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It all started on Kickstarter in 2012 & we're proud to be invited back, with our sneakiest, comfiest dollop of godless footwear yet!
It all started on Kickstarter in 2012 & we're proud to be invited back, with our sneakiest, comfiest dollop of godless footwear yet!
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A short delay, but we're getting there...

Posted by David Bonney (Creator)

Hello everyone! 

Thanks for bearing with us in recent weeks. 

Here's a little update from the sneakerface, in Porto, where we're getting ready to enter the final stages of production. 

As you might have suspected, we're a little bit behind schedule - sorry about that. We had originally hoped to ship most of the sneakers by the end of November, but those hopes appear to have been dashed by a combo of delays in leather and sole production. We do expect to have some pairs finished by the month's end, although they unfortunately won't be ready to ship until early December. And December shipping is a tad more difficult to predict, so we're not yet able to put a definitive timeline on final shipping. All in all, we reckon we're facing the 3 or 4 week delay we anticipated might happen, when we wrote our "Risks & Rewards" section below. Maybe we can make up some of that time, although we definitely don't want to rush the assembly and finishing phase, as this is where it's most critical to have time and patience.

We look forward to giving you a more precise update on shipping dates once production nears its close. In the mean time, if you need to change your shipping address, we believe it's still possible to do that by logging into your Kickstarter profile and editing the information you gave us. But we also welcome you to email us any changes in address: And if you're unsure where you'll be when we're ready to ship, don't worry... we'll give you notice again in 2 or 3 weeks, before we make the list of shipping addresses final. 

To end on a positive note, the actual making of the sneakers has been going very well indeed and we think this might be the best batch of shoes/sneakers we've ever produced! Hopefully you guys will feel the same way once you get them. 

More news soon!


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VOYAGER sole blocker, fresh from the mould
VOYAGER sole blocker, fresh from the mould



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    1. David Bonney 3-time creator on

      Hey Serge, I just replied to your pm. Bauhaus is still on course, though lagging a little behind the other soles. And it may be possible you change your order from Voyager... we'll know in a couple of weeks.

    2. Serge Rosenthaler on

      Has the Bauhaus sole been canceled?

    3. Missing avatar

      Jim Stimpson on

      I live on my feet, not on my knees. I’m happy to wait. I love you guys keep it up.

    4. Missing avatar

      Clotilde HIBON on

      Thanks for your response David!
      I might have the opportunity to come back when you are all here and less busy.
      Looking forward to the shoes.

    5. David Bonney 3-time creator on

      Hey all, thanks for the comments. And glad you guys aren't in a rush... good things do tend to take time :) Clotilde, we'd love to say yes, but it's difficult when we're not in town (and unfortunately we're not on those dates). I know Paulo and his team would be proud to show off their little factory and couldn't say no, but I'd feel bad putting that extra pressure on him when he's right at the peak of production. Thanks for asking though. And I know we have some videos of the shoemaking process posted here and there, and we'll try post more ... e.g.… and

    6. Missing avatar

      Clotilde HIBON on

      Hello team,

      Thanks for the update, and I am OK to wait for the shoes.
      I will be going to Porto on business trip from Dec 4th to 7th.
      Would it be possible to see where your factory is during an evening?
      I would love to see the process of making a shoe!


    7. Björn Somell on

      Take your time. I rather have really nice sneakers a little later than just ok sneakers in time.

    8. Christian Weiten on

      Hi atheists, I don't care. Take the time you need to get it ready. In Germany – you know – we say: Vorfreude ist die schönste Freude!

    9. Florian Horsch on

      Can't wait to take them for a walk :)