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Play as an alien plant and escape from a scientific facility, full of secrets and dangerous experiments.
Play as an alien plant and escape from a scientific facility, full of secrets and dangerous experiments.
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Let's-a go! About Wii U dev and your loveable support!!!

Posted by Asthree Works (Creator)

Some of you have been commented that our stretch goal for Wii U is too high and even that it's a bad habit on Kickstarter projects.

We are developing the game on Unity and this could make things easy to port it to another platforms, but we have to adapt the gameplay and do a lot of testing... and for now we don't have time or money to do that without this stretch goal. Wii U version can offer great possibilities to the gameplay but it's a challenge to make things work fine with Paradise Lost: First Contact.

Asthree Works is (for now) just a three member team and we tried to reduce our development costs without loose any game experience. This game it's our little baby and we are doing our best, even if we have to sleep a little less ;)

If you want to help, tell everyone to support us!! So that we can reach the $250,000 stretch goal together :) On the other hand, we got almost 40% of the campaign in just two days... So THANK YOU!!! Guys you are awesome, we can't thank enough for the support and the feedback from the community!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Tarcísio Lima on

      Very cool pixel art, very cool project...

      Guys, you (I think can say "we". XD) will get the full goal.
      I bet my chips in this game!


    2. JDTX88

      I agree with Matt. The ability to take an old-school art form and give it an very modern feel is impressive. There's a certain value of these handmade arts over high rendered computer generated graphics of AAA games.

    3. Matt Green on

      Truthfact: you guys' pixel art is amazing.

    4. JDTX88

      @Antonio haha hey man. Yeah I know I'm up on the soap box again. But its like I always say I'm all for supporting indie developers. And I mean look at this project, Paradise Lost looks amazing! It's outstanding that indie developers, such as Ashtree Works, have more style, flair, and innovation that AAA developers who have all they money they need for huge budget games. I just worry about people who don't get a chance to fund not purchasing or playing this in the future. Developers who have included Kickstarter exclusive content have said it hurt their sells down the road because people didn't want to purchase games that were missing stuff from other (kickstarter) copies.

      But I understand that's something beyond me or my personal taste, I'm 100% going to support Paradise Lost either way...I just can't help but be a little squeamish when I see exclusive kickstater game content haha.

    5. Antonio Garcia

      @JD: You keep talking like that and I'll stop covering KS you suggest ;) hahaha

      It makes sense to have KS exclusive items, levels or extras since, without our support, the game wouldn't exist.

    6. zoned87 on

      I think Wii U gamers just get irritated they support the projects more than any other audience but are usually put on the farthest tier. It is kind of a reoccurring theme with alot of kickstarters.

    7. ET3D on

      Normally I advocate Android versions, but by the time the game is released I'll have a Windows tablet and will likely use that for most gaming, so just make sure that touch gaming works well.

    8. TheDevilatyourDoor on

      I completely agree. While I would like all this games to make it to PS4, my platform of choice, I'm still going to back them regardless if it's a game I really want to play!

    9. SpriteSoHard Studios on

      I totally understand where you are coming from! We are also a three person indie game team. There are lots of unexpected costs with a port to WiiU or any other console. I hope you guys reach your stretch goal! I would love to hear about your experiences engaging Nintendo and executing the Port!

    10. Missing avatar

      Gorbachev Aleksei on

      I can't belive this is your first game project. It look's really awesome, and I already in love with a trailer music, an art style.. I like everything in this game already! I wish you luck, guys.

    11. JDTX88

      I understand the cost of developing is expensive and the numbers grow exponentially with each new thing added (i.e. console ports). That's not an issue to me.

      What I have a problem with is Kickstarter exclusive game content. Before backers were rewarded with knowing they helped developers fund their games, they got first access to the games drm free, and at certain tiers they got cool stuff like art, music, clothes, etc. But in-game content is a different beast. If someone is willing enough to put forward the money to fund a game then obviously want everything that game could possibly be. Many a time I've sat and stared hard at exclusive in-game content, the cost of that tier, and my bank account...wondering where I draw the line even though I really want access to every last part of the game. Mighty No. 9 especially, that was the first time in-game exclusive content came at such a high cost for me. I sighed deep, swallowed my pride and laid the money down...but there is only so many times one can do this. Furthermore my heart goes out to those who want to back the project but don't have the means...thus never getting the full game. And yes later they can get the game and it's main material, but we all know as gamers when someones copy has something and your doesn't...there's that nagging feeling that your's is not complete, that your missing out on some things. I understand that in-game exclusive content is considered special incentives for those pouring more money than the average joe into the game. But like I said that used to to be dealt with in a completely different manner and now days in-game exclusive content is showing up more and more and the prices for it are climbing higher and higher. As the trend grows I fear that one day I won't be able to be involved in the funding community anymore because of it getting out of control, hitting my wallet a little harder each time.

    12. Lordlylump on

      Hehe! Love the animation :) Just found this guys! I wish you all the best with your little baby! It looks like it could grow up to be quite the Epic awesome sauce Beast :D

    13. SilverLimit on

      I've never understood this "not worth it until it hits consoles" mentality. If you want it, you have to support it. Even if the donation is a small one. Some people act like making a small bid is such an inconvenient ordeal, but c'mon... 5-10 bucks? That's like a drive-through at Wendy's.

      On a side note, awesome pixel art, lol.

    14. Missing avatar

      H. Takeshi on

      Really Love your art style. Mario and Luigi XD