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Play as an alien plant and escape from a scientific facility, full of secrets and dangerous experiments.
Play as an alien plant and escape from a scientific facility, full of secrets and dangerous experiments.
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Lost in Paradise: schedule and development state

Posted by Asthree Works (Creator)

After a few months full of troubles and changes on the design process, we needed to carefully meditate about the release date of Paradise Lost: First Contact, and the difficulty to have it on time.

Developing a video game is a very complex task, much more if it's the first project that you made and have too much ambition… and we have it. As time passed, things have become more complicated and we’ve had to make this decision in order to include all the ideas we have in mind to offer the best experience in every possible way. We didn't want to leave anything back, sacrificing stages and making poorest animations. We just simply can’t, it’s not in our DNA. With this said, we are committed from the beginning to give you the very best of ourselves, even if that takes an extra time to polish every little pixel of the game.

To have a deeper understanding of the porject’s delay we wanted to explain some of the key issues that led us to make this decision.

First of all, the improve of the game graphics took more time than we thought. Almost the 80% of the animations have been remade and we also added hundreds of new elements to the backgrounds, making every inch of the facility different from the rest. Hope that the result was worth the effort.

The complexity of the gameplay is another thing that is consuming all of our time. Mixing all the different mechanics in a way that they look fluid and fit well together is making us nuts. It’s very important to have a balanced core mechanics that could evolve naturally within the players experience and type of play. That requires tons of hours of testing and repeating / changing puzzles and situations constantly… we have areas with endless possibilities to go through.

This sort of things made Paradise Lost grow exponentially from a little root to an intricate creeper in which we are working right now. Take a look at the map that goes from this:

to this:

And still growing, including the number of dialog lines and scenes that has been duplicated to make a rich and deeper story.

Many of you must be disappointed with this delay, but we really believe from the bottom of our hearts that this is the correct choice in order to make a whole experience, the vision of PLFC that we had wanted it to be. Thanks to your support during the campaign we can stretch a little more the development so please, be patience… there’s tons of indies out there to make the waiting more bearable!

We don’t have a certain release date, but we’ll make our best effort to make it for the mid 2015. We know it is a lot of time but the final result will be worth it. As master Miyamoto said once "a delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever”.

Of course we’ll keep making more updates with new material and send you soon an advice for the development forum to chit chat about Paradise and help us make of this the damn best pixel art game of the next year.

PS: Close your eyes, put your earphones and let your imagination spread… if you have goose bumps we are making things the right way ;)

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    1. Ng Jun Siang on

      “Folks, we're sorry but this game is gonna be delayed because making things awesomer takes time.”

      Apology accepted! (Just drop us update crumbs every so often so we remember you’re still there ;)

    2. Ponkool4 on

      I don't mind if you guys take more time, it just means the game will be better! Also, I love the soundtrack clip!

    3. Missing avatar

      Shinigami Panda on

      dude no one actually expects u to be one time. take 5 years if necessary i don't care just make the game what you want it to be

    4. Jacob Begley on

      Kickstarters are always late. Just make it good, make it worth the wait.

    5. Martin Breiner

      And who shall dare to say, master Miyamoto is wrong about it. :)

    6. David Garcia on

      Thanks for the update, y'all are making an amazing game!

    7. John Michael Guerrero on

      Take your time folks! :>

    8. Missing avatar

      Michael A. Atkinson on

      I can wait for you to get this right. Rock on.

    9. Matt Lohkamp on

      I would always rather wait for a really good solid game than get an unfinished game sooner (well, except for alpha / beta opportunities of course)

    10. Asthree Works 2-time creator on

      Now you can download this theme directly from the Soundbooth:

      @Daniel Berke I can't tell you right now when will be the beta release. hopefully one or two months earlier, but time will tell.
      About the Linux / Mac you're right, we are working on the PC version first, but will try to make it for the three versions - talking about beta- (now is when the programmer kill me haha).

