deem on

      My Remod watchband broke at the "twist" point. How do I get a replacement?

    8. Missing avatar

      Trevor Dulmage on


      I'm also in Canada and have had the same experience. My last tracking update was also the 11th. Really frustrating to have so little communication on this and such a major delay. Not super impressed but I guess I'll keep waiting...

    9. Missing avatar on

      Thought I would post another update, it has been 52 days since tracking info has been updated. listed as sept 11.

      I have been led to believe this is an issue with the postal service and Canadian customs and if that is the case there is nothing to be done till they sort out their crap. in any case it has left backers frustrated maybe by the time I get it we will all be talking about Zenwatch 4.

    10. Missing avatar

      Shaun on

      Just sent mail to support- One end of my adapter will seat but not lock and or stay connected- Tried both the pins that were sent and neither will fully lock one side. The stock band stays connected without issue.. Kinda bummed after such a super long wait...Hopefully there is a fix. Thx

    11. Jason Lim 7-time creator on

      @Michael Boni : hi thanks for reaching out. Kindly drop an email to , we are able to follow up better from there. Cheers!

    12. Missing avatar

      Michael Boni on

      Hey guys, my adapter and Remod watchband have finally arrived. The gunmetal color is nicely matched, and the watchband looks/feels nice. However, the watchband broke after 1 day of wear, at the little pivot that allows it to reverse. Can you guys send me a replacement end link in gunmetal?

    13. Missing avatar

      Greg Young on

      After a really long wait, I've received my adapter and Remod watchband. While I have issues with the delivery process and communication, the final product is superb. It's hard for me to even describe how much of an upgrade this adapter is with the included Remod watchband for the Asus Zenwatch3. The included bands and rubber bands sold by Asus are total junk and to be able to upgrade to most any 22mm watchband is fantastic. The Remod watchband in gunmetal with white silicon matches very well. The design of the watchband also allows a user to easy remove and add links for a perfect fit (extra links are also included). I'm a little concerned about the strength of the adapter since it is so tiny and how most of the watchband is held together by silicon, but if it holds up, these 2 products are probably better than the watch itself.

    14. Herbert Lippmann on

      BTW gunmetal remod watchband looks super awesome with my new Xiaomi Amazfit �

    15. Herbert Lippmann on

      I received my adapeter and remod watchband yesterday and its awesome! Just wish the remod watchband was a little bit longer for my wirst.

    16. Missing avatar

      Kyler Smith on

      Any update on when I can expect tracking information? Been almost 3 weeks since the last update, with absolutely nothing heard from you guys.

    17. Fabian Overdijkink on

      Nevermind, im an idiot.

    18. Fabian Overdijkink on

      Heres an image showing the magnet missing.

    19. Fabian Overdijkink on

      It finally arrived, but the Remod band is unusable. One of the magnets is missing, meaning the clasp doesn't close. Jason, please fix this.

    20. Missing avatar on

      Same as Will Guthro, been 44 days with last update on tracking being sept 11.

    21. Will Guthro on

      It's been 43 days since mine was shipped and still haven't received it. Last update on the tracking number was September 11 when it left Malaysia.

    22. Jason Lim 7-time creator on

      @Dennis @Jamal Tresize @Francesco @Michael Boni
      Good day! We have resend the Tracking info through PM. Cheers!

    23. Missing avatar

      Dennis on

      How do I contact you? how come I have not received any tracking number or email to confirm my items have been shipped? please answer!!

    24. Missing avatar

      Dennis on

      Hello I would like to know the status of my items have they been shipped? paid for adapters gunmetal and the remod band ...any update on the shipping of my items, please answer its been a long time waiting

      thank you

    25. montywoodpeg on

      I received a FedEx tracking number by email on the 14th, however when I try to check the progress on the FedEx website it tells me the code is invalid.

    26. Missing avatar

      francesco on

      Hello, l' m still waiting for my shipping tracking...any news about that?

