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Play as an alien plant and escape from a scientific facility, full of secrets and dangerous experiments.
Play as an alien plant and escape from a scientific facility, full of secrets and dangerous experiments.
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Demo 1.1.2 (Windows, Mac) + fixes report

Posted by Asthree Works (Creator)

First of all, if you are having trouble receiving the download on your mail inbox put your direction here and the Humble team will send you another link with the demo (It seems that their system has some problems with the mail listing). Now you can choose between Windows or Mac OS X.

We couldn’t export a Linux build so far (it’s not so easy as preparing a Mac version and we need to make additional changes to the core structure of the game) so our apologies for the Linux backers :(   we’ll keep you informed about any progress in this matter.

These are some of the things that we changed / fixed for this version:

  • The save state is fixed. Once the player dies Subject W will rebirth in the previous garden the Continue option will be highlighted by default if you have a save state
  • Pressing Intro/Start during the game will ask if you want to return to the main menu  
  • Pressing Intro/Start during a cutscene will ask if you want to skip it
  • The ESC key is mapped like the Intro key
  • The game will launch with the default resolution of your Screen (Res. options will be included in the final version with a windowed mode too)
  • Now the player is able to climb-descend if keeps the D key (keyboard)/RT (controller) pressed while walking. We’ll probably add different modes of configuration for players that prefer to run with the RT and climb with the X button
  • The graphic prompt that represents a climbable surface has a wider range (players can identify them from the distance)
  • Subject W makes a wider jump and it’s easier to move between surfaces without falling from the corners (with this quick fix platforming is less annoying but we’ll keep working on this mechanic)
  • The difficulty curve is more balanced. From the beginning players will have the possibility to interact with their environment on less stressful situations
  • Multiple rooms have been adjusted to the new mechanics
  • The doors keep opened while you enter from another room (you don’t have to see the opening animation twice)
  • The scientists looking at the back show a new state bubble with a clock, representing that they are distracted and you can advance unnoticed
  • Some bugs of the map have been solved (all closed doors are represented with a red wall) and now the save gardens are highlighted on green
  • All the lower hideouts are unified. To use them Subject W needs to be in a crouched position
  • Fixed the pixel art rotation bug of the guards shooting
  • Irvine grenades make more damage
  • The game works on Windows 32 bits 

Problems that we are still working on and might appear while playing:

  • The Mac version shows white bands (or a rectangle) if your screen resolution is not proportional to the original resolution of the game (480x270). The final version will show black borders instead of white ones.
  • Sometimes the character gets stuck inside elevators. We didn’t manage to find this bug in our tests but you can avoid it exiting to the main menu (or the game) and continuing from your last save / launching the game again. This will fix the bug permanently.

If you experience technical issues or have concerns about anything leave a comment below or send us a private message and we'll look into it.


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    1. Daniel H. on

      Keep up the great work guys. I really admire the team's dedication in following through with the project despite all the delays and shortcomings. Thank you so much for the updates and can't wait to play once it's ready.

    2. Asthree Works 2-time creator on

      @Matthew Campagna: we tested the link multiple times and didn't have a problem with it. Are you pressing the download button on the right after selecting the Mac version?

    3. Missing avatar

      Matthew Campagna on


      I'm able to download the Windows version from my Humble Library, but cannot select the Mac version.

    4. David Desjardin on

      I'm going to repeat what someone said:

      Robert Müller 5 days ago
      Maybe it's just me, but when backtracking after the second garden to the room with the camera where you have to get to the ceiling vent, entering the room from the right immediately gets me spotted every time by the camera. I can escape into the vent below and wait out the alert phase, but it's annoying especially because the puzzle timing in this room feels particularly unforgiving in general. After making it through once and then dying upstairs, I don't particularly look forward to having to do this room again.

      He's absolutely right about this room. The room with the laser sight pointed directly at the door in this revision makes it impossible to get into the ceiling. Once I saved at that garden, I can't get past that part anymore. In the first demo, the laser pointed at the ground a little before the door so that you could enter the room and not move and the laser wouldn't get you. Then you had time to run as the laser went back and hide in the cardbord box, wait for the laser to point away, and quickly get up into the ceiling. Now, my only option coming into the room is to get seen immediately, go hide in the floor until it's clear, then try to get out of the floor and get tot he box but there's not enough time because of the floor-exit animation and I get seen again before I can get intot he box or get to the top and a guard comes in and shoots me.

