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It all started on Kickstarter in 2012 & we're proud to be invited back, with our sneakiest, comfiest dollop of godless footwear yet!
It all started on Kickstarter in 2012 & we're proud to be invited back, with our sneakiest, comfiest dollop of godless footwear yet!
472 backers pledged €117,601 to help bring this project to life.

We're truly blown away. A sincere "thank you" to everyone who pledged!

Posted by David Bonney (Creator)

It's just a couple of months ago that the good people at Kickstarter put the idea of doing a new project in our minds. We were honoured to be asked to take part in Kickstarter Gold, but we also had mixed feelings, as it wasn't the best timing; we were in the midst of a complicated move to new premises, whilst a family member was terribly ill... so we were a little worried that we might not be able to give Kickstarter our all. 

That said, we were deeply excited about the potential of DAS SNEAKER and eager to share it with the world. Its development was already quite advanced, we'd received excellent feedback from our friends who'd been wearing prototypes, and it all-round felt like a worthy evolution of our original shoe... which is kinda what Kickstarter Gold was all about. So we set ourselves a deadline... if we could hastily pull a video together over the course of a weekend, we'd launch. And so we did!

We had a quiet confidence that we'd reach our goal of 13,000 euros over the course of 40 days, maybe a little more. But when it took just 2 days to reach that target, it was clear we were on to something with DAS SNEAKER. 

Shortly after we reached our target we had a bereavement to deal with and our new shop was so super busy that we never really had as much time as we'd have liked to promote our Kickstarter. But your pledges kept coming in (we guess "word of foot" was spreading!) and your support was a precious source of energy and optimism for us.

At the end of 40 days, DAS SNEAKER is, incredibly, 900% funded! We've raised 104k euros more than we expected. And you've given us the biggest encouragement you can imagine to make a reality of this lusciously comfy shoe. 

We've already gotten started - this week we're refining our work on soles and sole moulds - and we look forward, over the coming weeks and months, to creating for you the very best sneaker to have ever sneaked. 

You'll hear from us soon regarding next steps. No need to worry yet about your size / colour / sole preferences... we'll send you a questionnaire once we're ready for that information. And, rest assured, that despite us now planning to make many more sneakers than originally expected, we believe we can stick to the same schedule, with production taking place from late September to early December (please note that our lucky shoemaking team in Portugal has the whole month of August off for holiday... and quite right too, they've earned it .)

Thank you, once again!

The ATHEIST Team, in Berlin


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    1. Tom Harriss

      So sorry to hear of your family difficulties.
      Hopefully the great success of this project will help everyone move forward!
      Really looking forward to seeing a quality atheist sneaker, thanks!

    2. Christian Weiten on

      Hey Atheists, fame on you! I'm really looking forward to getting my pair of shoes. Kreuzberg lebe hoch! Christian