      Again, our most deep gratitude to all for your kindness :)

    11. Daniel Berke on

      As long as we get updates on your progress I don't mind a delay (looking forward to a devlog!). I'm also looking forward to the soundtrack now...

      One question: as a backer at the CONTACT level, if the release is targeted for mid-2015, any idea on when I might be able to get my hands on the beta? I suppose I should mention that I'm running Linux, and I understand if you intend to only focus on Windows for the beta testing...

    12. PhilllChabbb on

      Take your time and make something beautiful. Miyamoto said it best : "A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.". Eventually, no one will ever remember there ever was a delay! ♥ :D

    13. Missing avatar

      Darin Herrick on

      Yes, PLEASE do not rush. People ask me in game stores what games I am most looking forward to and I tell them Paradise Lost and Hyperlight Drifter. The Triple-A first-party titles for big consoles pale in comparison in my mind. I am actually excited to play Paradise Lost, as opposed to another Mario, Batman, etc. I want you to take your sweet time and make the game that I'm dying to play the best dang game it can possibly be. I am SOOOO glad I got the tier that gets a soundtrack. It sounds amazing!

    14. CaGeRit

      Hey as long as you keep updates coming take all the time needed.

    15. Joe Kiyoshi

      Take your time. Just keep a dialogue going. Game looks amazing.

    16. DeafTard on

      YES! We must be able to download this amazing song! Also, PLEASE TAKE YOUR TIME! DO NOT RUSH!

    17. Asthree Works 2-time creator on

      Answering some comments:

      @Connor Brassington @Jessica Alberici about the chord of the 1:06 I think is totally intentional to give more drama at that point, but we'll give your opinions anyway to our composer :)

      @frederic tarabout we've planned almost everything during the prototype phase, but when you are joining all the pieces, new problems appear. Constantly. And we wanted to have intelligent enemies & routines, not the classic Castlevania dumb ass-like skeletons. Developing a game is very hard and you can't have all the solutions from the beginning, specially being your first project :/

      @Elliott Bergeron sorry for our english on the updates, we are from Spain and try our best with these texts. Don't worry for the in-game dialogues, all the script is written in spanish and once its finished professionals will translate everything to the other languages.

      About downloading the theme, here's the Soundcloud of Nature's Shelter by Pablo J. Garmón:
      You can get it going to anything2mp3 for example.

    18. Asthree Works 2-time creator on

      Hello everyone! Enol at the talk. I wanted to personally thank aaaall of you for your understanding and support. I know that some are eager to play the game, but we want to make every little thing just perfect.
      We'll also try to keep you more updated, and related with this, we are working on a new devblog to post more frequently drawings, ideas and other stuff. The forum will be another place where you'll be able to give your opinion and get direct feedback about the development process.

      Again, our eternal gratitude for your kind words, they strive us to work harder ;)

    19. Missing avatar

      FungusTrooper on

      It's fine dudes. Just keep us updated and don't disappear on us.

    20. Missing avatar

      Greenfr0G on

      Take your time and do it good :)

      Also, can we download that song, please?

    21. Missing avatar

      Daniel Stone on

      Where can we get that song?

    22. Imaria on

      This is the difference with a Kickstarter project versus a publisher... we CAN wait, meaning we get a better product in the end.

    23. Rito Hendrix on

      Take the time you need. The only thing I ask for as a backer is more frequent updates, maybe with neat tidbits of information. Just to let us know you're still out there.

    24. Missing avatar

      Cavebear56 on

      Do what needs to be done to make the vision you have for it. I say this because I develop games myself and understand completely that delays happen, especially since programming can be a very slippery slope at times. Back to my first sentence, as long as you create the vision you gave us I will have no complaints. I expect no less.

    25. Missing avatar

      Sonntam on

      Don't stress it! I know very few good games that had not been delayed once or twice... it's only to be expected in game development.

      I have full confidence in your abilities!

