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Duck Quest?'s video poster

An 8-bit RPG adventure about...saving ducklings? Read more

Boston, MA Video Games
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This project was successfully funded on August 31, 2012.

An 8-bit RPG adventure about...saving ducklings?

Boston, MA Video Games
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Duck Quest Update #5!

Due to a few requests, we have added a few more $5 requests, but no more! Louie's gotta worry about his grades next semester, you know. In addition, we've added prints of previously done artwork, printed on nice fine art paper, probably ranging from 4x6 to 8x10 depending on which piece it is. Please see

for a fairly comprehensive list of recent art. We apologize for any displeasure or gnashing of teeth this may cause.

Finally, because folks have been asking: please wait till the end of the kickstarter to submit requests - we will be sending out surveys for requests/emails/addresses/etc. Thanks again to all for exceeding our humble goal by quite a considerable margin.


    1. Creator Pink-Pummy on August 6, 2012

      Yeah very reasonable move :) poor louie!
      But this very ambitious to begin with ;-) quite the creativity boost and step up from "1 picture a day". At least you'll end up having an insane portfolio I guess haha ;D

    2. Creator nockgeneer on August 6, 2012

      Good way to let people in on the fun without having to kill yourself! :-D