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A fast and fun turn-based adventure where you use top-down tactical combat and collectible card mechanics to master your strategy.
A fast and fun turn-based adventure where you use top-down tactical combat and collectible card mechanics to master your strategy.
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It's a "Cold Hearted" Christmas...

Posted by D20Studios (Creator)

And your presents have arrived!

Our next build update, featuring the much anticipated Deck Editor, launches tonight at 7PM MT to coincide with Alizigator's weekly "Summoners Sunday" stream on Twitch. I am so excited to hit this milestone - and in time for the holidays - it's going to take our game and community to the next level of creativity and awesomeness! Click here for details on how to watch the live stream and play the new build.

Meet the Cold Hearteds

A delightful blend of cold and cruel
A delightful blend of cold and cruel

Jump right into battle with our new faction: the "Cold Hearteds". They are a gang of bandits and assassins led by Cora the Ice Queen, a summoner with the power to command the cold. Joining her in battle is the Assassin, who introduces tension building stealth mechanics to combat, and the Bandit Leader, who uses her seasoned experience to bolster your forces and her own fighting ability alike. An arsenal of appropriately "cold and cruel" spells compliments this new faction with abilities that will surprise and decimate your opponents.

Preview a small taste of what to expect in this video

Just how awesome will deck building be?

Very awesome! So awesome that your mind will explode contemplating the numerous teams you can assemble, the synergies of the cards, and the most satisfying and creative ways to win. If you're familiar with my design style, you know I don't waste time with filler. If a card isn't amazing, I go back to the drawing board until I find that special place where it puts a smile on my face to see it draw from the deck into my hand.

The deck builder design itself is the culmination of many restless hours, and quite possibility, it's the only one of its kind in existence that seamlessly supports both portrait and landscape modes. The user interface can be handled with just one hand, if need be, for those inopportune moments when creativity strikes you.

I'm particularly proud of our Deck Editor's ability to let you see and edit your entire deck at a glance without having to scroll. Then, for the more detail oriented folks that like to "spread out their cards on the mattress" to consider what needs to be taken out or put in, there is an inspect mode that lets you see the cards laid out in a nice, sortable interface where you can see the full cards.

What are you waiting for? Come join the party!

Following our successful showcase at Dreamhack, we have been busy getting Summoners Fate into the hands of up and coming Twitch streamers who've been providing weekly entertainment to viewers and our players alike. Now is your chance to join in on the fun and see for yourself both what makes our game experience so enthralling and our community so friendly and welcoming.

View our calendar of Twitch stream events here and join us tonight with Liz (Alizigator) to get your hands on the new build and have a blast before the holidays.

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