Paradise Lost: First Contact

by Asthree Works

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    1. Sharkey on

      Keep up the great work guys! Masterpieces take time to be born, so no worries from me as I'm used to 2 year development times from other Kickstarter projects, like Wasteland 2. I just hope to see this game make it to Sony platforms as well in the future, need this on my Vita!

    2. Christian Michael Mata on

      Thanks for the update guys, I'm super excited for the game!

    3. Missing avatar

      Darin Herrick on

      My fear is that development falls apart and the game gets cancelled. My hope and dream is that the game gets finished sometime in the next year with the spirit of the trailer that blew my mind.

      This game and Hyper Light Drifter are the two games I am looking forward to the most.

      Don't give up! Keep going! Get 'er done!

    4. Missing avatar

      Ben on

      More specific information on how the game development will move forward after the lost of the programmer would be appreciated. You said the guts will be changed, what does that mean and what sort of implication will it bring?

    5. Missing avatar

      Diego de Floor e Silva on

      Delays are totally understandable :) Lack of experience forces developers to review strategies midway and that is usually the cause.
      But I admit, losing a programmer could mean trouble, specially in a small team where one programmer is the entire 'programming team'. I know deviating from the perfection you guys are aiming for sounds painful but it might be necessary if the complications start to snowball.

    6. Ponkool4 on

      The lab looks fantastic! Great job improving it.

    7. Lars H on

      I'm a bit concerned as well. Loosing the main programmer certainly isn't fun for a small team. But what is making me questioning the project is, that you are trying to be perfect about the background graphics. This takes a big amount of time and though I appreciate the look, it seems wrong to me to polish the paint of a car that is missing wheels or even the engine.
      I hope that the demo will prove me wrong.

    8. Paul Hamilton on

      Looking forward to the demo a lot, and have my fingers crossed it comes this year. The new lab bg you've shown does look better, a lot better, but remember everyone was more than happy with how it already looked. :)

    9. Missing avatar

      saluk on

      Congratulations on 1 year and thanks for the update.

      I have to say, I really liked the original look. It was almost perfect. I think it is quite fortunate that the updated look does not look worse than the original, as is sometimes the case when an artist tries to improve their work. I think that, looking back, it would have been better to focus your time and effort on completing the required game elements instead of redoing things that were already done. But I wasn't there, so what do I know?

      I'm also concerned at the loss of a programmer. This late in the stage, it doesn't bode well. Are you looking at someone recoding the game from scratch, so you have a wider pool of programmers to choose from - but with even further possible delays; or are you looking for someone to get up to speed with what exists? What is the game coded in so far? The second will limit you some, as some programmers may not know or want to work with the technology that exists; but if you can find the right person it might be less of a delay.

      Good luck with the project I hope you can get it straightened out and work out a good plan for finishing. Perfection is a nice thing to aim for, but it can be the enemy of good.

    10. Sir Jordi

      great, complete update
      I can't weait to play it!

      go go go!

    11. Asthree Works 2-time creator on

      @Saluk a lot of things had to change in the stages to fit with the gameplay’s evolution, but ’m not going to lie you either… it was hard to stop polishing things. Anyway we are designing the game structure and new bosses, the game’s look will stay intact from now on.
      About the game’s code we’ll have to start over some things, but we have a few candidates in mind that will fit perfectly in the team and could boost the development in no time. Plus another friend will lend a hand over the project to speed up things too.

      @Lars H your right, the lost of the programmer isn’t fun at all. You have to readapt to a new partner and start a few things from the beginning again, but with the advantage of the previous experience. I understand your concern, but we can assure you that we improved things not only graphically but also in how the game works. We hope the demo will take away your fears.

      @Ben we are preparing right now the material already made for the new programmer, making it easier to start from the previous work. It will probably delay a little bit more but the core is still intact. When I refer to the “guts” of the game i’m saying that it will look exactly the same from the gameplay point of view: same moves, same AI, same puzzles… just different code.

      @Darin Herrick I prefer to cut my right hand before canceling the project. We are committed to make it real by whatever means, so don’t worry about that.

    12. jorlinn on Linux on

      Please don't cut your right hand. It would look stylish on Halloween, sure, but you probably need that appendage for various things, like stroking a cat, eating, fondling, holding a similar appendage with your preferred partner and...What was it again?..Ah, yes: work.
      I agree with Lars H: It's tempting to polish every pixel until it shines and casts it's shadow just right for the next planetary alignment. However that is not the main part of the game, now is it? Try to make the guts and the logic work first and then start building the bodies around them, testing the lot and if you still have time and budget after that the polishing can begin until release day looms on the horizon.

    13. jorlinn on Linux on

      About the design in the screenshot posted above. If a plant is involved doesn't it require some sunlight to grow? Especially the last setup would instantly wither my beloved herb garden to a crisp. Have you ever visited a hortus botanicus?
      I pity the scientists that have to sit on the lower office chairs without a solid back rest.
      Probably the most work is done by the computers looming everywhere and the humans occasionaly come in to check if the computers are still functioning...

    14. Lars H on

      Of course, sunlight is best for normal plants. The spectrum of the light is better and most lamps do not emmit enough in the red and blue parts (clorophyl absorbs light mostly in range 400-480nm and 630-660nm;
      There are "grow lamps" which do much better. I use some of them for taking care of tropical plants during the winter and they are pretty good.
      But there are some fungi (which do not use photosynthesis) that use even radiation as source of energy! So imagine what a alien plant could use! ;-)

      But at current state I would not give them any ideas about reworking the graphics. I'm looking forward to the demo and them I hope my concerns are over.

    15. Riccardo Previdi on

      I'm sorry to hear the troubles you're incurred into. But this game is awesome, me & wife can hardly wait to play it!!!

    16. LuckyLuigi on

      No rush mate, massive game backlog here and piling up :P

    17. Asthree Works 2-time creator on

      @Jorlin @Lars H there's special lamps in certain labs that emmit the needed light for the plant in that spectrum. Under them W can charge the energy bar to use its abilities, so you are not misguided at all :)
      About the chairs, not so long Sigrid told me "hey don't you think that a top research organization could buy better seatings?" haha but don't worry, change that in the engine is just one click.

    18. xlynx on

      It's disappointing you need to throw so much code away. I hope it's for technical reasons and not copyright issues.

    19. Daniel H. on

      Wish you all the best, hopefully this will get done.