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"With a world divided, who do you turn to?" Niobe by Sebastian Jones, Amandla Stenberg, Ashley Woods, Sheldon Mitchell, & Darrell May.
"With a world divided, who do you turn to?" Niobe by Sebastian Jones, Amandla Stenberg, Ashley Woods, Sheldon Mitchell, & Darrell May.
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BCC and NYCC Convention Bound + She is Love + Pals!

Posted by Sebastian A. Jones (Creator)

Hey Folks!

First note is a huge thank you for all your support on our new campaign! We have new rewards coming tomorrow and social media goals coming soon! 

Are any of you going to Baltimore Comicon or NYCC? We are, so you may not hear from me as frequently over the next couple of weeks :) Our booth numbers are BCC #2104 and NYCC #2345. And I wanted to share a little moment, why we do this… and how you make this happen…

Comic publishing is a nonstop grind where margins are small. They take you away from your loved ones as you forge ahead with a single vision, a dream. And then for a magic moment the dream becomes real, and full of love. To all those that support me what you may not realize is that it’s your love that allows us to keep sharing the love, creating ripples that make the world go round, making little girls smile and THEIR dreams come true.

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That is why we do this. Thank you Niobe family.  


With our new campaign, our hope is to keep giving you more stuff… more and more lol. So here is another sneak peek into the world of the new campaign. We hope you check it out as there are only a few copies left at the Virgin Variant Level!

Essessa sample page
Essessa sample page

And here are four new 11 x 17 art prints! We are offering each as an ADD ON FOR $15 per print! 

By Sheeba Maya and Rahiem Milton
By Sheeba Maya and Rahiem Milton
By Brianna Pippens and Bobby Breed
By Brianna Pippens and Bobby Breed

But please checking in over the next few days as more rewards and ADD ONS will appear including Niobe single issue sets to the rare Bergting Untamed Killing Floor sets, new exclusive art prints and a whole lot more - especially fans of ATCQ.

As you know I am a big believer in sharing the love. We have received so much from PALS over the last few days from ALL the Kickstarter creators who have let their teams know about us (including my brilliant booth neighbor) Brian Pulido and whole lot more. So I am so happy to share the love right back. Please take a gander at these wonderful folks:



A graphic novel about an African American girl who discovers her magical powers on an amazing journey to a hidden African kingdom. The beautiful novel is also available to!


Above the Clouds follows a young girl named Eily whose world is silent until she is given a book. She falls in love with a story about an unlikely hero who must save a great world tree from a dragon. Only, the story she's reading isn't done and now she must get a reluctant author to finish what he has started.


This action packed sci-fi adventure follows a group of disenfranchised space marines that rescue a group of captured scientists, then kidnap them, and jump into hyperspace... toward an unexplored Goldilocks planet. If you love epic action, character-driven drama, ensemble casts of diverse characters, and wild alien creatures and environments, this is book is for you.


I wanted to give the love once more to Russell Nohelty, a man I respect so much in this game. Russell you are a rare gem and your contributions to this world are special. There are just 4 days left, go show some love.

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