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Play as an alien plant and escape from a scientific facility, full of secrets and dangerous experiments.
Play as an alien plant and escape from a scientific facility, full of secrets and dangerous experiments.
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Pic at work + what happens inside the facility computers

Posted by Asthree Works (Creator)

Hello humans! The beginning of this year has been a little bumpy but we are finally at our new studio working hard. One of the things that we noticed is the difference doing things at the same place, the workflow now is proactive and we can resolve situations in a more agile way.

We are also moving to Unity 4 and trying the new 2D tools. Hope they help make things easier maintaining the actual structure of development.

In other matter we are going to show specific animations in the updates about different elements of the game. Stuff that we think you can enjoy and also throw us some opinions and ideas of them. Starting today with this, here's some screens which can be seen on monitors through the facility. We wanted to detail them so everyone can identify crucial elements of the adventure, clues or just curiosities fun to watch and spend some time.

Have a great time and stay tuned! 


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    1. DeafTard on

      Me: (Calling Paradise First Contact Headquarters)
      Dog: "Yes this is dog"
      Me: " this not the headquarters of Paradise First Contact?"
      Dog: "Yes this is dog"
      Me: "Listen I dunno what kind of trick yer trying to pull on me but I......
      Dog: "Yes this is dog"
      Me: "HEY! I am a customer! I supported yer damn project by backi....
      Dog: "Yes this is dog"
      Me: "Wait a minute......DOGS CAN'T TALK!"
      Dog: "Yes this is dog"
      Me: (sigh) "Ok listen can you at LEAST transfer me to someone who is human becaus.....
      Dog: "Yes this is dog"
      Me: "that's it! I am reporting you to the manager!"
      Dog: "Yes this is dog"
      Me: "Ah screw it!" (hangs up)
      Dog: (sigh) "Humans....."
      (Dog goes back to playing computer games)

    2. Octopus_Pancake on

      You guys don't even do the work the dog does? I WANT A DAMN REFUND NOW O_O.

    3. Philip Featherstone Blyth on

      Love the screen animations!

    4. Fgento on

      It's nice to see April working hard as well :D
      I agree with Russel, the screens are a great place to hide easter eggs

    5. Russell Watson-Thomas on

      It's also a great pale to hide Easter eggs :)

      I'd like to see a security monitor suddenly switch from a soap opera to if cards or something.. With a sheepish looking guard ;)

      Keep it up guys, here's to 2014 being awesome!