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Appalachians (Ian Ihde, Henry Donato, Ryan Delmonico, and Nate "Fwad" Pettigrew) are recording our first full length CD this summer!

We're Funded! Let's see how much more we can raise! Thanks everyone :)

The time has come...

to get back into the studio. We are raising money to fund the recording and mixing of the new Appalachians record, due out August 2012. These songs mean a lot to us, and we are looking forward to finally being able to show them to you. On May 18th we'll be entering the studio at The McNally Smith College of Music to begin the recording process. From there we plan on recording vocals, overdubs, and more with local producer (Shaun Ortman) throughout the months of June and July. The record will be a full length, made up of 10 songs. 

Why should I donate.....?

All of the funds that we raise through this project are going directly into the album to make it as awesome as we can. The money will go towards studio time, mixing, mastering, and the creation of the album's artwork. Therefore by donating, you are enabling us to make this record the best that it can be. Even if it's only a dollar, it's still a donation, and would mean the world to us! The goal is just a number that we threw out there, and we are by no means capping it at that. The album will cost more to produce, so never hesitate to donate and help us exceed our goal!

What's the new record going to sound like......?

It's going to be a mix of many sounds and styles. One thing we've noticed throughout the writing process for this album is the diversity of it. Not one song sounds the same, and they all truly have their own vibe. In addition to us, this album will feature some of our immensely talented friends, who we couldn't be more excited to feature. As always, you can count on it having that signature Appalachians sound! 

Again, we are so stoked to get this record out for all of you to hear. Look for studio updates, videos, and song previews in the future for all of our backers!

Thank you so much for your support, Happy Donating!


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    Henry and Ian will record a original/cover song specifically for YOU! You determine the subject matter, genre, and even the lyrics if you want. We'll work with you to make it whatever you want it to be! This reward includes a digital download of the album, which we will send with your song in July. (Check out the cover of "Baby" by Justin Bieber on our facebook page to see the expected song quality)

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