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Play as an alien plant and escape from a scientific facility, full of secrets and dangerous experiments.
Play as an alien plant and escape from a scientific facility, full of secrets and dangerous experiments.
5,953 backers pledged $144,960 to help bring this project to life.

Demo arrival!

Posted by Asthree Works (Creator)

Hello backers! Long time since our last update. Some of you asked preoccupied in the comments or by PM if there was some kind of problem with the development, specially since we are inclined to post updates regularly. This time we took the decision of debugging the core structure as much as we can to avoid delaying any longer the release of a playable sample. Maybe the lack of news wasn’t the best of ideas, but we wanted to give you something at once instead of post another “wait a little longer for a sneak peak”.

To all of you sorry for this course of action, we’ll write periodically further on.  

Downloading the demo

You will find a mail in your inbox with a download link containing an entire Chapter of Paradise Lost. If you have a Gmail account and it doesn’t appear in the main inbox check the promotions tab. Lot of things that you will experience are on the making and not completely finished, so there’s room for improvement. All the feedback received by your side is more than welcome.

Pending stuff

There are certain things that we’d love to include in the current alpha, but we didn’t want to spend more time polishing (it’s hard to stop at some point) and give you a playable sample while completing other basic tasks of the general development. We’ll think about releasing an updated beta demo with more content and improves in the future.

Talking about new features, We don’t want to get too much carried away with things that will be included in the final version (specially if some of them are intrinsically linked to core mechanics and will be like go to hell and back to change them). In any case some improves should be:

  • Different skins for male and female (they are already done outside Unity but we changed the system used earlier in development for a more solid one).
  • Different color skins (shaders have a high computational cost and we are still trying to find the most efficient solution to implement tonal ranges. For example, some of you may experience performance issues with the red alarms of the stages > that’s because of the use of shaders).
  • Allow Subject W to hide crouched in low hideouts such as paper bins, boxes, trolleys or flower pots. It seems a little bit confuse to stay crouched to use drawers / trapdoors and you have to stand to hide on the first ones.
  • Leave the door open on the room that you are entering.
  • Enemies able to interrupt Subject W while using a vending machine.
  • A new bubble state for scientist that are focused working and can’t hear Subject W. Bubbles of “talking state” for characters on cutscenes (in the air).
  • Possibility to skip cutscenes by pressing start.
  • Advance dialogues by pressing the action key/button (this one could be very difficult to include due the cutscene and subtitle systems that are already used + the need to change the pace of certains cutscenes, but we’ll try to add it).
  • Load automatically in the last garden after dying, without going to the main menu. 
  • Expanded options menu when pressing start (the demo only show the playable controls).
  • Show distinctive rooms on the map such as save gardens, elevators and undergrounds with specific colors and letters.
  • A legend next to the map.

+ the solving of fixes such as:

  • Receiving the first impact when you are pulled out of a hideout.
  • If Subject W dies by the hand of a reinforcement guard while exiting a room the player can turn invincible (until you exit and load the game again).
  • State bubble maladjustments.
  • Sudden pixel displacements between states of enemies.
  • Represent all closed doors on the map (you can experience a bug that show some of them open).

One issue that we identified during our tests was that the noise made by closed hideouts could be a huge pain (this is because it reveals the position of W and leaves the player very exposed). We’ll try to change it if people think that it’s an annoying feature.


Starting the next year we’ll add the forum section to our main site and send invitations to the backers so we can have a specific spot to chat, comment and write down all the feedback that you want. In any case we’ll be listening to every comment posted on this update or the main comments section as well.

Hope you’ll enjoy the demonstration and keep an open mind about the result, some things might change in the final version of the game.

Happy holidays to everyone and thanks for your support!

PS: If some of you have trouble receiving the humble mail or other problems please notify us by private message on Kickstarter. 

PS2: The demo was developed for Windows version (for the moment).

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    1. David Desjardin on

      Yeah, I understand the text skipping can be problematic since your animations are done in-game. I think a scene skip feature is sufficient. I wouldn't put too much thought into that. It's more just my personal impatience / preference. If you fixed the climbing, you really fixed the only major 'problem' with the game, in my opinion.

