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Play as an alien plant and escape from a scientific facility, full of secrets and dangerous experiments.
Play as an alien plant and escape from a scientific facility, full of secrets and dangerous experiments.
5,953 backers pledged $144,960 to help bring this project to life.

Paradise Lost is more than funded! Thanks to all of you!

Posted by Asthree Works (Creator)

This is the end of the road! Paradise Lost has reached the 207% of its goal raising $144,960 thanks to our fantastic 5,953 backers (plus another 58 from Humble Bundle) , so you people have our most sincere gratitude for joining us in this exciting campaign. And yes! What you see in the image is what we're going to do with your money!!!! (it's a joke, please don't take it seriously). 

We will continue getting funds to reach more financing through our Paypal site, so if you missed the KS campaign, you want to purchase the humble packs or simply prefer the Paypal option is up to you. All the funding reached until December 31 will be added to our current amount. Who knows, maybe we can hit more stretch goals!!! ;)

Graphic improvements? YOU BET YOUR ASS IT WILL BE!!!

Don't worry about it! We almost reached the necessary quantity to make this possible to polish little more the animations and add new effects to our current graphics!!! if you want more info about the things we want to do (if everything goes right) check out this. Some of you asked us worried about the change of the overall appearance but don't panic, everything will be perfectly pixelated just as it is.

We'll have more info coming on next updates, but for now it's time to have a little break (not so much as the characters), set things up and start this amazing adventure. Thank you for the bottom of our hearts for make Paradise Lost a reality!


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    1. Reynaldo Nunez on

      You guys have really set the bar for gaming in the indie platform. You even take the time to make add on photos to promote other games. I hope someday a chance comes up to work with you guys. :)

    2. Alexis Audifax on

      For my part, the graphics actually are awesome. I don't know how you make the shadows effects but it's so good !

    3. Alexis Audifax on

      Examples in the Sprite Lamp are ugly, but yes I see what you want to do. Lightning effects on the sprites, like Subject W on this picture, purple on his hand ?…

    4. Missing avatar

      Alabug on

      FYI, the Paypal page mentions nothing about the OUYA port.

    5. Fourattic on

      ¡¡¡Felicidades chicos!!! Os deseamos muchísima suerte pero seguro que no la necesitáis, ¡sois unos artistas!. Por cierto, brutal lo de "Sprite Lamp", el nivel de ambientación puede subir exponencialmente con esa tecnología aplicada al juego :S

      ¡Esperamos ansiosos más updates! :D

    6. S.D. on

      Congratulations! Yeah, this makes sense, regarding the stretch goal. Fees and charges aside, it's simply a matter of $20k worth of graphical improvements versus $25k of the same. You couldn't have finished on a better stretch goal! If it were on the previous (or next) stretch goals, it would not be possible, as it would be very hard to justify a small or weak secret chapter. However, with music or graphical improvements, you can always scale back the scope and request a more modest contribution from the artist... it's fair for everyone :-)

      Good luck!!! Also, I strongly suggest managing expectations on your delivery date, considering the expanded scope of the project due to stretch goals. This is a common mistake that Kickstarters make, where they don't discuss the stretch goal impact on schedule slip until late in the project.

    7. jaume mora on

      Felicidades de nuevo! :D

    8. Esvan Quiroz on

      This is great news, can't wait to see what you guys will come up with, Keep up the awesome work.

    9. Dreamslandia Guild on

      Guys, thanks for being awesome and cheerful! You've made our (as a creative people) day brighter!! (ノ ̄ー ̄)ノ❤ here, take my like! ❤

    10. Dawn on

      You guys are awesome!

    11. Mark Anthony Hall on

      Well done! Roll on Dec 2014

    12. Trypetide on

      You're welcome, but thanks to YOU !!

    13. gandalf.nho


    14. DeafTard on

      da da da da!!!!!!!! DUN DUN DUN DAAAA!!! whooooooo!!!! Happy Happy Joy Joy news! So awesome to hear about the $150k stretch goal has been reached thanks to another kickstarter project that reached it's goal to allow paradise lost first contact team to do the light pixel thing program!

    15. Isackender on

      Ha! Me alegro de que os molase Sprite Lamp. Es que es genialísimo.
      Muchos ánimos para el camino y mi más sincera enhorabuena! =)

    16. Jesse Dylan Watson on

      I adore the look of this game. I don't think extra animation and effects will hurt it any, though! It'll still be pixely, Stian :)

    17. Missing avatar

      Stian Soltvedt on

      I really hope there won't be any major changes to the graphics, since the beautiful pixelated art is what drew me to this project in the first place.

    18. Ginko-sensei on

      Yay, congrats to everyone!