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A fast and fun turn-based adventure where you use top-down tactical combat and collectible card mechanics to master your strategy.
A fast and fun turn-based adventure where you use top-down tactical combat and collectible card mechanics to master your strategy.
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Backer Surveys Sent!

Posted by D20Studios (Creator)
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What's Next?

Greetings everyone! This morning, I sent out all of the backer surveys. These contain the following:

  • Download URLs to rewards currently available (Discord Icons and Wallpaper)
  • Questions related to your rewards (ex: desired name in the credits, puppy, etc.)
  • Information specific to claiming in-game rewards and registering for the closed-beta

Our first game, Hero Mages, had a pretty neat feature that we aim to include in Summoners Fate as well: seamless account integration with the game and community forums. Doing so helps us deliver the best possible service experience and ensure that you'll have access to all of your incredible in-game Kickstarter rewards on day 1 when the game launches. Instructions for the registration process are included in your backer survey if your reward tier includes in-game digital rewards. Everyone is also welcome to register on our forums here.

Note: If you don't see your reward survey after clicking the "Respond Now" button in the Kickstarter email, try logging out of Kickstarter and then click the button again. We've noticed that the survey can fail to load sometimes when logged into an account, taking you to the Kickstarter home page instead. Logging out appears to fix this issue. If you have any troubles, please reach out to me direct or post a comment on our Kickstarter page.

Our Commitment to Keeping You Updated

Probably the top concern every Kickstarter backer has after the project is funded is "Will this project actually get done?" It's not uncommon to hear stories about projects that simply stop updating after being funded, leaving backers to wonder what happened to their pledges and their rewards.

We aim to fully alleviate this concern with a commitment to you of daily updates, a transparent view of our development roadmap, and major milestone updates here on our Kickstarter page. I also try and set aside some time each morning to chat live on our Discord server. If I'm not active when you sign on, go ahead and send your message or post in the forums and I'll typically respond within 24 hours.

Our development roadmap is a new communication tool where I aim to share our high-level feature goals planned for development. On this page, you'll also find a detailed list of what you can expect to see in the closed beta that will be released early next year.

In addition to our forums and Discord, we also communicate on a variety of other channels. Detailed instructions for subscribing to our forums and other communication channels are kept and maintained here.

Once again, thanks so much to all of you for your support! We're excited to make this awesome game with you.

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