    26. John Salvador on

      Keep at it! Looks amazing! I avoided looking at the map too long in fear it'll influence my knowledge of the game as I play it. :p

    27. Missing avatar

      Jakub Offierski on

      Take the time you need to make this a GOOD game that both you and we will love. However, I would like to see more frequent updates too. They don't have to be super-long and full of animations. Just some neat bits of info would be cool to see. You could even consider having us vote on certain aspects, sort of like Wayforward did with Shantae.

    28. Missing avatar

      sajuk_khar on

      My only request is for more frequent dev updates. With updates appearing every 1-2 weeks on kickstarter I would have no doubts that the project is on track to result in a wonderful game. Keep up the good work!

    29. Isackender on

      Don't worry about the delay guys, just make the game as good as you want it to be.

      P.S. Some people said it yet in other comments, the part that goes from 1:06 to 1:10 doesn't follow the main harmony of the song!

    30. frederic tarabout on

      No problem with the delay and taking time to polish. Only a bit worried that you are surprised by the gameplay's complexity: I would have thought you would have figured that out during prototype phase. Its kinda dangerous to realize that late in game development. Best of luck.

    31. Tarwin Stroh-Spijer on

      Totally understand. Making games is hard. Making games amazing, even harder. Good luck!

    32. David Olsher on

      i'll say the same thing here i've said to every other Kickstarter project that's been delayed. i didn't back this on Kickstarter to have it fast. i did it to have it good. thank you for taking the time you need.

    33. Missing avatar

      Jabberwok on

      Is that quote correct? I've heard it before, but I just realized that the first part is not necessarily true. Delayed games don't always turn out well. Look at Duke Nukem Forever. But I'm not making a comparison. This game will be great.

    34. Peter Ståhlberg on

      Looking forward to it

    35. Alex Neilson

      That's an amazing piece of music. I kinda wish I'd backed at the CONTACT level now, just to get the soundtrack.

    36. Jamie Lynne Powell-Herbold on

      Delays are fine. Better to have an incredible game when it's ready than a rushed game. It would be nice to have some regular updates.

    37. Missing avatar

      Elliott Bergeron on

      I don't mind the wait. However, please tell me that the game will have better writing than this update.

    38. Luca Carnevale on

      Take your time, work hard and release what you think is the best version you can achieve of your game. It's a game, it's art, it's not a life saving device...don't rush it. I will always prefer a polished, finished and LATE product than a rushed one.

    39. James on

      Take the time you need to make the game you set out to make. That's the game we want to play.

    40. Jean Francois Poulin on

      Honestly, take your time. This is such an amazing concept for a game and you are talented artists. Everything I've seen on the game so far has met / exceeded my expectations. Keep up the good work.

    41. Nathan Platt on

      Can we have a MP3 download of that track please?

    42. Ben Greene on

      You release the game when it's ready, anything earlier than that will be a poor reflection of the time and effort you have put into the game. Take your time, I'm happy to wait and see a good game at the end :-)

    43. Sir Jordi

      great update!
      wow..what a music composition!

      great job guys...go go go!

    44. Erik Larsson on

      I have only one complaint: I wanted that starry picture of you guys and the dog in fullscreen when I listened to the beautifull tune! :)

      Other than that, takes as long as you need. Just as you said, I rather have a good game later than a bad one now.

    45. Missing avatar

      Collin Bunker on

      I'm excited to play it when its done. Thanks for the update and good luck.

    46. Missing avatar

      Erik Nordquist on

      I want my pledge to have funded the damn best pixel art game of the year next year. That sounds like it would be an awesome thing I could tell people.

    47. Alexander "Xan" Kashev

      "As long as it takes" is a perfect release schedule for me.
      I only hope you don't stretch the budget so thin it makes it uncomfortable.

    48. Missing avatar

      Jessica Alberici on

      This piece of music is very nice. I also noticed what seems like an "out of tune" chord at 1:06 but I think it is due to an atmoshpere change...probably :)

      Can't wait to play it!

    49. Missing avatar

      Connor Brassington on

      In the music, from 1:06 - 1:10, that chord does NOT match the feel! It ruined the entire song, honestly. I was absolutely loving it up until that point. Please fix it! D: