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An 8-bit RPG adventure about...saving ducklings?


Giant tanks. Epic explosions. Mind-blowing special effects. You are not going to find any of these in Duck Quest? - and yet you will be enthralled and engrossed in this charming 8-bit adventure about loss, redemption and lots of quacking. 

Join a mother duck on her quest (?) to find her gale-scattered young 'uns throughout a city park. Along the way, she will meet a host of memorable pixelated characters, who may touch you with their heart-rending stories. However, the more likely response is a chuckle, or possibly even a guffaw.

This stupendous retro adventure with RPG elements is hitting the internet probably by fall - but we need your help! The avian odyssey must be told. Also, there are totally swanky rewards.

Brought to you by Waffle Friday Studios!


Ah, yes, so you want the lowdown on the goods? 

All reward tiers come with a custom drawing from Louie. He's pretty open to a lot of things, so be creative when we come to you for your requests. You can check out his everyday blog here, for more examples of stuff.

For the higher tiers, we've got playing cards and shirts. The designs on these haven't been decided upon yet, but you can bet your sweet bippy they'll be awesome.


Ah, you've caught on to the punctuation quirk of the title! Oh, that was a question. We anticipate completion by late summer/early fall. When it's done, it'll be put up on the Waffle Friday website for all to enjoy! Not only will your support help us finish Duck Quest, it will give us motivation to produce more quality games! 


  • It's gonna be an online flash game hosted on the Waffle Friday website, in the vein of the Videlectrix games from Homestarrunner, if you recall those. We are also thinking about expanding it into other platforms such as iOS, etc.

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  • For those of you outside the US who have selected the mailed print, have no fear! There are no additional shipping charges. For those of you outside the US who have selected the playing cards/shirt, you'll have to add $5 USD. Although you could also not, because we might forget.

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  • Pledge $5 or more
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    A custom drawing from Louie, sent via e-mail, of pretty much whatever you want - caricatures, landscapes, Pokemon, nothing too elaborate, though!

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  • Pledge $7 or more
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    OK. So, Louie's gonna die if he has to draw any more custom art, because he has classes, but for $7, we'll send you a nice print of ANY artwork he has ever done - see

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  • Pledge $15 or more
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    A delightful color custom drawing, printed and mailed, of, you know, whatever you want! Louie promises it will look quite terrific, especially if tastefully framed.

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  • Pledge $30 or more
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    A simply smashing print as detailed above, and also a pack of DUCK QUEST PLAYING CARDS! Woah, man.

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  • Pledge $50 or more
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    A wonderful print and the playing cards as detailed above, plus an exclusive Duck Quest shirt. Please, please, hold your applause.

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