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Play as an alien plant and escape from a scientific facility, full of secrets and dangerous experiments.
Play as an alien plant and escape from a scientific facility, full of secrets and dangerous experiments.
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Mark of the Plant, Plant-O-Dad and more

Posted by Asthree Works (Creator)

Hi lovely Kickstarters!

We noticed that a lot of people are saying that Paradise Lost looks like Mark of the Ninja (or even that it's a copy).

That's curious because none of the members of Asthree Works played MotN! But we love that they compare Paradise Lost with one of the best stealth games of the last year :)

Other guys said that Subject W has similarities with Octodad or the aliens from Metal Slug. So we thought that it will be fun to create for you some fake skins of the plant!

We love that you tell us feedback or critics so please don't stop! That helps the game to grow and for our team it's very very funny make this things.

We are past 60%!!!

To all our backers, you have our eternal gratitude :) We have more than a half funded, keep helping our campaign to break all the stretch goals!



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    1. Missing avatar

      Peter Wu on

      Considering how MotN is one of the greatest stealth games ever made, I'd say that comparing this to MotN is a great compliment indeed! As a fan of hardcore stealth games, you have my pledge!

    2. Douglas Hamilton on

      Oh no! One game is a bit like another game! The sky is falling down! ;-)

      Seriously though, given how good MOTN is, is that such a bad thing?

    3. Sir Jordi

      Strange that Nintendo dind't shoutout for copying Metroid wait, maybe they are in silent 'cause they want this game to be ported to the Wii U :P

    4. John Michael Guerrero on

      OH MAN. These needs to be skins we can unlock. :D

    5. Minsc&Boo on

      Some more plant skin idea's : C3PO - plant, The Red Baron - Plant, Futurama 'Head in a glass case' - Plant. Chihuahua head - plant, Tyrion Lannister head - plant, Hammer-head shark - plant, Pot-plant - plant, Flying Spaghetti Monster - plant, Rick Rolled - plant, Justin Bieber head - plant, Salvador Dali - Plant, Monty Python headless armless legless Knight - Plant, Kermit the frog & friends - plant, 1970's Afro - Plant, Zombie - plant, Will-it-blend blendtec blender - plant, Techno Viking - plant, Trolololo man - plant........ To name a few...

    6. Josh on

      Increasing my pledge, because Plant-O-Dad.

    7. Missing avatar

      Gus Mcbean on

      The only real similarity is that you can hide under grate things, it's almost the same mechanic, but other than that everything else looks fresh. I've been almost exclusively playing Mark of the Ninja recently, it's such a good stealth game, and now i'm really looking forward to this, i know it'll live up to my expectations.

    8. Shevai Asan on

      If you guys put those skins in the god the awesome.

      Personally, I find it funny that people are calling it a rip-off of Metroid, Mark of the Ninja, or even Octo-Dad.

      I see a Metroid-vania, and I see an action game because it's a Metroid-vania; but there's no way I see a COPY of any of those games.

      Just because someone types something on the internet, doesn't mean they're all together 'there'. I think most of the idiotic comments on the internet are posted by children, who thanks to the internet feel that anything they spew should be given credence.

      I'm glad you guys are taking the non-sense in stride and with a sense of humor. You keep making the game as you see it; thats why I funded you as soon as the kickstarter opened!

      I love anything that gives me the nostalgia of my child-hood, mixed with some new-age kickass. Keep it up guys, you're on the right track with this.

    9. Matias on

      Considering the scene where the alien infects the human in the tank, it reminds me of the symbiote from Spider-man, I'd consider a symbiote skin (black (Venom), or red (Carnage)).

    10. Asthree Works 2-time creator on

      We are looking to include some extra skins... be patient! :)

    11. TheDevilatyourDoor on

      Yes, perhaps skins to be unlocked by beating the game or doing the certain achievements!

    12. vislade on

      I want plant -o- dad to be a skin!!

    13. Christian Michael Mata on

      Nice response, humorous. But seriously, can you make those skins available in game? If I compared your game to Metroid, would you make a skin for that too?

      This is a serious request, I think those skins would be awesome to have in the game.

    14. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    15. Petr Stoudek on

      I guess those guys thinks that it's clone of MofN only because the accessing of the vents (the animation looks somewhat similar I guess).

    16. Edmund Wong on

      @Ashtree Works
      Fantastic turnabout on the critics!
      Just as @DadouXIII said, why not make the fake skins available as Unlockables? I understand that it will be quite abit of work, but c'mon! The idea's fantastic! :)

    17. Bruno S. Briseno on

      there will always be people saying nonsense things like that, don't worry! and also, be prepared, because there will be people saying even worse things - there ALWAYS are, no matter how good the game.

      but really, you can rest assured that your game is incredible and really worth making. don't ever lose faith cause you guys are on the rightest track - following your passion!

    18. Norm Huizenga on

      What it does remind me of is WARP. It too was about an alien trying to escape a containment facility... though that is where the similarities end. As it's top down.

    19. Jason on

      Now we need a Cthulhu skin.

      The only way it looks like Mark of the Ninja is in that both are 2D stealth games with well done animations.

      Anyway congratulations on getting to 60%!!!

    20. DadouXIII

      This game looks NOTHING like Mark the Ninja 0_0.
      A comparison to Metroid or Castlevania would be fine, as the game is a Metroidvania game, but Mark of the Ninja? Nope :P

      Love the skins by the way, not putting them in the game as hidden extras would be a waste :D

    21. Rafael Castro e Alves on

      hahahahahahaha So FUNNY that last update!!!! Just loved the Mark of the Plant! :D Oh, and by the way, I've played MotN and it's really a fun stealth game! But for me, who loves sci-fi and stealth games, Paradise Lost looks even greater and beautifull than MotN (with all my respect to everyone who created Mark of the Ninja game)! Now, lets focus on reching that first 70k goal! \o/

    22. Missing avatar

      Louis London on

      Oh my god, a Metal Slug reference?
      This is just lovely.