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A fast and fun turn-based adventure where you use top-down tactical combat and collectible card mechanics to master your strategy.
A fast and fun turn-based adventure where you use top-down tactical combat and collectible card mechanics to master your strategy.
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We get knocked down, but we get up again!

Posted by D20Studios (Creator)

We aren't ever going to let you down!

Congratulations and thank you everyone! We're back at our funding goal and making progress towards the Celestial Steampunk Timekeeper Rats. For those already following us in or forums and Discord, thank you for the feedback on our updates and participation in our game related discussions. We are grateful for opportunities to show our dedication to meeting player requests, and we'd like to share some examples in our update with you today.

Bigger Maps? Spike walls? You got it!

Many of you were excited to see our First Look gameplay video. We received feedback that it would be nice to see larger maps with more options to maneuver and greater tactical variety. One specific example was a suggestion to add spikes along the walls of the dungeon. Originally, the walls only served as a decorative border, but after spending some time, I got this working:

Normally, Skeleton's shield would allow him to survive the Barbarian's attack, but because he's knocked into the spike wall, he takes damage from the rear and is defeated.

Here is a much larger map I created to show that Summoners Fate can support a wide range of variety when it comes to tactics. This time, I play as the Liche King defending my throne room from a band of invading heroes. What's notable is how effective my AI opponent is at taking advantage of the environment and setting up their characters and spells to knock my poor skeletons into the spikes. I've got to admit, playing on the larger level certainly added a lot more options for how I chose to approach the enemy.

Got something you would like to see in the game? Let us know in the comments, in our forums or chat with us live on Discord.

Our Live Q&A Session Recording

Kelly and I did a live-stream Q&A session here on Kickstarter where we answered such questions as "What is it like to work as a husband and wife team?", "How are you addressing concerns over pay-to-win in your free-to-play game?" and "What does the future of Summoners Fate look like?" In case you missed it, here is the full recording:

Stretch Goal Update

With over three days still to go in our campaign, the Celestial Steampunk Timekeeper Rats goal is still in reach. Below are concept sketches for how we're envisioning the appearance of this race as well as some game mechanics we have planned that will allow you to manipulate time.

As you can see from the sketch above, the rats are inspired by Victorian-era clothing and have clockwork gear weapons and gadgetry. Kelly was very particular about the look and spent a lot of time gathering various concepts to inform our art team so that these would read as unique, original characters. As Kelly would say, "These aren't your typical dirty sewer rats, but prim and proper rats with sophisticated tastes and culture. They can control time, after all."

You might be wondering how we are planning to implement manipulation of time in our game mechanics. Here are just a few examples of what will be possible with our game engine:

  • Time Trap: When unit enters target space, undo the last interaction and end that unit's turn. (Traps are deployed on the board in secret)
  • Turn Back Time: Rewind to the start of your last turn and remove this card from the game.
  • Time Travel: Remove your Summoner from the board until the start of your next turn.

Social Goals Update

First things first - in our last update we reached 8 social goals and this unlocked the Reptis Discord icon set. These icons are now available for you to download here.

Our next reward will unlock when 12 social goals are met, and we're letting you decide by voting on our forums what the next reward will be. As you can see below, we're very close to achieving the next reward:


Another Awesome Project

As a fan of indies, tactics and unique and original ideas, it's my pleasure to share Wolf Gang. Play as a band of wolves as they take control of the mountain using tactical turn based combat in a humorous adventure campaign!

One particularly noteworthy thing about this game is that the team has eliminated the concept of character death in favor of a regenerative system where you can continue to replay characters until the match is over. You can support their project here.


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