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Play as an alien plant and escape from a scientific facility, full of secrets and dangerous experiments.
Play as an alien plant and escape from a scientific facility, full of secrets and dangerous experiments.
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Changes in development process, AI and curiosities

Posted by Asthree Works (Creator)

Hello again Kickstarters! Some of you must be angry with us because we didn't make an update since quite a long, so apologies for not showing signs of life in the last months. We’ve been busy solving lots of problems and implementing new gameplay mechanics, resulting on an enormous bunch of time we didn't count on, so we set ourselves in crunch mode in order to solve these issues before proceeding further in the development.

From the start we are committed to be honest with all of you and mention the bumps in the road that appear during the making of Paradise Lost, so you can understand the choices that we have to make.

One of those hard decisions was the need to change and port all our current graphics into a new pixel art program. The amount of animated elements from the game had been growing exponentially and the other design tool gave us a lot of problems in matter of stability, lack of tools and exportation of the sprite sheets. Surely you will think “why didn't you realize before?”, but at that moment we didn't think about the complexity of the current animations and the problems that appear. We required easiest processes to work in traditional animation, allowing us to do simple tasks as copy multiple layers at the time from one document to another or allow the use of onion skin to have a quick preview of the nearest frames in order to make smoother movements. In addition, we have realized that making a pixel game for different resolutions results in a bad resampling of some graphics, as a result of the imported sprite sheets. Right now we solved that problem but caused us to re-export all the game animations and objects from the older program.

New tools for a better game

The new program that we use to port the game's graphics is Aseprite, a great pixel editor focused in the development of professional design and animation. It's full of useful stuff like retro palettes, filters, different export options and a timeline bar that allows to have a clear view of the different animation layers. It also includes an option called RotSprite that rotates the images using an special algorithm to maintain its original aspect.

One last thing that makes Aseprite a remarkable choice is that it keeps updated with new content. Its creator, David Capello, gives constant feedback on his Devblog and Twitter, taking notes from the people in order to add more stuff in future versions. He also gives direct feed to little studios like us, adding new features into periodical branch dev versions. We only have good words for this wonderful tool that makes our workflow easier.

If you want to give it a shot you can try it here.

Making smarter enemies 

Another thing that kept us busy is the implementation of new movements and reactions for the standard enemies. As we progressed into the game we realized that it was relatively easy to dodge the guards, as they only had three poses of aim and a close range melee attack. We are now implementing a new and complex system that allows enemies to locate Subject W in any position in front of them. This required to add new positions of point and shoot, all hand made drawn (forced rotations look very seedy) and also implement key poses that link with other states in order to obtain realistic and smooth animations.

Investing in R&D

We've also added more variety of scientific equipment for the facility. We took references from authentic machines used in laboratories such as prototype printers, centrifuges, laminar flow cabinets and other chemical equipment. These are some of the hundreds of machines and stuff that you will see throughout the game. Hope you love the attention to details as much as we do.

And this are some of the things that we've been doing lately. Besides the bunch of extra work and the problems that appeared on the way we are striving to make Paradise Lost a damn great adventure. Thanks so much for give us your trust and your encouragement ;)

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    1. Sharkey on

      By all means take your time making this gem! I'd rather have a polished experience than a rushed half-finished one! :D

    2. Missing avatar

      Alabug on

      I appreciate this update. I can not wait to play this game on the OUYA.

    3. Odd Nydren on

      Great stuff! I'm very happy to see the passion you guys have for your game. Way too few things are made with love for the work these days. Take your time!! I for one enjoy following the process as much as I will playing the game :D

    4. Jonathan on

      It's better that you take your time with the project and work everything out. I'd rather have a functioning late game than a rushed broken game. So take it easy and do what you got to do.

    5. Asthree Works 2-time creator on

      Thanks to all of you for your great support, it make us work even harder to make Paradise Lost the game that all of you deserve. This happens only because of you pals, don't forget it ;)

      @Isackender, you can try Aseprite for free, and soon you can have an overall idea of how the software works. It's very intuitive and easy, no big deal. Right now its creator is implementing new funcionalities and things, so keep an eye on its devblog.

    6. Juan Esponera on

      A mi los retrasos en los juegos no me suelen importar, porque casi siempre son para mejorar la experiencia y el resultado final, y lo acabais de demostrar con esta update. Las animaciones pintan increibles, y se nota que le habeis puesto mucho cariño y atencion al detalle. Va a ser un juego de los que da gusto jugar =)

    7. Missing avatar

      Vincent Lhote on

      Glad to see you use free software.
      The variety in lab equipment looks promising.