      I'm hyped for the demo revision. �

    2. Asthree Works 2-time creator on

      Yeah! we want to release another demo with the polished mechanics and other fixes :)
      About the hiding mechanic: we need to study it, lot of elements depend on the stance of the character, so it is complicated to redesign the state machine of W.
      The skip function for scenes works very good. Now you don’t have to see an entire cutscene to advance.
      About skipping entire paragraphs on scenes: in our game the characters move and do a lot of animation while talking, so skipping to different frames will cause strange “teleports” in the animations :D in any case we’ll look into it.

    3. David Desjardin on

      Awesome work. Any chance of a 2nd demo to try out the new climb mechanic? ;)

      I can totally understand if the hiding mechanic stays as-is. Obviously if it's meant to be that way as a strategy and gameplay mechanic that you intended, then that's fine. It's not game-breaking at all...just more of an inconvenience than anything. I wouldn't worry too much about it, but if it's fixable or can be added in as an option later in the options menu for "easy hiding" then go for it. In either case, it was really the least my my worries.

      A skip function is plenty. Even if you can't do a sped-up text by pressing a button. I think the skip function is more valuable especially for when you have to re-do a scene because of death.

      Keep up the good work. I'm excited as all heck to play more of this!!

    4. Asthree Works 2-time creator on

      @David Desjardin:
      1. Now the climbing mechanic works as you said: holding the (D) key / (RT) button while walking Subject W climbs / descends automatically. The graphic that shows if an object is accessible with this mechanic has a bigger radio so you can anticipate what things are climbable or not easily.
      2. We are still thinking about changing the hiding mechanic. It is difficult to readjust the character states to force it into a certain position right now.
      3. The skip function for scenes is on the works. About the speed, we’ll try to display the texts a little bit faster, but not accelerate them. It could be highly difficult to add this function and I think that there’s no point if you have a button to skip the entire cutscene.
      4. It seems that all the save problems are fixed. We are still trying to find the elevator bug… it appeared to more people but we are unable to catch it.

    5. David Desjardin on

      Ok, so I finally beat the demo and here's what I think:

      First of all, EXCELLENT game. Enjoyed the demo immensely. I take back what I said about having to push an action button to go into vertical ducts. After actually playing for more than 2 minutes, I can see how it's not a problem after all. You do need to work on a few things though.

      1. The climbing mechanic is very picky and needs to be much more fluid and easy to perform. Most times I chose to just jump than to climb a corner because the corner responsiveness on both analog and D-pad were flaky and rarely worked, especially in a panic. I would actually say that maybe this could be fixed by holding a button to initiate the climbing movement, such as holding a shoulder button like RB on an Xbox controller then simply pressing left or right to climb in that direction. Holding RB while walking would automatically climb any climbable boxes, etc.

      2. I still think the hiding mechanic definitely needs to be available BOTH when standing and crawling. Having to stand to hide in boxes or crawl to go into the floors can be annoying. Hiding should just need the press of a button.

      3. You should allow for the text to display faster/instantly at the press of a button. I hate reading stuff that slowly spells out each letter. Also, an option to skip cutscenes would be nice.

      I encountered a couple of bugs. The first time you find the first save garden if you just go right from the very start, it doesn't seem to save. Also, the controls became unresponsive for me in the elevator to the Boss the first time I got in there...pressing any button other than Map or Pause didn't work; I had to kill the process to get out of the game.

      All that aside, I really enjoyed it.

    6. Asthree Works 2-time creator on

      @Miguel Esteban: we are not planning to show a video walkthrough for the moment, but anyone who wants to record a gameplay session can do it.
      As soon as we have the Mac version we'll post a new update and send the code again to all backers. We'll probably take that opportunity to upload a version with fixes.

    7. Miguel Esteban on

      Are you guys planning to do some kind of sneak peek walkthrough video , for the people here with mac or linux that can't proved yet?

    8. Asthree Works 2-time creator on

      @PHILIBERT: working on those issues :)
      About the story, we are developing a script full of surprises, hope you'll like it.
      @Juha M.: you’re welcome! Thanks for the support.

    9. Missing avatar

      Juha M. on

      The demo was really great, thank you for the wonderful Christmas surprise. Can't wait for the game to come out. Keep up the good work, this is shaping up to be a really fun and exciting game!

    10. Arnolf on

      Just finished the demo !
      I hade a great moment !
      As others mays have said it's a bit hard to climb on box, and sometimes W is a bit slow to react.
      But that's quite the only things i have to say, all other stuff are great, animations are amazing, infiltration tactics and tricks are nice and make the player think . Playing a plant is quite orignal too that seduced me when you started the KS but the demo has conforted me that way.
      Great job so far keep that way and make us a nice story!
      Thank you !

