Paradise Lost: First Contact

by Asthree Works

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    1. Russell Watson-Thomas on

      It's also a great pale to hide Easter eggs :)

      I'd like to see a security monitor suddenly switch from a soap opera to if cards or something.. With a sheepish looking guard ;)

      Keep it up guys, here's to 2014 being awesome!

    2. Fgento on

      It's nice to see April working hard as well :D
      I agree with Russel, the screens are a great place to hide easter eggs

    3. Philip Featherstone Blyth on

      Love the screen animations!

    4. Octopus_Pancake on

      You guys don't even do the work the dog does? I WANT A DAMN REFUND NOW O_O.

    5. DeafTard on

      Me: (Calling Paradise First Contact Headquarters)
      Dog: "Yes this is dog"
      Me: " this not the headquarters of Paradise First Contact?"
      Dog: "Yes this is dog"
      Me: "Listen I dunno what kind of trick yer trying to pull on me but I......
      Dog: "Yes this is dog"
      Me: "HEY! I am a customer! I supported yer damn project by backi....
      Dog: "Yes this is dog"
      Me: "Wait a minute......DOGS CAN'T TALK!"
      Dog: "Yes this is dog"
      Me: (sigh) "Ok listen can you at LEAST transfer me to someone who is human becaus.....
      Dog: "Yes this is dog"
      Me: "that's it! I am reporting you to the manager!"
      Dog: "Yes this is dog"
      Me: "Ah screw it!" (hangs up)
      Dog: (sigh) "Humans....."
      (Dog goes back to playing computer games)