Paradise Lost: First Contact

by Asthree Works

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    1. Sharkey on

      Thanks for that fat update, very nice! Can't wait to have this game on my Switch, here's hoping everything goes smoothly for the rest of the year and maybe we could see a 2018 release! =D

    2. Niki Coppola

      Still coming to Wii U or moved to Nintendo Switch?

    3. Chris Z.

      +1 to Switch comment.

      Also, skipped to last paragraph for the part I cared to read about LOL :)

    4. frederic tarabout on

      Its always interesting to read your update as you are running into all the problems I am as well before I do ( I am also making a pixel metroidvania).
      Pixel perfect and full screen in fixed screens on all resolution is an insane headache...

      Are you guys doing several rooms per unity scene ?
      We are thinking of doing each room a scene but not sure if that'd create some issues.

    5. Jai Bishop on

      As always love your attention to detail and willingness to share your progress with us. Thank you for taking us on this journey.

    6. Carlos Sánchez on

      Proud of backing you. Please continue the good job

    7. Missing avatar

      Alyssa Argento on

      Fantastic update as always! Thanks for your thorough approach and for giving us a peek into the process!

    8. Missing avatar

      Michael A. Atkinson on

      Great update. Really looking forward to this.

    9. Craig Walker on

      Thanks for the update. The game look awesome cannot wait the final version

    10. Rickard Antroia

      Awesome, meaty update.
      It's great to see how much you iterate and develop the game as hurdles appear. Looking forward to this when you're done, but take your time.

    11. Asthree Works 2-time creator on

      @Sharkey @Niki Coppola @Chris Z.: At this point we are confident saying that the project will be headed to Switch and console backers will be moved to this platform. We know that some WiiU users could be pissed, but releasing the game on a system that goes out of production is not a good idea.
      @ frederic tarabout: we are doing single rooms per Unity scene, it eases the loading of the stages and let us make quick changes or reposition them inside the Level Editor. With this method, you have to keep in mind how the adjacent rooms react, if they need persistence, etc.
      @everyone: thanks for your kind words! We are working as hard as we can to make the best experience possible.

    12. Chris Z.

      Good call! I've seen other kickstarters make that same move from Wii U to Switch and people seemed mostly happy :)

    13. frederic tarabout on

      Phew. That's awesome to hear you're doing this and that it's working! :D
      Was afraid some stuff might go weird if a game had hundreds of scenes.

    14. Daniel H. on

      Love the updates, hang in there! I can almost see the finish line. It's been very exciting to follow and see all the meticulous details going into this and it really shows how dedicated and how much love you guys have for the craft and the game itself.

    15. Barış Korkut on

      Drooling over your detailed dev updates! They're excellent source for my hobby project.
      Do you mind sharing your Prefabs folder structure? I can see a part of it in the first image, making me curious about your prefab organization.

    16. Roger Mitchell on

      Again I feel sad that you guys still have not learned some of the fundamental of game development. Please do not switch target platforms before you have released your game. If you are now going to release on the Nintendo Switch, are we going to get the game released on any of the previous platforms before 2019 / 2020 ?

    17. Asthree Works 2-time creator on

      @Roger Mitchell: the only previous platforms are the 3 PC versions wich are already in development. The WiiU port wasn't even ready so we don't see how moving from WiiU to Switch can be a setback.

    18. Roger Mitchell on

      so going back to my original question, Your now 3.5 years into development. Can you give us an estimate on delivery of at-least one version of the game ? Have you got all the levels completed to the game ? are just in the polish stage ? if so I think you should release the first completed version to the backers and then push for the other platforms. I still think optimistically that we are looking at a 2019 release which makes me feel very sad :-(

    19. Asthree Works 2-time creator on

      @Roger Mitchell:
      Estimated delivery: our goal is to have it on Beta by the end of the year, but we don’t want to rush it and put away some final bosses or situations to reach a closed release window.
      Levels completed: as stated on this update around 65% of the game is done. We are still working on the level design while finishing other areas (new enemies, more effects, polishing of mechanics through testing, etc.).
      About releasing the first complete versions to backers before pushing to other platforms: yeah that is our release plan. First PC versions, then we’ll move to the console ports.
      Release date: we can’t afford nor want to release the game in 2019. We are now developing at a much faster pace, hopefully to have it to the end of this year or (more likely) beginning of the next one.

    20. David Desjardin on


    21. David Desjardin on

      Were there even any Wii U specific benefits that you planned to implement originally? Because if there weren't any Wii U differences, then I don't see why anyone would want to see a release on a very soon to be defunct console if it won't be any different.