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It all started on Kickstarter in 2012 & we're proud to be invited back, with our sneakiest, comfiest dollop of godless footwear yet!
It all started on Kickstarter in 2012 & we're proud to be invited back, with our sneakiest, comfiest dollop of godless footwear yet!
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One last hiccup & a further delay for some of you

Posted by David Bonney (Creator)

Greetings all, 

We're very nearly there, but we had an unexpected hiccup this week which will slow down delivery for some of you. 

All the sneakers with ICH BIN soles, in all sizes, and all the Bauhaus and Voyager soles, size 42 and smaller, have been completed. Most have been shipped, and the remaining ones will leave Berlin in the coming days. 

The last of the sneakers waiting to be finished are size 43 and up, Bauhaus and Voyager soles. They were due to complete this week but, when we went to finish the soles, we discovered that our supplier had sent the wrong density of EVA (which is the spongey white material, providing much of the cushioning under foot). The density was a little too soft for our liking, so we've sent it back and we're waiting on delivery of the correct EVA. Thankfully, we spotted this before we assembled the soles and bonded them to uppers. But it does mean we're now in a waiting phase once again, without a clear idea of when the new EVA will arrive. It could take up to three weeks, but we have fingers and toes crossed for a quicker delivery. Once we have it, it's a very simple final phase of assembly, before the sneakers are on their way. 

We are super sorry. This last hurdle sucks.... not least for our shoemakers who now have to rejig their project planning for the coming weeks. But we did promise you the very best quality sneaker we could make and we're gonna stick to that promise, even if it means you'll have to get through February sneakerless. 

Same applies as before. If you need to change your shipping address, or tell us not to ship before a certain date, please just email us: 



On a more positive note, and much to our relief, the feedback from backers who've already received their sneakers has been truly awesome... thank you for taking the time to write to us! We're so delighted and we hope it offers some reassurance, to those of you still waiting, that the wait will be worthwhile. 

Just by way of example, the following astoundingly lovely feedback came from Travis, and it almost made my colleague Nana cry (she said she had something in her eye, but I don't buy it) ... 

"Hello! I had to write you here on Kickstarter because I really hope you post the following message I just wrote to your website. I am extremely happy with my new pair of atheist sneakers. You guys made my day. These are my favorite shoes I’ve ever owned.

——————- Hello! I just received my new atheist sneakers today and I am beyond impressed. I have to admit I was a little concerned at first because I fit into a U.S. size 11.5 (or 12) with a wider foot. After sending in my measurements your team recommended I purchase a size 46. They are absolutely perfect! I have never felt such a comfortable shoe. These are designed with quality and passion and it shows. It feels like the perfect pair of shoes. I am an extremely satisfied customer and I would like to inquire about purchasing additional colors. The Atheist message on the bottom is very special to me. You have a wonderful product here! Amazing service. Quality built to perfection. I am really taken back. Thank you for making my favorite shoes I’ve ever owned. - Travis :)"

We really hope that you'll all feel that way in the end. And please, if you have any feedback at all, good or bad, we're very grateful to hear it. You can comment on this Kickstarter page, or email us, or even post on our website.

Thank you everyone, for your patience, feedback and support. 

More news very soon!





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    1. David Bonney 3-time creator on

      Hey Carlos - nope, nothing new to report. We're still on standby, waiting for delivery of the higher density EVA. It should be with us next week, but I'll update once I have something concrete.

    2. Carlos Rojas on

      Hello there, any update in the meantime?

    3. David Bonney 3-time creator on

      We're chuffed to hear that, Ralf. Thank you!

    4. Ralf Pickart on

      I received mine yesterday and I can only second the review above... amazing shoes, perfect fit. Thank you!