    11. Asthree Works 2-time creator on

      @Jeff Machado:
      - Glad your Logitech controller worked fine.
      - We located the bug that you experienced with the trapdoor, thanks for the input.
      - The possibility of skip cinematics it’s on the works :)
      @Alabug: Ouya backer or not we’ll try our best to keep all the people in the loop. Stay tuned to future updates :D
      - It could be difficult to implement frequent checkpoints. Mainly because we’d have to decide in which room the player is reborn, and could be hundreds of parameters to look for (are there enemies, cutscenes... etc?). In any case, when W acquires more abilities you’ll have the possibility to pass through enemies and situations more easily.
      - We are working on the climb/descend mechanic to make it smoother :)
      - About the red boxes bug: we have that situation located, thanks for reporting it.
      - We thought that the Irvine glitch was taken care of before releasing the demo. It is related with the damage area of a character while running. Did you manage to end the combat after that or does he become invincible?

    12. Oori on

      Glad that the demo finally came out, and it's pretty good so far! But, not without flaws.

      1. It's frustrating/ very punishing to die off far away, only having to restart at the last Garden I checked in. This is because each room takes quite the time to go through. I think having shorter checkpoint would be better like a room just before.

      2. Climbing up boxes can be frustrating as well because I need to stop moving before trying to press the 2 arrow keys to move diagonally. This transition needs to be smoother.

      1. I encountered 1 time of a glitch/ bug where I got stuck when I tried to move into the vent below. There was 2 red 'X' box on the left and the vent door (the vent opens from the right is at the immediately right of the 2 boxes. I pressed 'A' when I was situated at the most left, on the vent door.

      2. I'm not sure if this a glitch or not. This was during the boss fight of the last/ third sequence. I armed the bomb into orange/ yellow, and I made sounds so that Irvine would run across the bomb, but the bomb triggered and Irvine was fine.

    13. Missing avatar

      Alabug on

      As an OUYA backer I was extremely happy to see an email with a link to the Alpha Demo download. I am glad that I have not been forgotten (RIP OUYA). Please keep me (and others like me) in the loop for future updates!

    14. Jeff Machado on

      I think you guys are doing a great job! Loved the demo! Can't wait to play more. Yeah, there will always be kinks along the way, but I'm sure they'll all get ironed out in time. From what I've seen so far, you're definitely on the right track. I had a tough time playing using just a keyboard, but after plugging in my Logitech F310 controller, everything mapped perfectly and worked just fine. Huge improvement! I only experienced one bug where I had climbed up a set of boxes to reach the trap door above and at the very moment I went from a crouch position to a standing position to enter the duct, W immediately appeared in the duct above, but in a standing position. I couldn't move or change to a crouching position. Nothing worked. I ended up just closing down and restarting. I think there should also be a skip option when repeating any cinematics in the game. Other than that, thanks for the demo. :-)

    15. Asthree Works 2-time creator on

      @Shahar Korren: Yes, the save is implemented but you are experiencing a bug with the gardens. Prevent your antivirus from checking / blocking the game. If this is not the case try to go to the first garden (avoiding the first guard) going to the right. After saving quit the game (alt+F4) and launch it again. Press continue in the main menu and see if it works.
      Sorry for the inconveniences :(

    16. Shahar Korren on

      Is the save system implemented yet? Because I found and used two save gardens and dying just took me back to the main menu, which was frustrating after the 30th time.

    17. Missing avatar

      saluk on

      @Asthree Works, I know there is a save garden near the beginning - but it happens to be AFTER a sneaking section that new players are likely to fail more than once as they learn the controls. Thematically, it does make more sense to have the garden later, so if you could make the game automatically save (in the background) in the starting room so players who die in the beginning can get back into moving again it would make learning the game much more enjoyable.

      Ah, nice, run and jump. I think what made me not think to try running, is that the animation after a normal jump looked like it was good enough, but then he bounces and slides back down.

    18. Missing avatar

      Jasper.D.Hols on

      @Asthree Works
      The 360 controller works fine the default key mapping didn't work for me personnaly, and I hat problems with jumping(with keyboard and it was very late), thank you for the tips and listing I hope those tips you gave to me will be part of the tutorial, without showing all the advanced combinations/options, just hint at advance use in later game without directly showing directly.
      It's ok to hold hands beginning of the game if there is an option to skip it(tutorial option on/of), show new players all basic possibility's with room for them to discover advanced combinations.
      I will play more at a better time and report my opinions, I am very curious what the full demo has to show.

