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pledged of $47,024 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

pledged of $47,024 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. Missing avatar

      about 3 hours ago

      hey everyone could send it out to every friend who knows who have a wath.

      Make some noice want this watchband

    2. Rene 2 days ago

      What is the Special Edition?

    3. Tim Rezgalla 3 days ago

      I upgraded my pledge as I like the wood look...shame it’s all or nothing,looks like ppl like the two bob straps off of eBay more! I’d be happy to beta test any straps and lugs for you :)

    4. Jason Lim 7-time creator 5 days ago

      @Rene : Sorry we are unable to offer free shipping, as our product is already at its lowest price point and shipping will be a burden if we do not add in as a cost. Thanks for your understanding.

    5. Jason Lim 7-time creator 5 days ago

      @Tim Rezgalla, The Cordura version picture is made available in our Gallery now.… You also check out other pictures in the gallery. Cheers!

    6. Rene 5 days ago

      Can you offer free shipping over $38?

    7. Tim Rezgalla on May 11

      I'd like to see the cordura versions please...may upgrade to the wood as want something that dries fast :)

    8. Jason Lim 7-time creator on May 11

      @Rene : You May check out our Instagram for now for the pictures. We will update all the pictures in the gallery by tommorow. Thanks!…

    9. Rene on May 11

      Can you show both sides of each of the straps?

    10. Missing avatar

      Pu Hwai Ching on May 8

      hope this goes through! backed your steelconnect campaigns and got a set as a tester, i now require my watches to match the strap instead of the other way round!

    11. Tim Rezgalla on May 8

      Backed your steel connect campaign an age back so hallo again lol...hopefully a few retailers jump on the distribution pack and this gets over the finish line.
      Is it all or nothing or flexible? I’m sure the straps would sell,I’d be happy to test any and am also UK based.
      Good luck :)

    12. Jason Lim 7-time creator on May 3

      @Beh Cheng hong : We have just made the FAQ available. Kindly check out " How to add on more items to my pledge? " Cheers!

    13. Missing avatar

      Beh Cheng hong on May 2

      Can I buy 2 strap? If yes, how should I buy it?

    14. Jason Lim 7-time creator on May 2

      @fedevince : You may just add £8.00 on top of your current pledge.

    15. Missing avatar

      fedevince on May 2

      Hi, I would like to add 2 pairs of Apple adapters to my pledge.
      How can I do?

    16. Jason Lim 7-time creator on May 2

      @Srikanth B: Yes, Huawei Watch 2 classic has a 22mm lug.

    17. Srikanth B
      on May 2

      I am assuming it is compatible with Huawei Watch 2classic and won't need an adapter?

    18. Jason Lim 7-time creator on May 2

      @David Chew : We will made the add-on instruction available in FAQ soon. Cheers!

    19. Jason Lim 7-time creator on May 2

      @aries : It fits 22mm lug : )

    20. Jason Lim 7-time creator on May 2

      Guys thank you so much for your early support! Welcome to the journey breaking norm and twist like never before. XD

    21. Missing avatar

      mamembrado on May 2

      awesome! great project guys!

    22. Missing avatar

      KF on May 2

      I have theire first band and love it.

    23. Missing avatar

      aries on May 2

      hi, may i know the width of the watch strap?

    24. Missing avatar

      Kevin Headrick on May 2

      They are awesome. Cant wait!

    25. David Chew on May 2

      I've pledge the EUR 1 but would like to fund more strap, possible to help me out on this? Can't find the add-on.

    26. Missing avatar

      on May 2

      strike... got it.

      They are awesome.