    5. Nathan Morse

      @Asthree Works: I guess you could make such "visible vision" an option. Default to how it is now, but offer the visual cues as an easier mode.

    6. Ian J Treu on

      @Ashree Works: Right on! This is going to be a truly epic game, I'm super excited to play more. Sorry I didn't read that update :/ but I'm really glad to hear you're already working on it. Thanks for the response.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jabberwok on

      I think for me, it's just hard not to compare the functional aspects to a game like Mark of the Ninja. In that, sounds were represented graphically, so I could tell how far they propagated. And the player character animations were very quick, which made for responsive actions.

    8. Tim Harris on

      Is it possible that you guys could get listed as "verified developers" for Apple installations??

    9. Asthree Works 2-time creator on

      @Ian J Treu: we said on the previous update that we already have different models of men and women with skin color variations ;)
      @Josh Oberin: thanks, we are working on the invulnerability bug of the doors.
      @Jabberwork: we thought about including visual helpers while using the skill selection with the enemies highlighted, but didn’t find yet a clean solution (the enemy’s radius cross with each other and the result is not functional). We’ll probably post some options that we designed on a future update.
      About the controls, we are considering to auto duck/stand Subject W to solve the execution problems that you commented, but we need to study its inclusion and see if it works with different states and situations.
      @Nathan Morse: not having graphic helpers for sight or hear is a thing of love/hate haha. Glad you liked the experience :D

    10. Nathan Morse

      This. Game. Is. GREAT!!! Once I finally got the hang of it, I hated to hit the TO BE CONTINUED… but what a thrill getting there. I LOVE (/hate ;^] ) that you just have to get a sense for how far people can see, and you are not spoon-fed what you need to survive. So frustrating until you get used to it, but then it's brilliant. It keeps the suspense up, like the fantastic old game Impossible Mission. Great work! Can't wait for the rest!

    11. Missing avatar

      Jabberwok on

      In my opinion, there are a few things that need to be improved or changed to make this a better stealth game. Maybe these are addressed already, or will be, but this is my impression from what i've played so far:

      - Being detected can feel arbitrary. When pausing for target selection, it would be nice if the UI displayed an enemy's vision cone (or whatever shape is used). And, an even bigger issue, there is no indication of how far a sound carries. I don't know if all of these sounds can be heard at the same distance, I don't know if fall height affects noise level, etc. This should be indicated on screen.

      - Some actions feel sluggish. There is a wide gap between intention and execution. Early in the demo, I needed to drop down when a guard was looking away, then hide in an air vent. Dropping down required me to wait for the animation of the landing to complete before registering a new action, then waiting to crouch, then wait for W to move slightly to the right to open the grate before descending. All of which gave the guard plenty of time to turn around and spot W while it was apparently just standing there, nearly immobile. Altogether, this made a pretty basic interaction fiddly and frustrating to execute.

    12. Missing avatar

      Josh Oberin on

      Loved the demo. I did notice that if you are taken to 0 health while screen transition state you become unkillable however.

    13. Ian J Treu on

      I'm really loving the demo, basically everything about it is flipping awesome. But I have to mention G.E.R.'s questionable hiring practices. It seems like 99% of employees are thin white males of uniform height. I'm not suggesting every other scientist should be a, short openly homosexual and rotund asian woman in a wheelchair for example, but maybe a little more cultural diversity in their scientists and security?

      Also it would be cool to be able to drop into and rise out of a crouch while moving forward or back.

      Thanks for everything :)

    14. Edwin Durning on

      No Linux support yet :(

      Hoping it makes it into the final product.

    15. Daniel Berke on

      To be clear, the Irvine fight was pretty good when I'd figured it out, I never actually died but came close to it often; it was tense, and fun. :) Just a little confusing to figure out what to do.