    19. David Desjardin on

      For the "auto-duck" thing; definitely make it optional. I prefer the current configuration of having to press a button to duck or stand. It makes it easier to not make a mistake of standing, and you don't have to keep holding down a button to duck.

    20. David Desjardin on

      Maybe you can just add in an "Easy Hide" option in the Options menu configuration. Let the user decide if they want to make the game easier or choose to follow your vision of forcing standing/crouching to hide in specific places. You can make the current required standing/crouching position hiding mechanic the default, and simply let the user decide if they like it or not. If they don't, let them change it in the Options.

    21. Asthree Works 2-time creator on

      - The save garden where you are is near a corridor with a locked elevator? If that's the case return to the first laboratory with one guard, enter the conduct and head down. Then choose one of the ways.
      - When you make noise enemies will be alerted. Try to go walking instead of running and use the noise in your advantage, for example: enter the conducts and run inside them to attract enemies to a different position.
      - About the default 360 key bound are you meaning that the controller doesn’t work?
      - To jump from one platform to another stay in one of the corners of the box and keep run pressed while jumping.
      - Giving the possibility to auto-duck/get up in the options could be a great improvement but we need to study its viability.

    22. Missing avatar

      Jasper.D.Hols on

      Is there any lets play(if allowed) I feel I missed something after the save point, probably even before that I just brute forced by most guards, the default 360 key bound's do not work for me and when I play with keyboard I fail jumps to often.
      If this game going to have an easy mode, make "use" always work when ducked or straight up.
      After many crappy kickstarters and broken promises(not giving demo's/etc...) this is an awesome present, keep on going you guys keep on supersizing us.

    23. Asthree Works 2-time creator on

      @Henrique Ghizzi Rezende We’ll probably need to polish the jumping mechanic.
      To reach the other boxes you need to keep run pressed + jump while moving in that direction.
      @saluk Cutscenes should be skipped in the next version, so it will be less annoying to repeat tasks after diying. In any case there is garden to the right, in a straight line from the jar escape.
      About the red boxes: same thing that we told to Henrique before.
      @Boxmania Some people prefer to change between positions. The thing is to adecuate all lower hideouts to the duck action. Sorry for the typos and thanks for the tips, we are non-english speakers!

    24. Missing avatar

      Boxmania on

      Another thought:

      Less formal language from the security team would be a nice touch I think, given their familiarity with each other eg: "Do not"- "Don't", that sort of thing. A minor nitpick though.

    25. Missing avatar

      saluk on

      Ack, I did just manage to get to the jumping part. Yeah. Fix that. I can't jump from the left red box to the right one. I don't think it's possible on my machine I just tried 100 times.

    26. Missing avatar

      Boxmania on

      My experience:

      Having to be in a certain position (standing-crouching) to perform actions can be very frustration. It would be better if W would just automatically swap to the required state when needed, then change back after the action is done. Also, being able to change positions while moving would be a great QoL change. Aside from that and a few text errors, I really like what I've seen. Keep up the good work.

    27. Missing avatar

      saluk on

      After saving and dying continue didn't highlight. I would have given up but after reading here that saving was implemented, I ran the game again and this time continue highlighted.

      I really didn't appreciate having to watch the opening again every time I died before getting to the garden. Maybe a checkpoint save right after the intro.

      I like the fact that hiding spots are different heights, and you have to be in the right state. It made things a bit more interesting. It did take a few tries to realize that was the case. I liked how big the base felt so far.

      I'm bad at the game so I haven't been able to see much.

      Well done on the game, I know I've been critical of the fact that updates have mostly focused on art and not talked about the programming at all (as a programmer, those kind of updates are my favorite to read), so it's reassuring that there does seem to be a game here, and potentially a very good one.

      Looking forward to seeing more!

    28. Henrique Ghizzi Rezende on

      Just wanted to leave my experience here, I like what I played, but I have a really hard time climbing (diagonal input fails to register most of the time and I fall to a lower level because Subject W walks forward) and jumping the red boxes took me a couple of minutes, I felt like the animation was taking priority over the gameplay and it made the jumps really hard to connect, but aside from these two moments I enjoyed it very much, and it looks really great.

