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An 8-bit RPG adventure about...saving ducklings?
An 8-bit RPG adventure about...saving ducklings?
356 backers pledged $6,293 to help bring this project to life.

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We're happy to announce that Duck Quest? is hot off the presses and ready to play! Play it online here or download it for Mac or PC!

We want to thank everyone for their undying support and patience in making this game a great success. We hope you enjoy playing this one-of-a-kind adventure game, and we hope that Duck Quest? brings a nostalgia for the 8-bit games of long ago.

We'll be updating you shortly on the shipment status of the rewards!


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    1. Lydia Eickstaedt on May 18, 2013

      Received my playing cards this past week, and they are aduckable! Looking forward to an update about the prints. :)

    2. Pink-Pummy
      on April 20, 2013

      This was undeniably cute! Wish it were longer, but it's really well made :) classic adventure game feel all with cute ducklings and music!
      Loved the pixel art and especially the little sequences when you're using an item.
      Has there been any word on the shipping yet? I'm not sure if I should check kickstarter or if I should've gotten an email or anything. Still greatly looking forward to things even if they still take a while (300+ drawings surely isn't just a few for one person!) So good luck if you're still at it :)

    3. Christine Z on March 29, 2013

      Since "?" is an invalid file name character, it may not get extracted. I was able to extract it with Winrar since it changes the filename automatically.

    4. Colin Samuel Peacock on March 9, 2013

      Indeed - the PC link contains a OSX copy. :S

    5. Missing avatar

      Henry Yip on March 1, 2013

      Hi, does anyone here have any problems downloading the game from the link? When I clicked the PC link and downloaded the zip file, all got was an empty folder called "_MACOSX" after file extraction.

    6. HotMayoSandwich
      on February 28, 2013

      So.. is that it? It took over $6k and five months to make a game consisting of 16 screens? Please tell me this is just a preview of the "real" game.

    7. Christine Z on February 23, 2013

      I've played it a few times now and the artwork and music are great. There were quite a few times where it froze on me though (after giving something to the baloon guy and after examining the first park bench) and I encountered the same problem as ☜⌠nockgeneer⌠☞, where I got stuck coming from the left. I've tried it on the web and pc so far.

    8. Christine Z on February 23, 2013

      I moved recently so the address I provided before is incorrect. I haven't received a response from my previous direct message but I sent another message with the updated address. Please check the message and send the print that I requested there instead.

    9. Missing avatar

      Mark Bauermeister on February 16, 2013

      Any ETA on the physical rewards (seeing as how Louie has yet to draw my piece of custom art, it will probably be a while)?

      I'm moving in late March/early April and need to provide a new address.

      PS: I'd be happy if someone from the team could reply. Sadly, I've never received an answer to any of my questions before. Which is rather strange, considering the people from other projects I've backed usually reply within 3-4 days, at the very least.

    10. Chad Elliott on February 12, 2013

      *** SPOILER ALERT ***

      Game froze for me after giving the fleas to the drummer. I would recommend a modification to the game that saves your items and progress in an LSO or Cookie after each change, that way the page can be refreshed when the game freezes and you can pick up where you left off.

      Another bug I noticed is that I get stuck to the fence along the bottom of the map, if you press up against the fence and then move left to the next screen, it gets stuck.

    11. Missing avatar

      Sarah Seitzinger on February 12, 2013

      Aww, it's so cute and awesome! Very nice work and just the right sort of humor for a classic-style adventure game! Side note, I also borrowed one of your images for my desktop pattern. Lovely art!

      **GAME SPOILER**

      I had a stuck issue in the same place as Skyen Rice, handing the Mountain Dew to the balloon salesman. The menu options disappeared too, I noticed. Running on Chrome, and it looks like it didn't update to the very most recent Flash version, so maybe that's part of the problem. I'll try the download version later.

      I also got momentarily stuck earlier walking from the Mountain Dew machine screen into the black top hat man screen: I could walk horizontally along the bottom of the screen, but not up or down. It eventually unfroze, and I was able to walk back into the previous screen somehow after wandering a while offscreen behind the black frame.

    12. nockgeneer on February 11, 2013

      Oh, and for the custom artwork, it looks like there should be about 250 of those he has to make. At his current rate of one-a-day, that's almost eight (8) months of work, or almost 38 weeks. Add to that the animations, etc... he does in place of art sometimes, unforeseen circumstances, etc... and you can see that it might easily take him a year before he's done them all. All for a paltry 6K. Take pity on the poor guy.

    13. nockgeneer on February 11, 2013

      Great job!


      Ran into an issue entering from the west were the band is playing after having united the musicians. I'm stuck and can't even return the way I came.

      *************END BUG REPORT************

    14. Zael on February 11, 2013

      Good night! ;)

    15. Maximillian on February 11, 2013

      Adam, I, too, am wondering about the drawings. I'd love to know how many are left to be done as I've not seen mine on Louie's tumblr yet.

    16. HotMayoSandwich
      on February 11, 2013

      Any word on the custom drawings?

    17. Tim & Kurt on February 11, 2013

      Just beat the game, no issues. But the all mountain dew soda machine was brilliant! Huzza!

    18. Missing avatar

      Dodplas on February 11, 2013

      Zael - I tried it with 7zip and the file appeared!

    19. Skyen Rice on February 11, 2013


      Gave the Mountain Dew to the Balloon Salesman, the game froze on me. Music's fine, animations are running, but I can't quack or access items or anything. Best guess is it's frozen between me giving the dew and whatever scene triggering that was supposed to trigger.

    20. David Kerley on February 11, 2013

      Awesome, I played a bit of it and it's great. I was wondering when my drawing will be emailed to me?

    21. Zael on February 11, 2013

      PC Download works fine after you rename the file inside to something that doesn't contain illegal characters (such as a question mark), for me the WinRar did it automatically. No need to pay any regard to that Macosx folder either..

    22. Jessica Jaszczak on February 11, 2013

      Hi guys! I'm playing online. When I got to the front gate where the man in the black top hat is standing, the game froze up and quit. :(

    23. Missing avatar

      Dodplas on February 11, 2013

      When I follow the PC download link, it just downloads a .zip of a folder called 'DQWin' that contains an empty folder called '_MACOSX'.