      For the Linux version, it sounds like you guys have looked into it already and are aware of some of the challenges, which is actually *really encouraging*: lots of projects just complete a Windows build first, then look into porting it to Linux at the end of development and realize there are a bunch of change that need to be made that would have been much easier if they'd done them during development. That you guys are looking into it and aware that these changes need to be made now is a good sign, in my opinion. Keep up the good work, this is gonna be a great game when it comes out. If you want to do any alpha/beta testing on Linux I'd be happy to help. :)

    16. Asthree Works 2-time creator on

      @Daniel Berke: we'll take note of all your concerns and look into polishing the Irvine combat if we have time :D
      The thing about the invincibility is a bug that happens when they hit you in the border of a room while exiting the door.
      Sorry for the Linux issue, Unity is not so developer-friendly like to the other PC platforms.
      @David Desjardin: the first room with a guard is easier so the players see how the hideouts work without dying instantly haha.
      @Kurt Prünner: didn't try the game with an Xbox One controller (360, PS3 & PS4 for the moment), we'll make more test with one of those.

    17. Kurt Prünner on

      Using my XBox One controller on the PC it seems as if the separate axes for the left and right trigger confuse the game - I have to keep my right trigger perfectly half held down (i.e. the Z rotation axis in the middle) for Subject W to not perpetually bug off to the left...

    18. David Desjardin on

      Haven't had a chance to play through the whole demo yet, but you absolutely fixed the climbing mechanic. It works super smooth!

      Is it just me or is the first guard encounter super easy now?

    19. Daniel Berke on

      As a Linux user I managed to play it on my 7-year-old Windows laptop I use while traveling, and the demo shows a lot of promise! My biggest issue was how long the recovery animation after jumping takes—mess up a jump and you then have a half-second or so of Subject W recovering before you can jump again. The thing about Subject W having a longer jump range sounds like it might help address that, though. Climbing things was a bit fiddly using a keyboard, but it sounds like you've addressed that as well. My brother found a way (I don't remember how, unfortunately) to get exactly zero health and be immortal—it was pretty hilarious watching Subject W just hanging out while multiple guards were firing at it, or just walk up to a panicking guard and get hit with a melee attack that had no effect.

      Basically, it sounds like you guys learned some good things from putting this demo out. I had a lot of fun with the demo, and I'm excited for the full game! (although I think the Irvine fight could maybe be a bit better explained somehow; I spent a lot of time the first time I got there wandering around, not really being threatened, and just wondering how I was supposed to move the fight along.)

      Finally, as a Linux gamer I hope that you'll be able to get a Linux demo out; it'll hopefully help you identify issues that need to be addressed earlier than if you wait till the game is finished before trying to port it. :)

    20. Miguel Esteban on

      I love it!
      Good work guys.

    21. Asthree Works 2-time creator on

      @Isackender: using the joystick could be viable to climb but descending will come into conflict with crouching. Using the trigger both actions stay independent from each other and are more fluid because the game lets you climb-descend on both crouch and idle positions.
      @Robert Müller: yeah it could be annoying to start the alert every time you enter from the right. Changing the laser’s initial position will solve this problem.
      @Niki Coppola @Mike Di Natale: we are focused in the PC versions for the moment but we have plans to release a Nintendo port after them (Switch will be probably the first N console that we’ll choose).

    22. Mike Di Natale on

      Any update on the Wii U port, other console releases?

    23. Niki Coppola

      Nintendo guy here. What's the situation? Still coming to Wii U or Switch port?

    24. Missing avatar

      Robert Müller on

      Maybe it's just me, but when backtracking after the second garden to the room with the camera where you have to get to the ceiling vent, entering the room from the right immediately gets me spotted every time by the camera. I can escape into the vent below and wait out the alert phase, but it's annoying especially because the puzzle timing in this room feels particularly unforgiving in general. After making it through once and then dying upstairs, I don't particularly look forward to having to do this room again.

      Also, if anyone who's finished the demo would like to write up a guide (or link an existing guide here), that would be very helpful.

    25. Isackender on

      Good job guys! At last I've managed to beat the demo hahah

      Controls still feel a little uncomfortable, but they've improved a lot =). It would be awesome if you could climb the platforms using only the joystick. For example, while youre creeping over the platforms, move the joystick right-up (or left-up) to climb onto the next platform (same method to get down, right-down or left-down). I think it would be easier and controls would feel more consistent/fluid.

      Doing that, you can use RT (on xbox controller) to run and X button to use your ability. Leaving Y button free (and use it for... idk... dancing? :P).

      Anyway, you're doing an awesome work with the game, and I'm eager to find out what you can come up with!

    26. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      I'm used to it. The standard situation for Linux users. :)