    29. Asthree Works 2-time creator on

      Sorry, I included info related with the humble download and a discarded entry made for our website. That's what happens when you have everything in a google document and copy paste without thinking haha

    30. Asthree Works 2-time creator on

      For those that didn't receive the download link with the demo, enter your mail here:

      This is a sneak peak of some things that we included in the demo:
      The breakout of Subject W!
      Using the environment to hide from enemies
      Shortcuts that connect different points of the facility
      Saving in a garden
      Climbing to stay unnoticed
      Doing some platforming with caution
      Disconnecting the door laser
      the decontamination puzzle
      The first ability: camouflage
      Preparing a trap for Subject W
      First boss fight!

      @David Desjardin ok, you mean the vertical conducts. Noted David, thanks!

      @Patrick Lind We thought about adding rings surrounding the enemies when the player press the select skill button/key. Right now the enemies are highlighted in this “focus mode” so it could be a great addition to that feature (or maybe it gives too much information… we’ll look into it). In any case we tried not to overload the screen with helpers.
      About using hiding places, we make a mistake with the ones that are lower than Subject W (paper bins, flower pots…) because you have to use them standing and not crouched. I think that unifying this rule and using those ducked will be more understandable. Being able to hide in any hiding spot from either crouched or up right it’ll simplify things but we can also lose some short of depth in the overall game experience (you just focus a hideout, run, hide on it… wait and exit the room :-/ ).

      @Diego de Floor e Silva Concerning the hideouts, the position and following an intuitive pattern I agree and say the same thing that we told to @Patrick Lind: we made a wrong decision forcing players to hide standing in some lower hideouts. In any case it was already contemplated in our “to do list” :)
      Taking on stealth mechanics we don’t want to add much more interactions with the environment because in following chapters W will acquire new abilities ;)

    31. Paul Wortmann on

      Looking forward to the Linux version! :D

    32. Missing avatar

      Diego de Floor e Silva on

      Paradise Lost demo! it is christmas after all! :D

      The demo shows amazing promise. I like the controls. The movement is very limited like it usually is in stealth games, forcing me to rely on finding a good strategy rather than reflex and platforming skills. What I don't like is that some things can only be interacted with standing while others only crouched. They do not follow a very intuitive pattern. I would suggest maybe making things where you can hide only interactable when crouching and things you operate (as oppose to hide into) only when standing, for example. My point is, a recognizable pattern could be interesting.

      I found the stealth mechanic a bit too shallow (and hard, but that's fine). But that might be because it's only the beginning of the game, with less tools to play with. However, at least based on what I experienced, I could suggest hiding spots with non binary behavior (hidden/not hidden), like pillars that only hide you from guards looking at you from left/right. Or hiding spots that move, or hiding spots with an intrinsic timer (hard to think of a context but I imagine a thief clinging from the ceiling and running out of strength). But again, from what you guys showed so far I know there is a multitude of tools already to make the stealth gameplay deeper.

      I got nothing else. Looks and sounds amazing!

    33. Patrick Lind on

      Also- The delay in jumping can be a bit frustrating, as well needing to be either crouched or upright to enter different hiding places. When you are trying to quickly get past a guard and hide it can be annoying to try and hide only to find that you are not in the correct position. Being able to hide in any hiding spot from either crouched or up right would improve the game I think.
      Those are just my initial thoughts. I'm excited to finally be able to play this game! Can't wait to see final version!

    34. Patrick Lind on

      I think adding vision or hearing cones of some sort would be beneficial. As it is, it is hard to tell exactly how close Experiment W can get to the scientists and soldiers without altering them.

    35. Tiso Spencer

      Can't to play it,.

    36. David Desjardin on

      I would definitely keep the edge highlighting to denote that a user can go up/down in those spots, but naturally, I would want to push up or down here rather than pressing an action button.

    37. David Desjardin on

      Vertical conducts that connect to other ducts, yes. No need to have to push A to move down when pressing down should be sufficient since the character is already ducking/crawling in the horizontal ducts. Definitely not entering a duct from a hallway; using A to perform an entrance action is correct. I'm specifically referring to going from horizontal ducts to the connecting vertical ducts only.

    38. Troy Dunham on

      Just putting in another request for a Mac demo!!!! Cant wait to play and love all of your updates and .gifs. It has been a long journey and looking forward to the demo and final!!!!