    8. Missing avatar

      saluk on

      The aiming is pretty over the top to be honest - but I like it ;) You could have taken the easy route and keep the animation at 3 levels of aiming, while still having enough variability in the actual trajectory to hit what they intend to. I've seen sprite based games go this route. The detail in the lab equipment is great!

    9. Missing avatar


      Thanks a ton for the update, guys, it's great to hear about what's going on behind the scenes.

    10. Daniel Berke on

      Great to hear an update on how you're doing! From what I've read, game development is full of these unforeseen setbacks -- but what's important is that you're keeping us informed about them and working to overcome them. This game just popped into my head a few days ago and I was just thinking about how I hadn't heard an update in a while, so I was really excited to find this one when I checked this morning! Love the new guard animations and especially the level of detail in the background equipment.

    11. Missing avatar

      Lukas Daniel Klausner

      Looks great; keep on trucking, take your time. :)

    12. frederic tarabout on

      That sprite rotation seems amazing! Thanks for sharing the infos on that software, will look into it for my stuff! :D

    13. Sir Jordi

      excellent new mechanics!
      good job guys!

    14. zacH on

      I love your updates! Thanks for checking in with us. :) Aseprite looks awesome, I may just have to check it out myself!

    15. J.L. on

      Wow, awesomely cool. (c:

      Keep up the good work, hope to play 'soon'! (c;

    16. Fuzzy on

      As someone who actually works in a medical and research lab, I appreciate seeing all the different equipment, hehe. :)

    17. João Pedro Miguel Messias on

      Hey! Awesome, new update from my most antecipated game. It's actually good to see this kind of delay, you're improving the game even further and that takes time. On that note, game development itself takes a lot of time, the important thing here is your transparency towards us, and we can see how hard you guys are working! Keep up the great job, and I'm loving the nee animations and increse in difficulty!

    18. Missing avatar

      philip on

      Is it sad that to me...all those nifty scientific devices look like vending machines, fridges, microwaves and coffee machines? XD

    19. Sinalve on

      It's good to hear from you guys! Don't forget to write back every now and then, ok?

    20. Alexander Kiker on

      This all looks so amazing! I'm super thrilled by all the research machines drawn up :D
      Keep up the good work ;)

    21. Paul Hamilton on

      That rotsprite looks amazing, I've been wanting a good sprite rotator that didn't mangle for years! Cheers!

    22. Isackender on

      It's really nice to know the effort you're putting into the game, Those little details are the ones that make the difference between games and good games =)

      PS. Rotsprite it's... magic!
      Could you make an update with all the tools you're using to make the game? It would be really interesting! (and helpful).

    23. LuckyLuigi on

      Looking great, keep it up :)

    24. Chris Thornett on

      Not angry. You're busy making a game. I don't actually recall what your projected release date was. Personally, I fund games that I want to play 'when they are ready to be played' as long as that isn't a DNF length of time, I'm happy to wait. Thanks for the update!

    25. Miguel Esteban on

      There are not flux capacitors on the labs?
      Whoa, this is heavy!

    26. Missing avatar


      The new animation looks awesome

    27. Dreamslandia Guild on

      Nice updates, esp the aiming... It looks more 'ridicoolously' COOL!

    28. Gearsoul Dragon

      @Jacob ~ xD Ahaha, indeed :P Inconceivable!

    29. Gearsoul Dragon

      Yesss~ n__n Cool update!

      It's okay, delays happen, and I'd much prefer spiffy new things to see in a 'delayed update' than an update every week just to say 'oh, uh, we had some problems(we're working on fixing them!) and it's gonna take longer than we thought' :P

      New anims. are great :D Will def. make it much more challenging!

      Love all the new equipment, too; My first thought was "MASS SPECTROMETER!! =D"

      Haha~ :( Do Want more NCIS episodes... Think they're still a month or two away? C'mon! We want more Abby & Major Mass Spec! :P

      Also!! Aseprite; Wow! =D That rotation tool is amazing~ I'll def. have to check it out~ nOn

    30. Evan Coolen on

      The quality and complexity of the animation was the first thing that drew me to this project. If you are experiencing delays to make the workflow for the animators easier, then I would consider this software a mandatory upgrade.
      Keep it up!

    31. Jacob Begley on

      Grrrr. So Angry! My impotent rage cant comprehend that game development may take alot of time.

      P.s. Hulk Smash!

    32. DeafTard on

      looks great! All I want to know is that the game is obviously going to be delayed which is fine because I'm all for delays since it makes the final product/game turn out much more polished than before but maybe you guys know what the new release date could be? Keep up the good work and I'm totally looking forward to playing this game on the Wii U soon!