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Play as an alien plant and escape from a scientific facility, full of secrets and dangerous experiments.
Play as an alien plant and escape from a scientific facility, full of secrets and dangerous experiments.
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Unity 5 ~ pixel rotation ~ new devblog

Posted by Asthree Works (Creator)

Hey there! here’s the march dev report! We made great improvements the last month so there's some stuff that we've been working on.

New Unity, new possibilities

We made a great progress in the development and rewriting of the code and also took the opportunity to port the game to Unity 5. This new version of Unity brings a few improvements when using Mecanim and integrating animations into the game.

Another great feature will be the possibility to port the game directly to WiiU, which will make our work much easier when adapting Paradise Lost to the Nintendo platform -our priority after the PC versions-.

Perfectly aligned

One of the things that we have implemented with the new version is pixel perfect. In case someone doesn't know what we are talking about, it means that all pixels are the same size and stay aligned to a grid. Unity by default doesn't work at pixel level but based on textures, so we had to implement this solution by ourselves. This way, the game has a much nicer finish and we don’t see half pixel intersections when the characters are still.

Many pixel art games made in Unity don’t use this technique, but we wanted a top-notch look.

You can't escape the enemy's sight

The other BIG improvement that we have achieved is the rotation of elements within Unity itself, allowing enemies to aim in any direction -which saves us from animate hundreds of frames and also enhance the enemy’s precision-.

In very little time Carlos has managed to implement an algorithm that reads the pixel matrix in every sprite, redrawing them in each position. Thanks to this, you won’t see inclined pixels in a forced way, but squared pixels nicely aligned with the background grid.


Another thing that we wanted to share with all of you is the way we design the different characters in the game. To achieve a great variety of enemies we made a basic unisex head, on which we set up different elements (hairstyles, facial hair, accessories) and therefore obtaining diverse results from the same pattern.

Thanks to this all the enemies are unique, adding a lot of variety to the game (and also helping players to recognize certain rooms depending on their looks).

Finally... new website + devblog!

At last we found a bit of time to change our website and make a dev-blog section to post news more often -outside these Kickstarter updates- sharing images and other stuff about the design process of Paradise. We have also added a devkit section so anyone can download different elements such as high-resolution images of the game and logos of both Asthree and Paradise Lost.

Now the store section is better organized too with a new display for the different tiers that you can buy via Humble, so if you know people who want to support us or could be interested in the game, go tell them ;)

PS: Many thanks to our good friend Miguel Esteban for giving us a hand with the workload and help us build the website!

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    1. Asthree Works 2-time creator on

      @Lars H check out the newest update, more details inside :O

    2. Lars H on

      No soon update as outlined on 7th of may.
      Are you too busy to give an update to the people that gave you the opportunity to make this game happen?

    3. Asthree Works 2-time creator on

      @Sean Harvey we have intentions to make another update with new stuff soon. We need to translate all texts to english, and the lack of time + amount of work left kept all the team busy.

    4. Asthree Works 2-time creator on

      @Banni Ibrahim we are making all the animations smooth and realistic. Even manual rotations are similar to this one haha. Anyway it saves us a lot of time in the end, which is very important for us right now. I hope that you will like how it looks in game.
      @Alabug the OUYA port is kind of a blurry thing right now... We don't know what is going to happen with the console. Our idea is to finish the main versions and see if the situation of the platform is more stable along this year. We'll keep you informed about this matter.

    5. Banni Ibrahim on

      To be fair, while I certainly understand why sprite rotation for aiming would be used since it is a LOT of work to re-draw sprites aiming in every position. It kinda has an artificial look to it. It's a bit too smooth, kinda breaks the retro feel of the rest of the visuals.

    6. Missing avatar

      Alabug on

      You mentioned the priority is PC then WiiU. Where does the OUYA fit into the order? Will it come before the PC or after the WiiU?

    7. Daniel Berke on

      That sounds pretty cool! The rotation and pixel grid look really neat. Can't wait for this to come out! :)

    8. Asthree Works 2-time creator on

      @Jonic Linley With the attribute of "pixels per unit", which is constant for all sprites we use in the game, we know how much occupy each pixel, then in the LateUpdate we reposition these sprites to never stay between a pixel and another, but rather adhere to the grid we calculated previously. The only step left is to make sure that the pixels are all the same size and shape, for that the screen needs to have an orthographic size that is related to the height of the screen.

      Hard to explain in english, hope you'll understand o_o U

    9. Missing avatar

      Paul Rascher on

      Very cool. Everything is looking great. I like the new diversity of the NPC characters and the animation stances.

    10. Jonic Linley on

      The new weapon rotation technique is really clever! That must have saved you tons of time!

      Is there any chance you might elaborate on how you made your pixel-perfect grid work?

    11. Ng Jun Siang on

      Love reading all the enhancements each time you guys move to a new engine. But I hope work is being done on the storyline and gameplay in the meantime ;)

    12. Asthree Works 2-time creator on

      We're glad you all like the new stuff! Keep an eye on the new site to check more things about the development ;)

      @Martin O we didn't implement feed in the devblog because we are going to set up a forum in the future to discuss things and have all opinions in one place.

    13. J.L. on

      Paradise Lost sounds more and more like Paradise Found with each update. (c:

      Keep up the great work!

    14. Ivan Kozmon on

      Guys, the amount of attention you are paying to details is just awesome. :) I am really looking forrward to playing the game.

    15. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the update, guys, this game just keeps getting better!

    16. Martin O

      Pixel perfect positioning is great!

      Is there no feed for the devblog? I couldn't find any.

    17. Juan Esponera on

      Ahora en español: No puedo mas!!! Necesito jugarlo yaaa!!!

    18. Juan Esponera on

      Man, my hype rises with every update... Can't wait!