    39. Asthree Works 2-time creator on

      @Spiritovod It works the same way as other pixel games like "Papers, please". That is done in order to maintain the pixel perfect in proportional aspect ratios to 16:9. We'll look into it because other games like Hyper Light Drifter make a rescaling and "create" new pixels between the existing ones (the problem is that it's made with other engine).

    40. Missing avatar

      Michael A. Atkinson on

      Digging the demo. Looks really good and plays well within the limits of a demo. Nice job so far, looking forward to the finished game!

    41. Matt Lohkamp on

      works great, nice and smooth - and boy do those pixels look good. can't wait to get back to my main desktop so I can try it out with a controller!

    42. Missing avatar

      Spiritovod on

      @Asthree Works
      And yeah, the bigger resolution, the better it fills the screen. On 1680*1050 it almost fills all of it, so I suppose it was developed for 1920*1080. But why can't the game resize itself to any resolution to fill the screen?

    43. Missing avatar

      Spiritovod on

      @Asthree Works
      Wow, didn't expect it'll be that long - good news for me then! Speaking of landing/sliding - it's not hard, but actually annoying, like in all those arcades where you should jump only from that pixel on the screen, otherwise you will fall down in a hole or something. And it will be more tough in latest parts of the game where things will be more complicated (probably). It's all about frustration when you know what you should do, but can't do it because you can't jump on/from a particular pixel, which is ridiculous sometimes. Didn't see it in the demo actually, because when I get accustomed, there were only one or two moments when it gets in the way.

      Regarding alarmed guards in contiguous rooms - you can simple add more trapdoors to a room, like 2 of them for example. It'll be easier to maintain balance like that (you can hide without being noticed) - and in the latest chapters you can reduce numbers of trapdoors or make them unavailable (like if it was compromised, a guard will lock it) or something. Even if this make a room impassable in alarmed state - it's even better, because it will tell a player that he can't rush a room as he pleases and force him to use some tactics. Lol, when I'm talking about trapdoors, I'm actually thinking of Mark of the Ninja mechanics for some reason )

      As for the resolution problem - it's true, I'm using my laptop + monitor (not TV) via HDMI at the moment. While I can't set 1920*1080 (both of them doesn't support it, which is lame), I now actually understand, where is the problem. The game is running in the same resolution as the screen resolution, regardless the launcher settings. I've tried to change resolution in desktop settings and confirmed this. Also, I've tried to change other display settings (in compatibility mode too), but with no avail. I hope it will help you to fix this in the future.

    44. Missing avatar

      santi.ontanon on

      Great to see a demo. Not being a Windows user, I cannot play the demo. But I hope it will come to other platforms soon.

    45. Asthree Works 2-time creator on

      For those that didn't receive the download link with the demo, enter your mail here:

    46. Niki Coppola

      Is this still coming to Wii U? or is it being moved to the Nintendo Switch?

    47. Craig Walker on

      @Asthree Works I am sorry about that

    48. Asthree Works 2-time creator on

      @LK100 We don't want to ignore the Mac users at all, doing a multiplatform game is not as easy as press one button and export, we need to run it in those systems, adjust things and test it non-stop till it works well. We'll look into this versions and get to you and the rest of Mac-Linux backers ASAP.
      @Graig Walker we'll PM you to avoid spoiling the experience to other players.
      @Spiritovod We plan to do much more than 4 chapters, the first 4-5 are only to acquire new abilities :)
      About the rotating arms problem with the guards, I see that is not a question of dated equipment or drivers, we'll need to change the way pixel art is applied on the game :-/
      We know about the saving issues but any extra feedback could help solve it faster.
      Didn't the game let you choose 1920x1080 on the res. menu? if not it could be some issue with the display options of windows 10. We saw that problem appear on a TV connected to the PC...
      Climbing is a little bit hard on Paradise Lost. Mainly because the plant doesn't stop completely while landing and also slips when half the body is out of a box. Also, the X displacement of Subject W is very short. We can adjust this parameters if it turns really hard for the most part of the game.
      About the alarms, we planned to put the contiguous rooms to the alerted one (and the alerted after escaping and return) on "aware" mode, with guards searching for the plant. We need to equilibrate this system so it doesn't make the game unplayable.
      @FungusTrooper PM with the solution.

    49. Missing avatar

      Greenfr0G on

      Hello Ashtree Works.

      I am also one of those who haven´t got any email. Is it possible to re-send it?