    27. Missing avatar

      Michael Boni on

      Jason, any update on my adapter and watchband? I've gotten no shipping email, just checked spam folder again.

    28. Devid on

      Has anyone else in the EU been hit with a rediculous custom fee? I was under the impression, as the kickstarter is based in the UK and currency is GBP£, that it would be shipped from such.

      Anyhow, I'm not being an ass, however I will be making a claim just for the lack of transparency and ignored communications from the creator. I'll update here accordingly

    29. Fabian Overdijkink on

      Hi, i received my tracking number but it hasnt worked at all.

    30. Jason Lim 7-time creator on

      Hi guys! We have double check with our email and confirm that the email had been sent out to you guys ( Antony Cha, David Brodeur, Greg Young & Jonathan Puckett ) on Monday. It may went to your Spam mail instead. In case you couldn't find it, we have just PM you the tracking number through Kickstarter. Cheers!

    31. Antony Cha on

      FYI No shipping confirmation here either. Thanks!

    32. Missing avatar

      Michael Boni on

      Hey guys, no shipping emails for me. Can you check on mine as well?

    33. Missing avatar

      David Brodeur on

      Hi just checking on tracking info.

    34. Missing avatar

      Jonathon Puckett on

      It is now Monday and it was said to post on Monday if I had not received any email notifications.

      I have not gotten any emails about tracking and such.

    35. Missing avatar

      Greg Young on

      If you're waiting on a response, try posting to their FB page. I responded to their Amazon post and they responded to me.

    36. Missing avatar

      Sean Graflund on

      Still no tracking as of Monday. Thank you

    37. Missing avatar

      Greg Young on

      Finally received tracking info.

    38. Theo on

      Hello? Where is my Remoddddddd and adapter

    39. Jason Lim 7-time creator on

      Hi Jay & Greg, thanks for sharing your concern. Your order has been shipped last week. The tracking email has just been sent to you. We're so sorry for the delay.

    40. Jay Crook on

      Well, it's Monday. No email...

      No adapters, no pins, no watch band, no nothing...

       (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ )

    41. Jason Lim 7-time creator on

      Hi good day! We had started shipping since Wednesday and completed 90% on Friday. If you have not receive any email latest by Monday regarding tracking numbers, do drop us a message. There are still small amount that are still pending address update and a few who did not fill up the survey. The rest are on their way by now. Thanks.

    42. Missing avatar

      Greg Young on

      Still nothing here. No notification, no response to messages, no product.

    43. Missing avatar

      Bryan Gomes on

      Still have not received my product event though it was shipped out at September 11th... Jason will also not reply to anything. Would not recommend.

    44. Missing avatar

      Ryan on

      Just received my Remod+adapters today! Quite a nice upgrade from the Asus-brand leather bands I've been using up till now. The adapter color matches essentially perfectly with the watch body, the band is light, comfortable, and stylish, and having all the tools and spare band parts included for installation was much appreciated. Thanks SteelConnect!

    45. Fabian Overdijkink on

      Still havent received anything.

    46. Missing avatar

      kntrip on

      It seems shipping is happening, I received a tracking id and astonishing as it sounds it's already in my country, Malaysia - Spain in 3 days. Waiting for it now
      Thank you guys

    47. Missing avatar

      Ryan on

      Those still waiting for the Remod+adapters, I actually did get a shipping notification from Fedex a few hours ago, so I assume they are starting to be sent out. For reference, I ordered the Remod in Silver/White and the adapter the same color, with priority Fedex to Macau (est. time to arrival based on tracking #, 2 more days).

    48. Missing avatar

      Luis Sawit on

      Hi. I am also waiting for any shipping information on two adapters and a REMOD. Thanks.

    49. Jason Lim 7-time creator on

      Hi All! Sorry for the long wait, we shall make a detailed update tomorrow. Remod shipping will be commence starting tomorrow too. Thanks.

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